big-bear-heat-pump-repairs.jpgHeat pumps gradually become less efficient as they age, and they can end up costing you more in energy costs than it’s worth. A Big Bear heat pump replacement will often pay for itself, lowering the amount you’re spending each month to heat your home.

One of the first things you should consider if your deciding whether to replace your heat pump is how old it is. If it’s been used for more than ten years, even if it still runs well, you may be better off with a new unit. The physical life of a heat pump is often longer than its economic life.

When you’re deciding whether it’d be better for you to repair or replace your heat pump, consider the following:

  • Over the long run, fuel costs are more likely to go up than down.
  • As the heat pump gets older, repairs typically become more expensive and more frequent.
  • Your new heat pump will be much more efficient and most likely come with a manufacturer’s warranty, saving you on both repairs and energy costs.

Our Big Bear heat pump replacement specialists can work with you to determine whether repairs or a replacement will be your best course of action. We can also help you decide on what model of heat pump to install, and we can take care of the entire replacement process from removal to installation. Our professionals are all extensively experienced, so we can guarantee your satisfaction with our work.

Heat Pump Replacement

As fuel costs rise, electricity and gas bills from heating and cooling your home can start to put stress on your budget. Demand and costs for energy production will rise, so the cost for gas and electricity are likely to as well. The best way to save on these costs is to use less energy per month, and a Big Bear heat pump replacement can help out tremendously with that. New heat pump equipment is more efficient, so you’ll use less energy to do the same—or more—amount of heating.

Also, when you’re having the new equipment installed, your ductwork can be repaired or replaced. So with a new heat pump that can use up to 50% less energy to heat your home, and the efficiency gains from having your ducts properly sealed, you’ll see substantially lower energy costs with a Big Bear heat pump replacement.

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