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5 Key Factors to Think of before Your Big Bear AC Installation

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The installation of a new air conditioning system at your home, office or other building is a massive endeavor. This cooling system should serve you well for a decade or longer. However, there is plenty that can go wrong during and after Big Bear AC installation. If you do not select the right installation team or if you choose the wrong type of air conditioner, you will end up unsatisfied. Let’s take a quick look at the top considerations for those considering Big Bear AC installation.

1. Energy Efficiency Ratings for Air Conditioners

Most people have heard about energy efficiency ratings in passing yet do not fully understand what they are all about. The new air conditioning unit’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER for short should be a minimum of 14. Air conditioners with the highest level of efficiency have a SEER near 20. The ENERGY STAR label is a seal provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that proves the AC unit is efficient and performs well. Highly-efficient AC units tend to cost more upfront yet the money is well worth it as the ongoing savings offset the initial premium.

2. Be Careful When Selecting a Big Bear AC Installation Crew

There is no guarantee your Big Bear AC installation will go smoothly. You can mitigate the chances of a flawed installation that results in myriad problems down the line by carefully selecting your Big Bear AC installation crew. The bottom line is installing a new air conditioning system is a complex challenge the average neighborhood handyman cannot handle on his or her own.

The Big Bear AC installation team you select must have a strong work ethic, extensive experience, the proper tools and unparalleled attention to detail. After all, everything from the refrigerant level to the voltage, pressure and secure mounts all play a part in the functionality of your air conditioning unit across posterity. Choose the right Big Bear AC installation crew today and you will not have to worry about vetting AC repair companies as frequently down the line.

3. Consider the Air Ducts

If your home does not have an air duct system already installed, Big Bear AC installation will take a bit more work. Those who already have ducts in the home will likely be able to seamlessly segue to the installation of central air conditioning. Those without ducts can still have them installed. However, the better option might be the installation of a ductless mini-split instead of a central air conditioning system with air ducts. Ductless mini-splits are comparably expensive yet their remarkable efficiency ultimately reduces their aggregate cost across posterity. This type of air conditioning system relies upon units installed in individual rooms. Each AC unit has its own unique thermostat and controls so the homeowner has full control over the amount of energy used to cool each part of his or her living space.

4. Sensitivity to Air Quality

The quality of your indoor air plays a major part in your comfort. If the air is excessively dry or humid, you probably won’t feel very comfortable in your home. Furthermore, a living or working space laden with contaminants is likely to make you feel sick or worsen asthma or allergy symptoms. Do not settle on a specific type of air conditioning system until the Big Bear AC installation team you selects addresses your air quality concerns.

There are numerous HVAC configurations and devices that can improve your indoor air quality. However, some such solutions are not compatible with specific heating and cooling units. As an example, a home with an abundance of humidity will likely require a whole-home dehumidifier. Such dehumidifiers are limited to installation within duct systems. As a result, those who take the ductless system route will not be able to benefit from a whole-home dehumidifier.

5. This is Also a Time to Think About Home Heating

There is no sense having the installation team return to your home months later to replace or perform significant repairs on your Big Bear home heating system when it can be addressed at the same time as the AC installation. If your furnace has required a string of repairs or if it is more than a decade old, it might be time to replace it with a new unit. Consider the installation of a heat pump that addresses your heating and cooling needs with one convenient solution. Heat pumps are heating and cooling systems that alternate between heating and cooling modes with a single touch. It does not get any more convenient than that.


AC installation is a big deal and you want to ensure that you get a unit that will perform its best and lasts long. This is possible only when you pay attention to some critical factors before having an AC system installed. From checking out the energy efficiency rating and considering a ductless unit to deciding on the crew that will perform the installation, you must be mindful of these considerations and more to enjoy the benefits of an efficient cooling system.

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