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Is it Time for a New Furnace?

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Big Bear HeatingNo property owner looks forward to replacing their heating equipment. While you want your home to be comfort able and warm during the colder months, you may not want to make the financial expenditure to get a whole new furnace. No one wants to replace a furnace when it’s not absolutely necessary, but you also want to ensure that your heat works properly and efficiently. Unfortunately, furnaces tend to give in and stop working during the winter when you most need it in good working order!

It’s often possible to repair a broken furnace, though this may not be the most economical decision, either. When you’re thinking about a possible repair or replacement, consider the following:

How old is the unit? Furnaces tend to keep running for about 20 years before they need to be replacement (absent other problems). If you’re approaching the 20-year mark or are within a few years, deciding to keep repairing your existing unit may be a delay of the inevitable – you are going to need to replace it soon. In addition, newer furnaces have many high-tech and improved features that increase efficiency, decrease noise, and keep temperatures more even in your home. If your furnace is even 10 years old, you may be missing out on many of these features. A higher efficiency furnace can save you tons on your energy bill, which may make it worth it to go for are placement instead of repair.

How much is the repair? Schedule a quote for a repair with a reputable heating technician as soon as possible, so you know how extensive – and expensive – the repair will need to be. A furnace is similar to your car – if a repair costs more than the value of the vehicle,it makes more sense to get a new one! Compare the costs of repairs and replacement and if they are close or if the repair exceeds the cost of a completely new system, always replace. Keep in mind that you can subtract from the cost of a replacement when you consider rebates and increased efficiency.You can also look into possible financing options to avoid a one-time outlay of cash.

Could you use a break on your energy bill? Have your utility bills been slowly increasing over the past few years? This could be a sign that it’s time to replace your furnace. Gas furnaces often lose efficiency as they experience unavoidable wear and tears over the years. When you bought your furnace, it likely had a lower efficiency rating than those on the market now to start with. Consider the continually lost efficiency, and you may be spending much more on your energy bills than you need to if you replaced the furnace.

Does your furnace make a lot of noise? When your furnace kicks on and you hear loud banging coming from the unit, or if you hear regular noises while the furnace is running, you should call a Big Bear heating technician as soon as possible. Noises can at least mean you need a repair, if not a replacement if the noises are originating from the main furnace components. Your technician can advise you on the problem so you can make a decision for your specific situation.

Steps to Take Next

Whether you need a repair or a replacement,you shouldn’t wait to schedule an appointment with a Big Bear heating technician right away. Our technicians at Bear Valley Plumbing and Heating can take a look at your furnace, give you an honest assessment and estimate, and help you make the decision whether to schedule a repair or start shopping for anew furnace.

If you decide to purchase a new furnace, consider all of your options, including new high-efficiency models. Consider this:

  • You have a furnace that operates at 70 percent AFUE
  • You upgrade to a furnace that operates 95 percent AFUE
  • Your efficiency increases by about 25 percent
  • If your heating bill is an average of $100 monthly, you save an average of $25 per month
  • This means you save about $300 or more per year

If you also upgrade to a digital programmable thermostat, you can save even more when combined with a high-efficiency furnace.

Talk to family and friends about what type of furnace they use. Read online reviews and look into which new furnace is the best value based on initial cost and long-term energy bill savings. Talk with your technician about what types of units they recommend or which ones they’ve seen have more or fewer problems in the past few years.

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