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How Our Big Bear Heating Contractor Saves You Money

There is a common misconception that the only money spent on home heating is when the system is installed and eventually replaced. However, additional costs are bound to arise, namely in the form of the monthly utility bill. Even the most efficient home heating system will result in a monthly heating bill worth budgeting for. […]

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6 Reasons Professional Big Bear Furnace Repair Beats DIY

Ask anyone who has attempted to repair their furnace about the experience and you will likely find it did not go so well. Regardless of how many DIY furnace repair websites you check out, a project of this magnitude will prove egregiously challenging, time-consuming and frustrating. It is better to rely on the professionals for […]

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Avoid Hot and Cold Spots with Air Balancing

You want your home or office to be comfortable throughout – without obvious cold or hot spots. That’s where air balancing comes in. Air balancing is a process whereby a heating professional tests your heating and cooling system to detect and adjust for these uncomfortable (and often costly) pockets of hot and cold air. In […]

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