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The Truth about Common Heating and Cooling Myths

Your heating and cooling system helps keep the temperature in your home comfortable throughout the year. There are, however, a slew of myths out there that could leave you confused. Understanding the basics can help you debunk the myths and optimize your home or office’s heating and cooling system. If you’re experiencing a problem with […]

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Don’t Forget about Your HVAC System During the Fall and Winter Holidays

Halloween is right around the corner. Soon after, we’ll be making turkey dinners for Thanksgiving, exchanging gifts with friends and family, and ringing in the New Year before you know it. While the holidays can be busy with all the shopping, cooking, decorating, and parties, you shouldn’t forget about year-round household basics. Specifically, you want […]

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4 Reasons Why Big Bear Homeowners Are Raving About Smart Thermostats

In today’s world of innovation, we have tremendous, mobile power right at our fingertips. From the push of a button we can control temperature in our home, monitor the performance of our furnaces and air conditioners, detect water heater leaks and more, all from our smart phones. For the majority of homeowners in Big Bear who spend most of the year elsewhere, installing a new smart thermostat has become a popular investment with four very big benefits.

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