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5 Simple Steps for Safe AC Installation in Your Big Bear Home

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If you are thinking about having air conditioning installed in your home or already have plans for installation, there are a few things you can do to make the installation process as quick and easy as possible.

Prepare accordingly and it will be that much easier for our Big Bear AC installation team to set you up with the perfect new air conditioning system in as little time as possible.

Here is a quick look at how you can prepare your home for Big Bear AC installation.

1. Choose the Right HVAC Contractor

Before beginning the installation, you should ensure you work with the right people. Hence, choosing a knowledgeable and experienced HVAC contractor is essential. You can choose the one with the following tips:

  • Ask for references from family members and friends who have worked with HVAC contractors.
  • Once you shortlist contractors, check their licenses and certifications, check if they carry insurance, and ask them for a list of satisfied clients.
    Check their online reviews and ratings before picking one.
  • Ask them to visit your home, inspect your AC system, provide you with a price estimate, and ask if they’re willing to provide you with a written contract that lists the details of the service.
  • A reliable HVAC contractor should have no trouble in cooperating with you in all of the above matters.

2. Clear the Area

Air conditioners are fairly heavy and bulky. Our installation crew will need some space to carry the unit in, make our way down to your basement or other space, and perform the installation. It will help if there is a clear path from the main entrance to the area where the installation will occur. If possible, clear out some additional space so our team can lay out tools, parts and other sundries necessary to get the job done right.

Move all breakables, fragile items and tripping hazards away from the door, the walking path to the point of installation and the area where your new AC will be positioned. This way, there is no risk of one of our installation specialists or someone in your family falling, tripping, and getting hurt. Don’t worry about cleaning the area after the installation is complete. Our Big Bear AC installation crew cleans up whatever mess we make to return your home to normal before we depart.

3. Mind the Ducts

If the new air conditioner system will be connected to your current ductwork, ensure those ducts are properly cleaned. Otherwise, the newly-installed system will send dust throughout your home. It is also possible the new air conditioner will wear out quicker than it should if dust, dirt and other grime within the ducts circulate.

If the air ducts have been cleaned in the past, check your records to determine the date of the cleaning. Do not assume there will be minimal dust if the last cleaning took place a year or two ago. There is a good chance the ducts are loaded with all sorts of nasty grime that must be removed prior to turning on the air conditioning.

The final step is to seal the ducts. Once your air ducts are cleaned and sealed, you can turn on the new air conditioner in full confidence knowing the air it circulates throughout your home will be perfectly clean.

4. Keep Kids and Pets out of the Way

Kids and pets should be in a separate room when Big Bear AC installation takes place. Try to keep your little ones and furry friends in a separate room so they do not get in the way of the installation team. Alternatively, you can have someone else in the family take the kids outside for the day while our Big Bear AC installation crew gets to work.

5. Take a Look at the Product Prior to Installation

Our AC specialists will conduct a load calculation to determine the proper type of air conditioner for your living space. Do your due diligence by making sure the air conditioner to be installed in your home is actually the one you ordered. We pride ourselves on not making mistakes yet there is always the possibility of miscommunication. It won’t hurt to double-check the AC unit to ensure it is exactly what you want.

6. Prepare Some Questions

Big Bear AC installation is only part of the home cooling puzzle. Though most air conditioners last years before any sort of breakdown occur, there is the potential for something to go wrong. Take some time to think about the questions or concerns you have. Write down these questions so you can reference them at the end of the installation. Prepare accordingly and the odds of Big Bear AC repair will drastically diminish.

In particular, it will help to jot down some questions about the air conditioner’s features. From the programmable thermostat to two-stage cooling, variable speed air handlers, automatic-delay fan switches and beyond, there are all sorts of features available on modern-day HVAC systems. However, you might not have any idea of how to use these features unless you ask for help.


Proper and safe AC installation requires care and patience. It is not a one-person job, and it’s always best to let professionals with experience in handling AC systems install it. The process begins with choosing the right HVAC contractor, who will help you proceed ahead with clearing spaces, cleaning ducts, and more. If you’re planning to have an AC unit installed in your Big Bear home, use the tips mentioned above to ensure a smooth process.

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