The inner portion of galvanized pipes will gradually break down in due time.  These pipes will corrode, accumulate mineral deposits and reduce water pressure.  It is also possible for aged pipes to produce water with a rust-like hue and other unsavory qualities.  The solution is repiping.  This process replaces aged pipes with new PEX or copper pipes, providing clean water for everyone in your Big Bear house.

The Reliable Big Bear Repiping Experts You can Trust

Let us perform your home or business repiping and you will be provided with top-quality piping materials.  We select only the most reliable components that will prove durable across the ensuing decades of use in your Big Bear home, business or other building.  We take great pride in the quality and timeliness of our repiping projects.  While many other plumbing companies in the greater Big Bear area will subcontract repiping projects, we do absolutely everything on our own as we take great pride in being the best in the business.  The majority of our repiping projects can be completed in three days or less.

Provide us with the opportunity to repipe your plumbing system and you will find our team of plumbing professionals treats your property with the utmost respect.  We understand this can be somewhat of an intrusive job so we make a genuine effort to perform the work in accordance with your unique schedule.   Let us know when the best time is to repipe your property and we will make every effort to work in the designated time periods.  We cover every portion of the home affected by the repiping project with drop-cloths and other barriers to prevent the accumulation of sawdust and other debris.  Once your home is repiped, we will take the extra step of cleaning up sawdust, dirt, water, stray rust and other items to ensure your property looks exactly as it did when we arrived.

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If your home or business’s plumbing system requires repiping, contact Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating right away. Contact our Big Bear Repiping Plumbers to do all the dirty work on  your behalf.  All you have to do is call us at (909) 584-4376 to schedule your appointment.