big-bear-bathroom-plumbing-img.jpgPlumber, Heating Repairs & Drain Cleaning SpecialistBear Valley Plumbing and Heating has been serving the Sugarloaf area for more than twenty years. In that time, we haven’t just developed a reputation as a great company, but as people you can trust.

And it’s no accident: we don’t consider ourselves a plumbing or HVAC company. We think of ourselves as a service company. And as such, we put our focus on the service that you’re receiving. Give us a call today if you have any questions about the services we provide, or to schedule your appointment.

Sugarloaf Plumber

Our Sugarloaf plumbers work to achieve 100% customer satisfaction at every single job. We understand how important your plumbing and heating systems are to the comfort that you and your family depend on your home for. So we’ll do whatever it takes to keep them in excellent repair.

All of our Sugarloaf plumbers are professionally trained, and extensively experienced. So at every job, we can guarantee you’ll be receiving the best service and most professional workmanship available. We diagnose all problems completely accurately, and we’ll make sure that all of our repairs are totally thorough. We also understand that these repairs can disrupt your daily life, so we’ll work to complete them as quickly as possible, but we’ll never sacrifice quality for speed.

Sugarloaf Heating Repairs

Problems with your heating during the winter months are more than just an inconvenience. Depending on how low the temperature drops, it can be a safety issue. When you have a problem with your furnace, boiler, heat pump, or any other kind of heating unit, you can count on Bear Valley Plumbing and Heating to take care of it.

We also can give any heating unit a tune-up, which can help make getting through the winter months a little more easily. Tune-ups can help make sure that you don’t find yourself in an emergency heating repair situation by finding potential problems and taking care of them before they turn dire. They’ll also make sure that your heating unit is ready to perform at its best and most efficient during its busiest time of year, which will save you money on your heating costs.

Sugarloaf Drain Cleaning

Clogged and dirty drains will cause a number of problems through the rest of your plumbing system. Your entire plumbing system will run much better if your drains are kept clean, and only a professional Sugarloaf drain cleaning expert can make sure that any drains are as clear and free-flowing as possible. Your drains affect every other part of your plumbing system. So when they become blocked in any way, you’ll see a decrease in efficiency in all of your plumbing fixtures. Our Sugarloaf plumbers will do everything we can to make sure that your pipes and drains are in the best condition possible.

What Clients Think About Our Sugarloaf Plumbing & HVAC Services:

Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating is Rated: 5 / 5
based on these 7 happy customer reviews.


“Good Job. Brian S was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He explained everything he was going to do, and the cost, before he started the job. He was professional, polite, and friendly. I give him a thumbs up, and would not hesitate to refer him to anyone who had a plumbing or heating problem.”

– Mr. Marian Sugarloaf, CA | Rated: 5/5


“Consistently good. Had multiple cracked pipes, water heater replacement, and toilet replacement job. Bryan J came out and fixed it all. He was patient, understanding, and a true pleasure to work with. Response time was as promised. I have used Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating before and their quality is consistently good. I live in the LA area and would have a hard time finding the same service level at twice the price.

– Mr. Thompson Sugarloaf, CA | Rated: 5/5


“.Good Work. Brian J read me well and was very good at my custom installation of water heater. And was able to install it same day, nicely done.”

– Mr. Mark Sugarloaf, CA | Rated: 5/5


“Just Great. Bryan j is very professional and very knowledgeable , I highly recommend him.”

– Ms. Donna Sugarloaf, CA | Rated: 5/5


“Good Job. Bryan Jackson was very courteous, knowledgeable and efficient, you are very lucky to have him with you; I enjoy doing business with bear valley plumbing and heating & your employees.”

– Ms. Donna Sugarloaf, CA | Rated: 5/5


“Earthquake Valve. Andy T. responded to my call to your office and was on time and found my earthquake valve was tripped and reset it. He also re lit my water heater and inspected my furnace. He recommended a full service on my furnace as it had not been serviced since install several years ago. He explained what the service included and I immediately agreed to have done. Andy T. is a great asset to your company and was very professional and knowledgeable. This was the first time I used your company and was so impressed with the service that I will also use you for my future needs.

– Mr. Mark Sugarloaf, CA | Rated: 5/5


“I’m a Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating customer for life. I’ve gotten to know the owner, Bob, very well… and many of his technicians. They treat you like family, and they treat your home like it’s their own. I’ve even given them the keys to my home, so they can work while I’m out of town our running errands. That’s how much I trust them. I wouldn’t think of ever using anyone else.”

– Ms. Barbara Sugarloaf, CA | Rated: 5/5

Sugarloaf, CA