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How Much Does A Plumber Cost Near Me?

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The cost of plumbing depends on the plumbing system component that needs to be repaired or replaced. A plumbing maintenance inspection or the clearing of a drain will be significantly cheaper than repairing a burst pipe in your Big Bear home or business. Do not let the potential cost of plumbing service stop you from asking for assistance. It is better to act sooner rather than later as delaying plumbing repairs or replacement will end up costing you that much more if you wait to ask for assistance. Be proactive, contact our Big Bear plumbers today and you really will save that much more money.

Plumbing Costs Differ by Project

Repairing a malfunctioning toilet tank, clogged drain or leaky faucet won’t bust your budget. If your home or business has endured a flood or water damage that necessitates mold cleanup, a plumber near you will cost comparably more.

In general, the typical plumber service call is a couple of hundred dollars. These well-trained professionals usually earn between $50 and $150 per hour. However, if the plumbing service call occurs during off-hours or on a holiday, there might be an additional charge. Off-hours service and service provided far away from the plumber’s headquarters will likely spur a premium between $50 and $100 above the regular hourly rate.

Replumbing a House

If you’re considering re-plumbing your entire home and trying to calculate the average plumbing cost near me, you should know that the total pricing will depend on several factors. These include:

  • The total number of plumbing fixtures to be attended to
  • Ease or difficulty of access to each fixture
  • Type of re-piping material 
  • Size of your house
  • Permit fees for plumbing services in your city
  • Plumbing contractor fees

Replumbing a Commercial Establishment

If your commercial establishment was built before the 1970s, chances are that it has worn-out and outdated plumbing that has probably also developed corrosion and leaks. Replumbing may, therefore, cost you more. 

It is also important to remember that when hiring plumbing services near me for commercial spaces, you should choose someone who is aware of the applicable uniform plumbing codes. They should also have prior experience in plumbing commercial buildings, be it a hospital or an office. Don’t be afraid to ask for a list of references that can testify to the quality of the plumber’s work. Most reputable companies will make these references readily available and even display them on their website for all to potential clients to read. Feel free to check Angi’s List for the plumber’s ratings as well. As a consumer, you have the right to have full transparency about the company or plumber you bring in to do the job.

Further, licensed plumbing services will cost you more than a regular handyman’s service. Before they even get to sit for their licensing exam, they must complete classroom instruction and long, grueling hours of hands-on training. By the time they make it to your property for the needed repairs, they will have years of experience under their belt to complete the job at a high standard. The additional money spent will be worth it considering you will save frequent repair and replacement costs in the future. 

Plumbing Costs are Justified

If you feel as though the cost of a plumber near you is egregiously high, there is a reason for this seemingly high rate. Plumbers provide essential services that have the potential to make the difference between a completely safe and functional plumbing system and water damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair.

Plumbing is a specialized trade that takes thousands of hours to perfect. Furthermore, plumbers respond to emergency calls at all hours, investing their time and effort to “save the day.” Plumbers have to pay for equipment, tools, insurance, ongoing training, and overhead expenses. In other words, the cost of a plumber near you is completely justified.

The Cost of Toilet Repairs

Toilet Repairs

If your toilet is acting up, do not hesitate to contact a plumber. Toilet repairs are affordable and can be completed fairly quickly. In some cases, toilet repair merely requires the installation of a new chain or stopper. However, if there is a more serious problem, your plumber will figure out the proper fix. Toilet repair typically costs between $150 and $300, depending on the specific problem, the time required for the repair, and the money paid for parts.

Typically, you’ll need to factor in several elements, such as:

  • The type of repairs needed
  • The fees charged by the plumbing services provider
  • The extent of replumbing to be done, i.e., does the toilet need rebuilding, or is it a simple leak repair, or does the toilet flush need to be replaced?
  • The materials needed for the repair job

Burst Pipes and Leaks

Burst pipes are not that common in Big Bear as our temperatures rarely reach the point that causes pipes to freeze and subsequently burst. Oftentimes, the most expensive component of tending to burst pipes is cleaning up the damage caused by water. Pinpointing and repairing the leak will likely cost $300 or more. However, it might also be necessary to repair the drywall and additional water damage.

The simple fact is, several different factors affect the cost of repairing broken pipes and leaks. Chief among them is the location of the damaged pipe. If it is in an easy-to-access area, repairs will be considerably cheaper. However, if the plumbing services provider has to tear down the drywall to access the pipes, the costs will be on the higher side. 

Another factor that influences the cost of repairing broken pipes and leaks is labor. This tends to vary and depends greatly on the neighborhood you reside in and the plumbing services provider you hire.

The Cost of Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing challenges. Some such clogs cannot be fully rectified with a plunger, snake, or another DIY approach. There is no sense wasting your limited time attempting to clear a clogged drain when our Big Bear plumbers are on your side. Though it might cost a couple of hundred dollars to fully clear out the clog in your drain, the money is well worth it considering the fact that you will enjoy a fully functional plumbing system and perhaps more importantly, invaluable peace of mind.

In general, the average cost to unclog a drain will range between $150-$202. This cost can also be as low as $56 or as high as $575, depending on the following factors of your drain clog repair:

Where the Clog is Located

The location of the clog will often determine the complexity and time it will require to repair the clog. A clog in the kitchen will cost significantly lower than a clog in the sewer line which will require the use of more equipment and labor.

