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5 Reasons You Should Avoid DIY Plumbing Repairs in Big Bear

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The plumbing system is an essential part of your house as it provides you with clean drinking and utility water, and takes out the wastewater. However, it can turn into a big nuisance if there is a leakage, clog, or any other damage. Something as simple as a dripping water pipe can lead to a devastating mold infestation that can damage your walls and floor.

It is no surprise that you would want to resolve any plumbing issue as quickly as possible. That’s why, instead of searching online for a plumber near me, you are more likely to take matters into your hands. You will most probably look up DIY videos or blog posts to resolve the issue. This, however, can be a big mistake because not all plumbing problems are as simple as they seem.

Here are a few reasons why calling a Big Bear plumber is a better option than performing DIY repairs.

1. Misdiagnosing the Problem

When you hire a professional Big Bear plumber, their work starts with a thorough inspection of your plumbing. Thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience, they know how to find the root cause of the problem and then go ahead with the right solution.

As an amateur, you are less likely to diagnose the problem correctly. If you have worked on a similar issue before, you can do a much better job. If you haven’t, you may misdiagnose the problem.

For example, if you see water coming out from under your toilet, you can misdiagnose it as a minor leak or assume there is problem with your caulking. So, you go ahead and fix the leak or replace the caulking. But the problem continues because, in reality, you need to remove a clog or even replace the entire toilet to fix the leak. You can easily avoid such blunders if you call a licensed plumber.

2. Lack of Plumbing Tools

Most plumbing jobs require one or more types of specialized tools. For example, you will need to use a sink wrench to turn the fasteners. This wrench is suitable for tight spaces and under-sink plumbing work. But, if you use a regular wrench, you can end up damaging the parts of your sink or even risk injuring yourself.

You will also need to learn to use specially designed tools to ensure your safety and plumbing work efficiency. However, putting together even a basic plumbing kit is going to cost you considerable money. Besides, you won’t need these tools for everyday use. That’s why you are better off calling a professional Big Bear plumber who has the necessary tools and knowledge.

3. Worsening the Problem

The lack of knowledge and suitable plumbing tools is a recipe for disaster. Your attempt to fix the plumbing issue can make it worse. It may also result in a new plumbing issue. For example, pouring a generous amount of drain cleaner down the sink can worsen the problem, and you will eventually have to call a Big Bear plumber to replace pipes damaged by the drain cleaner.

Similarly, most DIYers end up overtightening the pipe joints in their attempt to prevent potential leaks. However, overtightening causes the rubber fittings inside the pipes to warp. It can also put more pressure on the fittings and joints, resulting in cracks. Both these factors increase the risk of leaks, which you were trying to prevent in the first place.

If you accidentally worsen the problem, it can lead to a plumbing emergency. For example, if you torpedo your DIY job, you will need to find professional help quickly. While you can always use your phone to find ‘24-hour plumbing near me, emergency services are often costly. In other words, calling an experienced Big Bear plumber will save you considerable trouble and money.

4. Endangering Your Safety

When a DIY job goes sideways, the increased cost isn’t the only problem you have to worry about. The lack of suitable plumbing tools and training can also lead to an injury. If you accidentally cut yourself while trying to unscrew an old and corroded fixture, it can lead to severe injury or even infection in some cases.

Sometimes, a botched-up DIY plumbing job can also put your family’s safety and health at risk. For example, a failed DIY drainage repair can result in backflow issues, which can lead to water contamination. It can give rise to a variety of water-borne infections and diseases.

A professional Big Bear plumber will not only know how to use the plumbing tools but will also use the necessary safety gear. They also know how to work in cramped spaces without getting injured. That’s why you are better off hiring professionals for your plumbing needs.

5. Not Knowing the Plumbing Codes

Last but not least, not knowing the local plumbing codes can lead to more trouble. As plumbing is an indispensable part of your home infrastructure, your city will have strict building and plumbing codes. If you ignore these codes, you can face costly fines. In worst-case scenario, it can lead to the revocation of your building permits.

When you are doing DIY plumbing work, you are more likely to violate a plumbing code. A professional Big Bear plumber, however, is well-aware of the latest plumbing and building codes. So, when they work on your plumbing, you don’t have to worry about violating any code.


As you can see, not all plumbing jobs are easy. While you can save a few bucks if you decide to fix issues yourself, even the slightest error can worsen the problem, resulting in increased repairing costs. If your botched-up plumbing work leads to more pressing issues like water damage or water contamination, your and your family’s safety can be at risk. If you are not sure what to do, it is better to call a licensed plumber.

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