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How Much Is an Air Conditioning Unit in Big Bear, California?

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The summer is fast approaching. For obvious reasons, one of the things you might need to add to your summer shopping list is an air conditioner. However, there are certain factors you have to look out for when buying one. If you’re asking how much is an air conditioning unit, Bear Valley air conditioning experts can help you choose and install the right air conditioning unit for your space and needs.

When you intend to buy an air conditioning unit in Big Bear, you need to look for quality brands that can serve you for long. Another thing to consider is the air conditioning unit price. This article discusses the cost of an air conditioning unit, things to consider when getting one, and factors influencing the price. But before then, let’s take you through why you need an air conditioner.

Why Do You  Need An Air Conditioner?

You might be curious as to why you need an air conditioner. This is a valid concern especially if you’re trying to work on a budget. Therefore, we highlight some of the most important reasons why having an air con in your home benefits you.

Health Benefits

Many reasons exist as to why too much heat is bad for you. Adapting to hot climates can be difficult. Our bodies need adequate regulation from time to time and air cons are a perfect way to achieve this. Experts note that air conditioners work effectively for air distribution in homes, which is good for your health. Inventions like this help your body to maintain the recommended body temperatures.

Air Purification

Many people now understand that air conditioners are not only for cooling the air in your room or office. They also serve purifying purposes. Think water purifier, but for the air you breathe in.

Air pollution can have adverse effects on your health. But of course, you don’t start seeing the symptoms immediately. They accumulate over time. Studies have shown that constantly inhaling bad air can lead to conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and lung infections. This makes it important to have adequate air purification in your home.

At Bear Valley air conditioning, when we take apart an air con unit for repair, we come across a lot of dust in the vents and other parts. This proves that air conditioners really do block out dust particles in the air, making it safe for breathing.

It Brings You Comfort

Comfort is a major reason to get an air conditioner unit. Hot climes can be frustrating in the absence of such a unit like air con to regulate your room.

Summertime sure is fun. However, it comes with extreme heat. Even beyond summertime, there are other days and perhaps periods in the year when the heat becomes unbearable. This can impact your sleeping badly and also make living in your house unbearable.

However, with your air conditioner on full blast, or a temperature that suits you, you get to sleep in comfort. Beyond sleeping, you get to carry out your chores or even relax conveniently. This is a major perk of air conditioners that make it a worthy buy.

How Much Is an Air Conditioning Unit Going to Cost?

Cost is the most important thing to consider when you’re looking to get an air conditioning unit. This is highly relevant if you want to spend less to get more. However, to carefully understand how to go about it, you need to know the cost range of an air con unit.

When drawing up a budget for your air conditioner, start by considering the above-named items. Follow this by considering the market price and the exact brand you want.

Depending on the type of air conditioner you are looking to buy, you will be spending an amount somewhere between $1000 and $15000. Preparing your budget within this range will ensure you’re safe.

It also matters where you decide to get your air conditioner. While some prefer to go to a hardware store, some others are fine with ordering their unit online. Surfing online for the best place to buy allows you to have enough information on price. It also allows you to compare prices across different brands.

Notably, when you look up the cost of an air conditioning unit, you will come across various quotes. However, exercise care concerning where you get your appliance. If a quote appears way below the average price range, you may want to stay away from such. Getting value for your money should be your utmost concern.

Things to Consider When Buying an Air Conditioner

Now that you know some of the numerous reasons you need an air conditioning unit, the next thing is to understand how to buy one. Bear Valley Air Conditioning Experts have a few recommendations for you to look out for. Considering these things while getting an air conditioner will ensure you make an informed decision and get your money’s worth.


When purchasing an air conditioning unit, you have to consider its durability. Many brands make air conditioners that don’t last more than a few months before you need to take them to the repair shop. Of course, when this happens, Bear Valley air conditioning experts can help you out seamlessly. But we understand that frequent trips to the repair shop can be frustrating.

Therefore, it’s essential that you examine different brands before deciding on which to get. Ask your neighbors to see how well their air conditioners have served them. Also, ensure to read reviews online about the best air con brands you can consider.

