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In recent years, tankless water heaters have become increasingly popular with Big Bear residents who want the convenience and reliability they offer. Here are a few things you should know before making the decision to switch to a tankless water heater and Why Big Bear, CA Loves Tankless Water Hears (and you should too!)

Types of Big Bear Tankless Water Heaters

Like many appliances, you need to know How To Choose The Right Type Of Tankless Water Heater in Big Bear. Both natural gas and propane water heaters are environmentally-friendly, affordable, and efficient, but they also both have their individual benefits. It’s important to weigh both options and choose the one that is right for your own home.

  • Natural Gas—Although both options offer considerable savings when compared to an electric water heater, natural gas offers the biggest cut in cost of the two. There’s no need to schedule a natural gas delivery, as you would need to do with propane, since an endless supply is provided to your house.
  • Propane—In some cases, natural gas is not available, making propane the only choice. If natural gas becomes an option, a trench will often need to be dug at the front of your property, which can also put propane in the “plus” column, since propane is buried either on the side of the house or in the back yard.

Advantages of a new Big Bear Tankless Water Heater Installation

Traditional water heaters maintain a full tank of always-hot water, ready to be sent to the faucet at all times. With a Tankless Water Heater, though, water is only heated as it is requested, running over a heating element on its way through a home’s pipes. Since water heaters are responsible for a large chunk of a home’s monthly utility bills, this on-demand heating can bring big cost savings to families.

Tankless Water Heaters also take up only a fraction of the space of traditional units, while also lasting twice as long as their much larger counterparts. This makes it easy to squeeze it into a storage closet or onto a wall in an unused area, rather than dedicate several feet of space to a large tank.

Homeowner Benefits of Big Bear Water Heater Replacements

The design of a Tankless Water Heater also allows it to provide an endless supply of hot water. Instead of worrying about conserving water when multiple family members need to shower or do household chores, you’ll be able to confidently do everything you need to do. You can even run your washer and dishwasher while taking a shower.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to a family, though, is the money you’ll save. The reduction in your utility bills will give you extra spending money that you can put toward vacations or other home improvements. You may even be able to spend more time on the slopes with all the money you’ll save, and it will be even more enjoyable with the knowledge that you’ll have a hot shower waiting at the end of the day.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to a tankless water heater, consider the pros and cons of Tankless Water Heaters vs. Tradition Water Heaters in Big Bear before making a decision. A licensed heating and plumbing technician can guide you in the right direction, further explaining the benefits of each.

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