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Do You Need Ductwork Maintenance?

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A silver roof turbine ventilatorWhen you crank up the thermostat to warm your house, you likely don’t give much thought to your ductwork. However, when you get your heating bill, you may scratch your head wondering why it’s so high! You may not realize it but neglecting your ductwork can cause significant energy loss in your home.

While you should always set up annually maintenance appointments for ductwork maintenance, there are some signs that you should make that call much sooner rather than later. The following are reasons to call Bear Valley Heating and Plumbing and some ways we can help avoid future problems.

Tears or damage – Ducts in your attic or crawlspace are generally made of a flexible material that can move back and forth as the air passes through. Such flexibility and movement can cause the ducts to sag or kink, causing tears or other damage. With regular maintenance, a technician can reposition and secure any saggy ducts to avoid tears before they need to be fully replaced.

Ducts on the ground – Sometimes, ducts may not be secured and may simply be left lying on the ground in your attic or crawlspace. Such haphazard placement can result in water, bugs, or rodents getting inside and causing problems. An HVAC technician will make sure such ducts are secured off the floor when possible.

Insulation issues – Every metal duct should have proper insulation to protect from unnecessary heat loss, especially if the ducts run through unheated areas. Having proper insulation can protect from a drain on your HVAC system and a hike on your heating bill. Insulation is not always visible, as it may be on the inside of your ducts. If you tap on a duct and it sounds hollow, you may be lacking insulation. In addition, insulation can come loose if it wasn’t installed in the right manner. You want to ensure all insulation is secured in place to maximize the energy savings.

Another sign of a problem is dirty or stained insulation. This usually means that your ductwork was not sealed sufficiently, so dust and dirt is getting tracked when air passes through your insulation. Our technicians can remove the dirty insulation, properly seal your ductwork, and replace your insulation to improve your energy efficiency.

Duct tape or residue – Because of its name, many people think duct tape should be used to seal up ductwork. This is not the case. Duct tape can crack and peel and let air in and out of your ductwork. If you see any duct tape peeling off or residue, our technicians can remove it can then replace the seal with duct mastic, which is a permanent seal that won’t deteriorate.

If you notice any signs that your ductwork is not properly insulated, secured, or sealed, you should seek help from our Big Bear HVAC technicians. You will likely see the difference in your heating bill right away. However, you shouldn’t wait until there is an obvious problem to call. Having your ductwork inspected and maintained each year can prevent your bill from spiking in the first place. Ductwork maintenance can involve the following and more:

  • Identifying and sealing air leaks – These leaks can cause the loss of ten to 30 percent of your heated air, often into crawlspaces or wall cavities that don’t need to be heated.
  • Insulating and replacing insulation – This will immediately help regulate the temperature of the air as it passes through your ductwork and into your home.
  • Cleaning – When obstructions build up inside your ductwork, it can prevent air from reaching your home in an efficient manner. Sometimes, obstructions can reach your central HVAC system, which can cause serious problems and even a fire hazard.
  • Installing a UV light – You may have never considered installing a UV light in your ductwork, but it can work to destroy bacteria or mold and sterilize the air. This improves the interior of your ductwork as well as the air quality in your house.
  • Test air pressure – Our technicians can test the air pressure in your ductwork while your HVAC system is operating to determine whether your ductwork is balanced. We can give you recommendations to prevent air loss and to improve the efficiency of your system.

While you may not think about your ductwork, you may start once you see the difference in your energy bill! Too many people waste money for years due to unmaintained, uninsulated, or damaged ductwork. Regular maintenance can save you money in the long run.

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