heating-thermostat-san-bernardino-valley (1).jpgThere was this home where try as he might, the dad could not keep the thermostat from inching its way up to a hotter setting.

This San Bernardino Valley heater was so warm, it worked perfectly, didn’t need heating repairs, and created tons of heat for the happy family that lived within. In fact, it was often so warm that the dad would turn the heater down regularly.

Somehow, and this was a complete mystery to him and the other members of the family, not long after he had turned down the thermostat, the heater would magically turn itself on again. He just couldn’t understand why this kept happening because he asked everyone in the home if they’d adjusted it. No one had.

So the man continued on this way for some time. The cold weather came to his home in the San Bernardino Valley and stayed for a few months. But all during this time, the man kept trying to find out who or WHAT was turning his heater up. “Is it possible the heater itself is malfunctioning?” he thought.

Since the problem wasn’t that there was too little heat, he waited a while to call someone to look at his heater. But his high heating bills motivated him to make the call.

The professional heating repair tech came and inspected his heater and told him that everything looked fine. So what was the problem?

Well, after he paid the heating tech, his wife made a confession. She had been the one turning up the heater whenever he turned it down because it was too cold for her.

She didn’t want to tell him it was here because she thought they might fight about it and she didn’t want to have to explain or argue, so she just kept adjusting it.

When the dad and husband spoke to her about the issue, he learned that because of a health issue, the mom of the family was always feeling cold. While the temperature was at the hottest that the rest of the house could stand, it was still far too cold for her.

So then the family had a dilemma, how warm to keep the home where everyone is comfortable? Well, this took some negotiation but they finally settled on a number. And from then on, everyone lived happily ever after.

This story is just for entertaining you, but also to bring to light that there are medical conditions that truly affect the quality of life for certain individuals. These health issues cause a person to be extremely sensitive to the cold. Different people have different levels of sensitivity, but most who are affected by a health condition will be way much more susceptible to feeling cold than normal people are. It can be so cold and completely uncomfortable for some when everyone else is sweating a little.

Not everyone’s body temperature is normal, which adds to the problem of cold sensitivity. Hypothyroidism is one disease that affects cold sensitivity. The air can be a little cool but will be painful for those with cold sensitivities. Anemia is another common condition that causes a person to be too sensitive to cold.

When someone in your home is cold and everyone else is just fine, they could be suffering from cold sensitivity due to a health issue. Be sensitive to your family’s needs and be willing to compromise with the thermostat setting. Not everyone physically feels the cold the same way, and you don’t want to affect someone’s quality of life by not compromising.

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