big-bear-ac-tune-up-img.jpgMost homeowners don’t have maintenance or repairs performed on their air conditioner until something goes seriously wrong. But by that time, you’ll have more expensive and more serious repairs to hire someone for.

Some homeowners simply don’t have AC tune-ups performed very frequently, but they’re one of the most beneficial things you can do to your home. In fact, our Big Bear air conditioning tune-up specialists recommend at least inspection/tune-up every year. Air conditioning tune-ups can help you in lots of different ways:

  • Save money on energy costs. Your energy costs will drop significantly as it becomes easier for your system to cool your home.
  • Help your unit last longer. You can improve and extend the life-span of your air conditioning unit by catching problems earlier and taking care of them before they develop into more significant problems.
  • Prevent costly breakdowns. By making sure you’re catching problems early enough, you’ll prevent bigger repairs and breakdowns. So if you don’t like being stuck in an emergency situation, you may love air conditioning tune-ups. This will also save you money on expensive repairs.
  • Maintain the comfort of your home. Keep your cool throughout the summer months by making sure you’re constantly running the most functional air conditioning unit possible.

AC Maintenance

There are some things you can—and should—do to maintain your air conditioning unit on your own, like regularly cleaning the filters. But our air conditioning repair specialists can take it a few steps further, and we’ll make sure that your AC is getting the best service possible. We’ll check your coolant levels and pressure, calibrate your thermostat, clean the condenser, and much more. Our complete air conditioning tune-ups will make sure your system is running better than it ever has in the past. All of our Big Bear air conditioning repair technicians are professionally trained, so when you hire Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating, you can trust you’re getting the best service possible. We’ll be sure to discuss all work with you straight forwardly so you know exactly what’s being done.

And all of our estimates will be honest and totally accurate.

We can also provide you with any air conditioning repairs or duct maintenance you may need. A full inspection of your ducts can determine whether you need them sealed, cleaned, or insulated, and we can help you with all of those services. This is another great way to make sure your air conditioning unit is at peak functionality. If you’re installing a new HVAC system, you may also want to consider a duct renovation, as older ducts can be much less efficient than newer ones, with the progress that’s been made in the industry.

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