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Planning a Kitchen Remodel? Know the Plumbing Costs in Big Bear

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The kitchen is the heart and soul of your house. That’s why it needs to be elegant, functional, and accessible. Remodeling is the best way to ensure you have a fully-functional kitchen that meets all your needs perfectly. Kitchen remodeling offers several benefits, such as improved everyday functionality, increased convenience, and enhanced space that fits your personal style. It can also boost the resale value of your home.

However, if you are considering kitchen remodeling, you will also need to think about moving or upgrading the plumbing. Although you can remodel without doing so, adding new fixtures and plumbing utilities is often a part of the remodeling process. As the plumbing will consume a significant chunk of your remodeling budget, you will need to consider how much it will cost.

While Googling “plumber cost near me” can help you get an idea of how much the plumber will cost, you will need to consider a few other factors to estimate the total cost of plumbing when remodeling your kitchen. Here is what you need to think about to keep the overall kitchen remodeling cost within your budget.

1. Know Which Plumbing Parts You Want to Upgrade

More often than not, the purpose of kitchen remodeling is to ensure maximum functionality. As a result, you would want to add new fixtures, accessories, and even pipelines to your kitchen. You will need to discuss these details with your Big Bear plumber to get an accurate estimate of the total plumbing costs.

The more changes you want to make, the higher your plumbing cost will be. During the remodeling, different parts of the kitchen may require additional plumbing material. For example, if you are installing a new dishwasher, you will need a special type of drain to maintain adherence with the applicable building codes and also ensure functionality.

Similarly, you will need a separate water line if you want to install a refrigerator with a built-in ice maker. The cost will be higher for areas that require a completely new plumbing infrastructure. To get a better idea of what needs to be changed, you can ask a professional Big Bear plumber to inspect your existing kitchen plumbing layout.

2. Cost of Running Utility Lines

Sometimes, you may also need to run utility lines, such as the natural gas line, to your kitchen during remodeling. You will need to run agas line if you are switching from electricity-powered appliances to gas-fired stove and oven. It is better to hire a Big Bear plumber, who is skilled in laying down gas lines.

The bulk of the cost will depend on the length of the pipe. In other words, along the gas line will cost you more money. Other factors that may add up include additional masonry or structural work you may need when laying down the gas line. Your Big Bear plumber can provide you with a detailed estimate after a careful on-site inspection.

3. Labor Costs

Another important factor that you will need to consider is the labor cost. Whether you want to change the kitchen sink or revamp your entire rough-in plumbing, labor cost will be a considerable part of your remodeling project. The labor cost will change depending on your location and the complexity of the job, among other things.

When Googling “plumber near me” on your phone, you may come across plumbers who have mentioned their hourly rates. However, it is better to confirm the costs by providing the job details or after an onsite inspection. Sometimes, a Big Bear plumber may also charge a flat service fee in addition to the labor charges. Make sure to confirm all these details before starting the project.

4. Quality of the Plumbing Material

The price of material you want to replace will also form a sizeable chunk of your remodeling budget. For example, buying a high-end refrigerator with an ice-maker can usually cost a few hundred dollars. However, installation costs can also be higher for high-end refrigerator brands.

Similarly, branded fittings often require spare parts from the specific brand, which can cost you a lot more than store-bought parts. However, the additional cost of branded and high-end material is usually justified, owing to their excellent quality and long life. You can talk to your Big Bear plumber about the potential upsides and downsides of investing in branded and high-quality material.

5. Time Required for the Job

The next factor that will affect your plumbing cost is the time required to finish the job. As you may already know, replacing the kitchen sink will require less time than upgrading the existing rough-in plumbing in your kitchen. The longer it takes to finish a job, the more you will have to pay.

Speak with your Big Bear plumber to understand exactly how much time they will need to finish the job. It is also a better idea to hire a plumbing company with an excellent track record of finishing jobs on time.

6. Work Experience

When searching for “plumbers near me” online, you will come across plumbers with a wide range of experience. While some plumbers may have worked on projects similar in size and complexity to yours, others may have worked on smaller or different plumbing projects.

A small plumbing company or a handyman is likely to charge you less than the prevailing market rates in your area. However, their lack of experience will most likely affect the quality of their work. On the other hand, an experienced and skilled plumbing company may charge you relatively more, but they will also offer you the best quality service.

When searching for “plumbing cost near me,” make sure to take the work experience into account. You can ask the shortlisted Big Bear plumbers to furnish their previous project details and references. You can also check the customer reviews to be sure about their work quality.

Going with an experienced and well-established Big Bear plumber is always a good idea as they can finish the remodel on time. Better quality of work also means you will not have to spend on emergency repairs down the line.


Remodeling can help you improve the functionality of your kitchen and also increase the resale value of your home. When remodeling your kitchen, you also need to plan your plumbing requirements and budget well in advance. Understanding how the above six factors affect the plumbing costs when remodeling your kitchen will help you make an informed decision. For a more accurate estimate, however, it is better to call a Big Bear plumber, who will decide based on the on-site evaluation.

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