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5 Ways Heat Pumps can Help You Save Money at Your Big Bear Home

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heat-pump-installation-big-bear-californiaEvery Big Bear homeowner is looking for ways to save money yet surprisingly few have considered adding a heat pump to their home.  Heat pumps heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer.  Though you will certainly have to spend some money to purchase a heat pump, a Big Bear Heat Pump Installation will pay for itself in the form of energy savings as time progresses.

  1. A Heat Pump Will Cut Your Heating/Cooling Costs by a Third

Install a heat pump in Big Bear and you will likely pay one-third less in heating and cooling costs.  There is no reason to alter your usage habits or preferred temperature to enjoy this level of savings.  Heat pumps are designed to pull heat from the ground or air and send it indoors for improved comfort.  This amazing machine saves homeowners a considerable amount of money as it moves heat as opposed to generating heat.  Make the switch and you will notice a meaningful difference in your energy bill right away.

  1. Heat Pumps Heat and Cool Living Spaces

There is a common misconception that heat pumps merely heat homes.  Heat pumps heat and cool living spaces throughout the entirety of the year.  Install a heat pump at you home and you will enjoy a cozy warm living space in the winter and a cool indoor environment in the summer.  Heat pumps are designed to extract hot air from indoor spaces in the summer months to keep homes cool and comfy.  It does not get any more convenient than that, especially if you do not have air conditioning in your home.  This heating and cooling technology essentially serves the purpose of a furnace and an air conditioner, providing the merits of both systems for significantly less money.  Even if you have a window air conditioner or two, you will find the use of a heat pump reduces your energy costs by a meaningful margin.

  1. Heat Pumps Require Comparably Less Maintenance

Give a heat pump a chance and you will find it requires significantly less attention, repairs and maintenance than traditional heating and cooling systems.  Once your heat pump is installed, you can rest easy knowing it will function without flaw.  All you have to do is lean on the heat pump aficionados to perform maintenance once per year.

  1. Heat Pumps Stand the Test of Time

Plenty of furnaces start to break down after the 10-year mark.  Opt for a heat pump and it will likely last upwards of two full decades.  As long as you have a professional HVAC technician perform yearly maintenance on your home’s heat pump, it should serve you well for at least 15 years.

  1. Today’s Heat Pumps are Cheaper Than Those of Yesteryear

If you priced heat pumps a decade or two ago and were scared away by the upfront cost, you should know things have changed.  Today’s heat pumps are affordable for just about every homeowner.  Though heat pumps are more expensive than some other home heating/cooling solutions, the reduction in energy costs in the ensuing months, years and decades will save you a bundle of money.  Modern heat pumps are upwards of three times more efficient than those made a couple decades ago.

All sorts of heat pump technology improvements have been made ranging from enhancements to the coil design, the use of uber-efficient copper tubing, the addition of variable speed blowers, the implementation of expansion valves and beyond.  So don’t be scared away by the initial cost of a heat pump.  Spend for this home heating and cooling solution and you will enjoy reliable heating/cooling at an incredibly affordable monthly rate for the next couple decades.

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