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Where Can I Find Emergency Air Conditioning Services in Big Bear, CA?

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Most household breakdowns are not convenient. It’d be perfect if your air conditioning decided to break down during “normal business hours,” but we hardly live in a perfect world. Fortunately, even if you need emergency air conditioning services, you’re not without options. When you choose Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating, you’ll know that we’re available to answer the call, no matter when it comes in.

But what constitutes an air conditioning emergency and when should you call for help? Are there issues that can wait to be addressed? Most importantly, how can you take care of your system to prevent future emergencies? Read on to learn more.


What’s Considered an Air Conditioning Emergency in Big Bear?

Several homeowners wonder what constitutes an “emergency” when it comes to their air conditioning. Some are hoping that they can handle things on their own or wait it out, but the sooner you call for repairs, the better. Plus, with modern HVAC systems, there’s not a lot of DIY work to be done.

Anything that can’t wait for professional attention is considered an emergency. Depending on your air conditioner and the issues you’re having, that list could include everything from bad smells or electrical malfunctions to low cooling output or a lack of proper filtration. It’s important to properly maintain your air conditioner and address all issues as soon as they arise to prevent a total system breakdown.

If an emergency does arise, you’ll need to contact a qualified air conditioning expert right away. Some common examples include those listed below.

Poor Output/Circulation

If your air conditioner isn’t properly cooling your home, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, in the California heat, you could quickly run into more issues than just being hot. There could be a lack of refrigerant or another issue with the system, but whatever is going on is affecting the capacity of your system to cool the home. You should call an emergency air conditioning service as soon as possible.


Air conditioning units are designed to operate quietly. If your system is making any kind of loud noises or obnoxious sounds, that’s a sign that something isn’t right. Part of the system may be malfunctioning or a part could be loose, leading to any number of issues besides the obvious noise that you hear. Left unchecked, these issues could lead to serious damage or system failures.

Foul Smells

Your air conditioner also shouldn’t smell when it’s running. There’s that “first use” stale smell that comes out of the system, but that usually fades after a few hours. Lingering odors need to be addressed. If you smell burning, melted plastic, rotten eggs, or anything else out of the ordinary, shut off the system and get it checked right away. A technician will be able to diagnose the problem and get rid of the smell for good.

Ice on the AC Unit

Some issues with air conditioning units result in ice buildup on the compressor or other areas of the system. This is a sign that something is wrong. That ice can also turn to water and create the next problem: water leaks. This can cause damage to the A/C unit as well as other parts of your home. If you notice ice buildup anywhere, call for help immediately.

Leaking Water

If your air conditioner is leaking in any way, this could be an indication that your condensation coil is faulty or other issues are going on. Leaks are not just bad for your air conditioning unit, either. They can cause damage to your home’s walls, floors, and more, leading to serious water damage, potential mold, and more.

If you notice any type of condensation or leaking on the exterior of your air conditioning unit or system, call for emergency air conditioning service right away.

Electrical Issues

Does your electricity surge or fluctuate when you use your air conditioning? If there are any kind of electrical issues related to your A/C, they need immediate attention. The wiring in the machine could be off or there could be another issue affecting how (and how well) the unit operates. It’s always best to call an emergency A/C service for electrical concerns.

Total System Failure

Of course, if your air conditioner just isn’t working, an emergency air conditioning service is a good choice. There are several things that could lead to a total system failure, but the sooner you get the problem addressed, the better. If nothing else, you’ll have to deal with the uncomfortable temperatures until your air conditioning unit is repaired.

If there are serious issues, they could impact other aspects of your HVAC system or your home in general. Electrical concerns come up again, as those can pose a potential fire hazard. If your system keeps tripping the breaker, you need to immediately shut it off and call for help.


How to Reduce Emergency A/C Repairs

Knowing how to prevent or reduce the risk of these emergency repairs is also going to help you in the future. Although you can’t plan for everything or guarantee that issues will never arise, you can do a lot to improve things. For starters, have regular maintenance performed on your system and know how to monitor it so that you can identify issues before they become major.

When you call for emergency air conditioning service in Big Bear, CA, you’ll find that your technician won’t just diagnose and repair the issue at hand. They’ll also take a moment to check out the system and make sure there aren’t other issues or upcoming concerns that you should know about. They can answer your questions and help you better understand your system so that you can keep it in good condition.

Change your filters regularly. Depending on your system and your home, this could mean once a month or it could be every three months. Just make sure they’re always clean and allow airflow to move through the system freely.

Let your air conditioner rest from time to time. If there’s a cool day, turn it off instead of down. If you’re constantly running the unit, it’s going to be more likely to need repair than a system that’s used less frequently. This is also a good way to identify problems you may not notice otherwise – once you kick the system back on, you might find noises, smells, or other issues present.

Don’t ignore anything. Even the smallest issue could quickly escalate and lead to the need for emergency air conditioning repair. If you notice anything suspicious or unseemly, contact air conditioning repair services right away.


Common Emergency A/C Repairs in Big Bear

Those who do find themselves facing emergency air conditioning repairs could have any number of issues. However, some of the most common emergencies include:

Frozen Coils

The refrigerant in an air conditioner is usually run through coils to cool it before it’s used to blow cold air into the home. When you’re using the air conditioner continuously during times of high heat, it can cause the coils to freeze because the refrigerant temperature is too low.

If you run the air when it’s cooler than 60 degrees outside or if your airflow is blocked, it could also cause the coils to freeze up and lead to a malfunction.

Clogged Condensate Lines

Leaks and clogs are among the most common air conditioning issues that professionals face. A clogged line causes all kinds of leaks and system issues. The condensate line is what collects the moisture from the system so it doesn’t damage the mechanics of the unit. This line can get clogged with dirt over time, which can make it difficult for the water to get out of the system.

The leaks that are caused usually start small. However, if left unaddressed, they could lead to serious damage or more pressing issues. Anything leaking or potentially causing water damage is considered an emergency.

Tripped Breakers/Electrical Issues

Another big air conditioning emergency happens when you run into serious electrical issues. Whether you have a breaker that can’t support the load of the unit or wiring that wasn’t done right, there are so many issues that could arise. Electrical damage that’s left unattended could lead to fires or other more serious damage, too, so you need to get this addressed immediately.


System malfunctions of all kinds can happen to your air conditioner. These can cause partial or total system failure, lead to electrical shorts, and more. Your thermostat could be malfunctioning, or perhaps your condenser is clogged or broken down. Look for the signs listed above to determine if your A/C unit is functioning as it should. That can also help your technician find the issue and resolve it more quickly. Any input you can offer will expedite the repair process.

You should never use an air conditioning system that is malfunctioning. Turn it off until all repairs have been completed and a professional has deemed the unit safe to use.


Count on Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating for Emergency Air Conditioning Services and More

If you’re looking for the best local service for emergency air conditioning repair, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to the team at Bear Valley today for a full-service A/C solution that you can count on. We can assist you with your emergency repairs now and build a relationship for ongoing needs in the future. For peace of mind and total comfort in your home, Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating has you covered. Call us about your emergency, no matter how big or small it might be, and we’ll be right there.

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