What is a Hometown Hero Partner Plan and How Does It Work?

A HHPP is a Partnership between Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating and You. Our expert Technicians will come to your home twice a year and evaluate your Plumbing & Heating Systems, letting you know any preventable maintenance that should be performed to avoid emergency situations and help lengthen the life of your systems. A HHPP will provide you with the comfort of knowing that your Plumbing and Heating systems are operating with Maximum Reliability, at Peak Efficiency, and address small repairs before they become costly ones. As a HHPP member you can be assured that you will save money with Great Discounts, save time with Guaranteed Priority Service and Save Effort with our Exclusive Concierge Service.

Hometown Hero Partner Plan Advantages

  • Priority Scheduling & Service
  • No Emergency Fee
  • Discounted Rates on our Services
  • On-Going Safety Inspections
  • Save Money on Utilities
  • Fewer Repair Bills
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Maximum Reliability & Efficiency in your home
  • Our Exclusive Concierge Service

 About Our Plan


  • Guaranteed Priority Scheduling
  • Bi-annual Plumbing & HVAC Inspection
  • Annual Heater and Water Heater Service
  • NO Service Fee Ever!
  • 10% off all Services
  • Concierge Service.

*Bi-Annual Plumbing & HVAC Inspection Includes: Inspect and Test Complete Plumbing & HVAC systems. Including your Water Heater, Faucets, Toilets, Drain Lines, Gas Lines, Outside “Stop & Waste” Valves, Heater/Air Conditioner, Duct Work, Venting & Thermostat.

**Annual Heater Service Includes: Visual inspection of unit and all components.  As applicable, Pull burner assembly. Clean burner. Clean pilot assembly. De-rate orifices for high altitude. Complete inspection of heat exchanger. Calibrate gas pressure. Remove, clean & balance fan. Clean & lube fan motor. Clean & inspect all electrical components. Vacuum & clean unit. Test for proper vent flow. Calibrate unit to Manufactures Specs to bring it to “Factory Fresh.” Test & cycle system. 

**Annual Water Heater Service Includes: Visual inspection of unit and all components. As applicable, Flush water heater as needed per manufacturer specs. Remove & clean air intake filter. Inspect and clean flame sensor assembly. Remove and clean water filter. Inspect and clean burner and pilot assembly. Inspect anode rod. Test function of pressure and temperature emergency relief valve. Inspect all gas & vent connections for safety. Calibrate unit to Manufactures Specs to bring it to “Factory Fresh.” Test & cycle system.