Level of Noise

You do not want an AC that disturbs your home with the noise it produces. This makes it important to consider an air con’s noise level before you buy it. Split ACs are often the best concerning this feature as they have a low noise level compared to window ACs.

Air Quality

When buying an air conditioning unit, you should look out for the air quality it produces. After all, air quality is one of the reasons you are making that purchase. Is it energy efficient?

Energy efficiency is the new cool today. The world is gradually going green, and as a result, homeowners are ensuring the appliances they spend money on align with their green goals. So, when purchasing an air conditioning unit, you may want to go for one that produces maximum air quality while remaining highly energy efficient.

Additionally, you may want to go for ACs that are built with extra air filters such as anti-bacterial filters. Extra filters of this nature make such ACs more efficient for you.

Doing this will save you money in the long run, as you will have no need to incur unnecessary electricity charges.

Split or Window

Homeowners are often faced with the dilemma of choosing between split and window air cons. While both have their perks, it can be challenging deciding which to settle for. Split air conditioners can be costly, but they tend to offer value for your money.

Simultaneously, although window air cons can be relatively affordable, they do not have as many functionalities. So, you have to decide which works for you based on your choice and budget.

Factors That Influence the Cost of an Air Conditioning Unit

Efficiency Level

The higher the efficiency level, the higher the cost you’re likely to incur. Efficient air cons save money in the long run because they offer excellent services. However, you also have to prepare to spend more when purchasing them.

Installation costs

In determining the total cost of your air con unit, of course you will have to calculate the installation cost. When you are looking for the most suitable air con installation service in the area, don’t let extremely low prices sway you.

Look out for the reputation of the installation service. An installation company with an excellent reputation will offer you value for money, which is essential to enjoying your air con for long. You should also compare prices during your hunt for a suitable installation company.

Demand also has an impact on how much you will spend on installing your air con. If you choose to install it in the summer, you will be incurring extra charges because most installation companies will be getting a lot of requests during this period.

The Manufacturing Brand

There are air con manufacturers that have made a name for themselves in most households. You can expect that these brands will cost a lot more than the average ones. So, if you’re looking to get your AC unit from a reputable manufacturer, prepare your budget accordingly.


Products that are built to last usually cost a lot more than products with average life spans. When an air con unit price seems to be on the high side, chances are equally high it may last longer. Yet, the most important thing is for you to read up before making your purchase.

If you are in the market for a long-lasting air conditioner, understand you may have to spend substantially.

Why Should You Consider Bear Valley Air Conditioning Experts?

Consulting us for your air conditioning needs certainly has several benefits, and some of them include the following.

We Recommend The Best Ones For Your Needs.

There are various air conditioners in terms of sizes and functions. You may need expert suggestions to determine the best for your house. Bear Valley air conditioning experts can offer you accurate suggestions based on your room size, budget, and choice.

We Offer You Installation Services

Aside from buying a suitable air conditioner, you also have to consider installing it. It’s most advisable to get expert installation services from those with years of experience. This is where Bear Valley air conditioning experts come in.

We are professionals when it comes to air conditioning installment and repairs. We will ensure the correct installation of your air conditioning unit at a suitable location that serves your room.

Bear Valley Air Conditioning Experts Offer Maintenance Services

To ensure that your cooling purchases last long, you have to carry out regular maintenance. At Bear Valley Air Conditioning, we carry out repairs and maintenance at highly affordable prices.

Beyond that, we will also ensure excellent services that meet your needs. Your satisfaction is our goal. We aim to help you prolong your air con’s lifespan, and quality maintenance certainly is an essential part of that. You can get a quote from us today.

Be Informed Before Buying an Air Conditioning Unit

Now that you know what to look out for when buying an air conditioning unit, we hope you get to make an informed choice. If you’re going to make an investment that will serve you well, kindly consider the above guide.

Bear Valley Air Conditioning Experts are here to walk you through buying an air conditioning unit, from purchase to installation and maintenance. You can reach out to us today for excellent HVAC services.

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