Techniques Used for the Repair

Clearing a drain clog usually involves one of two methods; hydro-jetting or snaking. Snaking is the old-fashioned method that involves using a long stick with jaw clips at one end. These jaw clips loosen the clog to allow water to flow through.

If the clog is significant enough, a plumber may choose to use hydro jetting, a strong force of water that will clear out any clog. There is a price difference between these two techniques of $200-$500, with snaking costing about $195 and hydro jetting about $350-$600.

Use of Video Inspection

If a plumber can’t determine exactly where the clog is, he can use a video camera to inspect it. The use of this technology will drive up the cost of your repair as it is a pricey piece of equipment.

Extra Repairs

Sometimes a clogged pipe needs to be replaced with a new one, especially if it bursts. If there is such a need for repair or replacement, that will be a determining cost in the repair as well.

Though this may seem overwhelming, with Bear Valley Plumbing, you can always count on fair and upfront pricing before agreeing to any repair. Learn more about the plumbing services we offer on our website.

The Cost of Septic and Sewer Repairs

Sewer and septic line repairs typically cost several thousand dollars. If your sewer or septic line must be replaced, you will likely have to spend in the range of $3,000 to $6,000 or more. However, sewer and septic repairs might also necessitate additional work that costs more money.

As an example, replacing/repairing lawn and landscaping dug up to reach the sewer/septic line will cost money. In general, pumping or cleaning septic typically costs $200 to $400. The total cost of sewer/septic projects ultimately hinges on the specific work in question so do not hesitate to reach out to our Big Bear plumbers for a quote.

Other Cost-Driving Factors

A couple of surprising expenses to consider in your total plumbing costs are:

  • Plumbing permits

These costs differ by state and are determined by your local county or city’s building department that manages to permit. More often than not, minor jobs like replacing an accessible fixture do not require permits. However, complex jobs, like sewer repairs or water heater installation, will need a permit and hence, cost more. 

  • Clean-up

Once the plumbing issue is addressed, any remaining holes to plug or messes to clean will be charged for. You may need to hire a professional to repair the water damage or to reinstate your broken-down drywall. If there was a sewer problem, there will be an additional cost for cleaning up and getting your home back to code to ensure residents’ safety.  Further, you may also have to pay more for removing tree roots for accessing your plumbing system as this will mean digging up your yard.

Can You Save Money with DIY Plumbing Repairs?

Many a time, homeowners take matters into their own hands in a bid to save plumbing costs. This isn’t always a bad idea as certain plumbing jobs are straightforward. So, a DIY job can help you save money. When deciding on whether to hire a plumber or not, consider the following factors:

The Complexity of the Repair

However, complex problems, such as fixing the dishwasher, redirecting pipes, and cleaning sewers, are better left to the pros. Performing a DIY may worsen the issue and expose you to certain safety hazards. Professional plumbing service providers will do a safe and efficient job that lasts long. 

Local Regulations

Further, depending on where you reside, your building code may mandate that certain tasks, like water heater replacement, be performed only by licensed plumbing companies. Also, when attempting a repair on high-dollar equipment such as water heaters and boilers, keep in mind that you may risk losing its warranty. Most manufacturers have a clause that voids the warranty when repairs were performed by non-licensed technicians.


Allowing professional plumbers to make the repairs will also help you maintain the value of your home. Doing it yourself may seem like the obvious and economical choice. However, even when you’ve watched all the YouTube videos on plumbing repairs, things may go wrong. As a result, you’ll end up paying more for new equipment than you originally planned.

Property Value

Many home inspectors make it a point to check the log of plumbing and electric repairs. If most of them were DIY projects, home buyers will be concerned about the quality and longevity of these repairs. So, if you hope to sell your Big Bear home in the future, leave the big repairs to the pros.


1. How Much Does a Bear Valley Plumber Near Me Cost?
There is no fixed answer to this. Broadly speaking, the cost depends on various factors such as the issue at hand and the time and labor that will go into fixing it.

2. Will a Plumber Near Me Give Free Estimates?
Some plumbers do offer free estimates. However, the difference in the cost is usually made up for in other areas.

3. How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Plumber Near Me to Install New Plumbing?
The plumbing and installation costs charged by a skilled plumber near me for a kitchen or bathroom remodel will vary. Costs depend on the number of fixtures to be installed as well as the size of the job.

4. Will I Be Charged Extra for 24 Hour Plumbing Near Me?
This depends on a plumber. Plumbing services like ours will charge you the same amount on weekends and emergencies as we do for all other calls.

5. Will a Plumber Near Me Charge Hourly Fees?
The fee structure varies by service provider. We charge a flat rate and prices are quoted to the customer before the work begins.

6. Is Hiring a Plumber Worth It?

The short answer here is yes, it is worth it. Plumbers are licensed and trained to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Most repairs are second nature to seasoned plumbers at Bear Valley, allowing them to provide you with a seamless and quality solution for your plumbing needs. With a professional plumber, you will be saving time and money down the road.


Plumbing costs are never fixed as they depend on several factors. Some services are costlier than others. However, this should never stop you from seeking the necessary help for the plumbing issues in your home. Don’t let small issues snowball into big ones as that is sure to burn a hole in your pocket. Get a Big Bear plumber on the job today and save money!

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Original article revised on Dec 27, 2022

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