Tub installation in Big Bear is much more complicated than most Big Bear homeowners assume.  Though tubs look fairly simple, plenty of planning and work goes into their installation.  Tubs must be installed with precision to prevent leaks and other issues with the plumbing system.  The proper installation ensures a seamless integration with the current plumbing system that provides a place for worry-free bathing in the years or even decades to come. It is imperative this project is done right on the first try so you can enjoy your new bathtub in a reasonable amount of time without going beyond your initial budget limitation for this home improvement project.

Tub Installation Requires Experience and Precision

If you need a new tub, do not fall into the trap of assuming you can do it on your own or with the assistance of the neighborhood handyman.  Installing a new tub requires heavy lifting, manual labor, precise measurements and an intricate knowledge of plumbing systems.  Our Big Bear tub and shower experts are here to get this job done right.  We have the specialized tools, knowledge and experience necessary to perform a flawless bathtub installation in your Big Bear home.

We are Here to Help you Select and Enjoy the Perfect new Tub

Let us do the dirty work, install the perfect new tub in your Big Bear home and make your life that much easier.  Whether you area looking for a standard bathtub, a shower/tub combination, a whirlpool tub or a walk-in tub, we will install in exactly as you desire.  Some Big Bear homeowners feel overwhelmed with information when they examine bathtub installation options.  Our tub installation team is here to help you select the optimal tub material, size and shape for your specific bathroom.  We will remove the old bathtub and install the new tub of your choice.  If you also need a new bathtub faucet or shower head, let us know and we will perform those installations as well.

Contact The Tub Installation Experts at Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating Today

If you have grown tired of your ugly, chipped, dated or otherwise flawed tub, let our plumbing crew install a new one. Our Tub Installation Plumbers can help you select the perfect new tub for your home.  More importantly, we will perform the installation on your behalf in a timely manner.  Give us a call at (909) 584-4376 to learn more about tub installation.