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How do Big Bear Plumbing Pipes Work?

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When was the last time you pondered how your Big Bear plumbing pipes work? If you are like most people, you do not spend much (or any) time, thinking about your home plumbing. The average person only thinks about home plumbing after something goes wrong such as a leak, a burst pipe, a clog, etc. Below, our Big Bear plumbing crew sheds light on the fundamentals of modern-day plumbing, explaining it in plain English anyone can understand.

The Basics of Big Bear Plumbing

Plumbing systems consist of a network of pipes including vent pipes and drain pipes. Plumbing systems are fairly complicated so do not attempt to perform any type of installation, repair, or maintenance on your own. Our Big Bear plumbing team is here to help with all of your plumbing challenges.

Plumbing systems transmit water to the appliances, faucets, and fixtures that require water for functionality. Furthermore, plumbing systems are set up to transport wastewater away from the home without allowing clogs to form.

Fresh and clean water is transmitted to Big Bear homes, businesses, and other buildings by way of water supply pipes from the local utility or even a well. This water is then transmitted to the appliances, fixtures, sinks, and toilets in the building. The plumbing system’s drain-waste-vent pipes transmit used water including waste to the sewer or septic tank.

A Closer Look at the Specific Pipes That Comprise Big Bear Plumbing Systems

There are three main types of pipes used in home plumbing systems. The most basic and essential of pipes are those that transport water to the home. There are also pipes that transmit hot water to the home or business. Venting pipes are used to transmit gases away from the building. Waste pipes send waste out of the building.

Coldwater is transported into the home or other building by way of the service line. This line then distributes the water to the fixtures as appropriate. This line is typically positioned through a central column that runs up and down between floors. Hot water is transmitted incomparably short pipes, all of which are straight. Especially long pipes tend to lose more heat while transferring water. Ideally, the pipes used to transmit hot water will be short to mitigate heat loss, empowering the homeowner to heat up water that much faster.

The Water Supply System

Water supply systems are essentially a large network of pipes that send clean water into a Big Bear home, business, or other structure. This system is dependent on pressure for functionality. Water that moves through these pipes is transmitted from the city’s water supply. In rare cases, incoming water is sourced from wells.

The water transmitted from the city enters the building by way of a massive “main” pipe. This pipe typically runs parallel to the street. Do not attempt to troubleshoot this main pipe. If you suspect there is an issue with the main pipe, reach out to our Big Bear plumbers. Otherwise, a DIY attempt at repair or maintenance might trigger a civil lawsuit along with a considerable fine.

Those who do not have access to city water receive incoming freshwater through a well. Water is pumped directly into the home with high pressure. If the water pressure decreases, it will be immediately noticeable at the faucet and/or shower. Anything from a clog to a leak can reduce pressure.

Drain Traps and Vents

Drains are fairly self-explanatory yet they have an interesting feature of note dubbed a “trap”, also referred to as a P trap. This trap is shaped like the letter “U” in order to stop backflow within the plumbing system. Such pipes hold onto water in a consistent manner as they have a unique curvature. Drain traps prevent sewer gases from moving throughout the home. These traps also permit hair, debris, and grease to sediment. This debris is removed by way of clean-out plugs.

Drain vent systems extend from the roof to the drain pipe. This system sends air into plumbing for optimal drainage. However, if the drain vent is even slightly damaged, there is the potential for significant problems to occur. Our Big Bear plumbing team is here to help if such a scenario arises. Resist the temptation to attempt a DIY repair, lean on us and we will keep your plumbing system in tip-top shape.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the workings of plumbing systems is important so you can become familiar with the complexities involved. Also, it is best not to try DIY repairs or maintenance procedures when it comes to troubleshooting plumbing issues. Instead, you should get professional help before a small issue snowballs into an enormous problem. Hopefully, the above pointers will help in this regard.

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