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How Can a Heating Contractor Near Me Help Save Money?

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If you have noticed just about everything has become more expensive while wages have stagnated, you are not alone. The necessities of life are chewing up a larger percentage of income as time progresses. One of the little-known ways to save money is to lean on a home heating contractor for assistance. Below, we provide a quick look at the many different ways in which heating contractors can help keep your home heating costs in check, regardless of how cold it is outside.

1. Heating Maintenance for Improved Efficiency

Do not fall into the trap of assuming your home heating system will function without flaw simply because you paid a pretty penny for it. Like all other machines, furnaces and other heating systems require ongoing maintenance.

Something as seemingly minor as a professional inspection and subsequent maintenance really can save you hundreds of dollars in the form of reduced energy costs.

Ideally, your home heating system will be comprehensively inspected by a proven HVAC professional at least once per year. It will certainly help if this inspection and maintenance are conducted at the end of the fall or beginning of the winter before your furnace is used at a high frequency.

Our Bear Valley heating team is here to analyze the entirety of your heating system, perform the necessary servicing, tune-up the unit and identify looming or existing problems. The end result will be improved heating system efficiency that reduces your monthly utility bill. The reduction in your utility bill is a direct result of improved system efficiency.
The bottom line is a home heating system that functions only when necessary is that much more likely to stand the test of time while simultaneously reducing monthly heating bills. Furthermore, the early identification of heating system problems gives us the opportunity to address those flaws today rather than waiting until there is a full-blown breakdown that necessitates a costly repair or an expensive replacement of the entire heating system.

2. Even Something as Subtle as Changing the Furnace Filter Saves Money

Your furnace filter is essential to the system’s performance. If this filter is not clean, your furnace will not operate as efficiently as it should, resulting in elevated utility bills.

Furthermore, replacing your furnace filter in a timely manner will also help maintain the quality of your indoor air.

Our Bear Valley plumbers will inspect your heating system’s filter during routine maintenance checks.

In general, this filter should be changed once every three to six months so do not hesitate to take a look at it on your own in between our annual furnace maintenance sessions. Once the dirty filter is replaced, the air will be able to move through it without restriction, ensuring your furnace does not have to work any harder than necessary to reach and maintain your selected temperature.

3. Let the HVAC Gurus Troubleshoot Your Furnace Problems

It is often said the quickest way to learn something is to ask someone in-the-know.

There is no shame in admitting you do not understand the intricacies of your home heating system. After all, these are complex machines created by intelligent engineers and maintained by heating contractors with decades of experience.

Let our Bear Valley heating crew troubleshoot your home heating system as soon as something goes wrong and we will get to the bottom of the problem.

In particular, we have helped countless homeowners in Bear Valley and beyond reduce their utility bills after sudden spikes. As an example, some locals make the mistake of leaving their fireplace flue open. Though it is logical to leave the flue open when using the fireplace, it should be closed when it is not in use. Fail to close the flue and you will essentially leave a small window open that sends cool air into your living space, forcing your furnace to work harder than it should.

A furnace that works at an increased frequency will result in higher home heating bills as well as premature repair and replacement.

4. Expert Help With the Thermostat

Oftentimes, homeowners are hesitant to ask for assistance with their faulty thermostat, assuming the heating contractor will view them as ignorant.

Reach out to our Bear Valley heating specialists and we will embrace the opportunity to help you rather than criticize you.

The bottom line is it is only a matter of time until your thermostat malfunctions. If you have not yet upgraded to a programmable thermostat, the time to do so is now.

Let us install a new programmable thermostat or troubleshoot your existing thermostat and perform the necessary repair. Once your thermostat issues are straightened out, your utility bill will return back to normal and your system will only turn on when absolutely necessary.


If you’re looking for ways to maintain your home’s heating system optimally without burning a hole in your pocket, you’re not alone. While it is a lesser-known fact, it helps to engage the services of an experienced heating contractor, who will easily troubleshoot all your heating system’s problems. The above points should help you understand the criticality of having an expert do the job right in the most cost-effective manner.

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