Author: Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating

Is It Time to Replace or Repair My HVAC System in Big Bear, CA?

HVAC systems are those house fittings that you don’t have to bother with for decades, or so many people believe. Your heating and cooling systems are made to last for a long period, but you have to help them last that long. You have to engage in regular maintenance and occasional repairs to keep your […]

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How Much Does an AC tune-up Cost in Big Bear?

As a homeowner with an air conditioner, you must get used to giving your AC unit a tune-up regularly. It is preferable to do this twice a year, but if you can’t, you must not miss the annual tune-up during spring. Many people refuse to tune up their AC units, thinking they could save money. […]

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How To Prevent Heater Repairs on Your Old Radiator in Big Bear

Long before antibiotics, light and fresh air were considered some of the most effective ways to curb the spread of diseases. Being the dominant health theories of the age, they informed the designs of residential and public health facilities. They also led engineers to focus not only on comfort but the utility of the heaters […]

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