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How much Should Furnace Repair Cost in Big Bear?

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One of the main reasons why homeowners keep putting off important repairs is because they think it’s going to cost them big. In other cases, not knowing how much repair jobs cost gives them anxiety. Estimating Big Bear furnace repair costs is no different. After all, different repairs come with different fees.

At Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating, we believe in providing all patrons with a fair idea of how much you may have to spend, so you can make the best decisions about going ahead with the repairs.

Before taking a look at how much Big Bear furnace repair can set you back by, let’s first try and understand some related basics.

What Are the Common Furnace Repairs in Big Bear Homes?

Furnaces usually break down due to any of the following problems:

  • Dirty and clogged air filters
  • Damaged thermostat
  • Impaired heat exchanger
  • Broken fan motors, bearings, and belts
  • Problems in the pilot and ignition control
  • Wrong equipment sizing
  • Poor, irregular maintenance

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairs

The first and the most reliable sign that your furnace is in need of repairs is when it stops working (obviously)! Other than that, you may want to look for the early signs, such as squealing and scratching noises, leaking water, foul odor, and higher-than-usual energy bills.

You may also want to watch out for symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning in your family members. These include frequent headaches, nausea, and flu-like symptoms.

If you notice any of these issues affecting you, call a reliable Big Bear furnace repair professional immediately. 

How Much Does Big Bear Furnace Repair Cost?

The simple answer to this question is that the costs aren’t set in stone and depend on a variety of factors. Smaller, less time-consuming repairs will cost you less, while major issues that take a lot of time and effort will cost you more.

An electric furnace, for example, is usually easier to repair than a gas furnace. Also, replacing a thermostat will not cost you as much as replacing a broken heat exchanger will. While regular and proper maintenance will help you avoid repairs for a long time, you should be ready to spend anywhere between $100 and $800 (and upwards) should the need for repairs arise.

Many Big Bear furnace repair technicians charge an hourly rate to repair or replace a malfunctioning or defunct part. Per-hour fees also tend to vary by technician and company, although most fall between the $100 and $250 bracket. Again, complex repairs cost more than simple ones.

To avoid confusion and maintain clarity, be sure to ask the technician about their fees upfront before hiring them.

Let’s now move on to getting a fair idea of how much Big Bear furnace repair can cost you.

Service Call Fees

Many a time, furnace malfunctions can be the result of a completely different issue. For instance, a tripped circuit or clutter around the furnace can mislead the sensor. Calling a technician to check your furnace would be mean paying a service call fee for their time. The fee can range between $100 and $250, and applies even if they do not perform any repair work.

If the technician finds that your furnace needs repair, the service fee may be waived. You will have to pay only for labor and repair.

Leaking Water Repairs

A high-efficiency furnace tends to leak water because it works by condensing exhaust to extract more heat. This condensation needs to drain, which may be prevented by a clog, thereby leading to a leak. Repairing this issue usually takes less time and may cost around $100.

If you have a regular furnace that’s leaking liquid that has a stench, you can blame your heat exchanger, which may have cracked. The Big Bear furnace repair technician will have to take your furnace apart to repair it, which is a time-consuming, labor-intensive job. It will probably cost you about $800 and above.

Scraping Sounds Repairs

If your furnace has been making scraping noises, it is probably because of worn-out ball bearings. Replacing ball bearings costs around $200.

It is best to have this issue checked by a Big Bear furnace repair technician at the earliest as postponing it can lead to bigger problems and hence, exorbitant repair costs.

Squealing Sounds Repairs

If you’ve been hearing loud squealing noises coming from your furnace, it probably means a belt has come loose or has slipped or is entirely damaged. Repairing this should be quick and will likely cost you around $200 on average.

Repairs for Loss of Heat

If you find that your furnace is turning on but isn’t warming up, you could be facing any issue, from a malfunctioning blower motor, a worn furnace ignitor or even a faulty circuit. Depending on the issue and the part that needs to be repaired, you can expect to be charged upwards of $150 to fix it.

Repairs for Going On and Off Frequently

If your furnace has been repeatedly turning on and off, you could be in need of a circuit board repair, which can cost you $250 and above. Alternatively, your flame sensor may have accumulated dirt over it.

Before calling a Big Bear furnace repair technician, however, you should check your air filter. If it is dirty, it can also cause such issues. If this, indeed, is the problem, remove the old filter and simply install a new one.

Repairs for Cold Air Emission

If your furnace is blowing okay, but is emitting cold air, the circuit board could be at fault again. A dirty flame sensor could also be responsible for this issue.

Gas Line Leak Repairs

If you notice a strong smell of gas every time you go near your furnace, you need to act fast as your gas line could be leaking. Repairs can cost you upwards of $600 on average.

Gas leaks can be hazardous to your life. If you smell it, vacate the house immediately and call for emergency repairs.

Emergency Repair Costs

Apart from the gas-leak scenario, if your furnace suddenly stops working at odd hours, like in the middle of the night, you need not worry. Call emergency furnace repair services. However, charges for these services are higher than those of regular services.

Sometimes, however, callers who dialed in before you may push your service request until the morning hours. In such cases, the Big Bear furnace repair technician may charge you less even though you called at midnight.

Please note that unlike a regular service call, the cost of an emergency visit by the technician is typically not waived off when making repairs.


The need for Big Bear furnace repair can arise for various reasons. Just because you aren’t aware of the costs involved, doesn’t mean you should postpone critical repairs. It can prove to be life-threatening. Repair costs vary depending on the task, the nature of the job, and the time of day. Hopefully, the above information will help you make an informed decision regarding getting your furnace repaired in time.

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