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How Would a Plumber Near Me Increase My Water Pressure?

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When was the last time you spent any time thinking about your home’s water pressure? If you are like most people, water pressure does not cross your mind until something goes wrong with your home plumbing. Contrary to popular opinion, low water pressure is quite a common plumbing problem. Our Bear Valley plumbing team has myriad ways of increasing your home’s water pressure.

1. A Quick Look at the Optimal Water Pressure for Bear Valley Homes

Plumwide agrees the optimal water pressure is 60 psi. Water pressure at 45 or 50 psi is. You can self-check or call a plumber to determine your water pressure help. If you want to do it yourself, buy a water pressure gauge. Close all the valves to the water meter and fix the gauge onto a faucet. Open the faucet fully and read the water pressure on the dial.

If your water pressure is below 60 psi and there is no citywide water pressure issue, it is time to ask for help from our proven Bear Valley plumbers. If it is a citywide issue, the city’s water system will take care of it. It may also be due to your location being uphill or a long distance from the water source. If that is the case, you should explore other options through a qualified plumber.

2. It Might be Necessary to Replace the Regulator

Most homes that use public water have a regulator positioned where the service line moves into the home or at the meter. The regulator prevents the water from moving through the pipes. If the regulator stops functioning as it should, the water pressure will slowly drop, resulting in reduced velocity that impacts home fixtures.

The solution is to lean on our plumbers to diagnose the problem and determine whether it is necessary to reset the regulator, replace it or take another course of action.

3. Clearing out Those Pesky Clogs

Pipes eventually end up with abundant mineral deposits, and pipe diameter can decrease to the point where clogging occurs. An accumulation of mineral deposits in your home’s pipes can stop water from moving through these essential pathways unimpeded. If so obstruction exists, the shower faucet will leak.

If the clog is extreme, entire sections of the pipe might have to be replaced. Our plumbers can perform such a replacement. However, if possible, we will dissolve the minerals that obstruct water flow. Clearing mineral deposits out of pipes does not require much cost. Also, clearing clogs may be the solution if the low water pressure affects only a part of the plumbing system. But, again, talk to your plumber to know the best course of action.

4. There Might be an Issue With the Valve

A Bear Valley home with low water pressure throughout its entirety might have an open main shut-off valve. There might also be a pressure-reduction valve installed. If such a valve is present, our plumbers will adjust it to the optimal setting to generate the perfect water pressure level. Though it might seem unlikely, valves can be accidentally turned to the open position during a repair attempt or regular maintenance.

Suppose you have recently had work done at your Bear Valley property. In that case, it is possible the contractor turned off the primary water supply and merely partially reopened it upon the project’s completion. As a result, the water flow will be restricted, and the water pressure will be reduced. The good news is that you only need to open the valve fully to get your water pressure up to a normal level. You should call your plumber to do this if you don’t have experience fixing such problems.

5. Watch out for Leaks

A damaged or cracked pipe will result in a water leak that sends water away from the pipes instead of through them, ultimately producing a trickle of water at the tap. Leaks are dangerous and should be investigated as soon as suspected. If you are even slightly suspicious that one or several of your home’s pipes are damaged, contact us immediately. We have many ways to determine if a leak is truly responsible for your low water pressure.

For example, we will turn off your indoor faucets, turn off the water valve and take a meter reading after some time. If the reading has increased, it indicates a leak that our Bear Valley plumbing crew must address. Water leaks are dangerous in many ways. For example, they may damage your building’s integrity or cause molds that are hazardous to your health and your family.

6. Pipe Corrosion Might be the Real Problem

As time progresses, your home’s plumbing system will eventually become corroded. If your plumbing system has such corrosion, it might cause problems with the water pressure. However, you will have no way of knowing if such corrosion exists as it will be concealed within the pipes.

Our plumbing crew is here to perform an in-depth inspection, possibly with a specialized camera, to determine if pipe corrosion is the actual cause of your low water pressure. If that’s the case, you will have to do some heavy repairs to your plumbing system. However, doing that early will fix the water pressure issue and prevent future damage to your home’s structure.

7. It Might be Necessary to Replace Those Aged Steel Pipes

Steel water pipes often corrode to the point that water movement is impeded. If your home relies on old steel pipes and your water pressure is low, reach out to us right away for an in-depth plumbing analysis. We will determine if it is prudent to replace some or all of your problematic pipes. Once your old steel pipes are replaced with new copper pipes or plastic supply piping, you will rest easy knowing your home plumbing system will prove fully functional for drama-free plumbing in the years ahead.

8. Install a water pressure booster

If the water pressure is generally low in your area, you should consider installing a water pressure booster in your home. Usually, the city municipal water system deals with issues with the water system. However, if it is a permanent problem due to the location of your home, a water pressure booster may be a good investment.

Depending on your budget, you can get one that costs between $100 and $700. The cost is one of the major factors to consider before installing a water pressure booster. Apart from the purchase cost, you will also have to add installation fees to the overall budget. In addition, your water bill may increase notably once you start using a water pressure booster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When researching water pressure in homes, many homeowners ask related questions. These questions are sometimes related directly to water pressure generally. We will answer some of those questions in this section.

Can a plumber increase water pressure?

When you notice that your home has low water pressure, calling a plumber should be one of your first actions. Plumbers know all about plumbing problems like low water pressure and how to fix them. For example, a plumber may clean a clogged pipe or replace a corroded one.

They may also advise you to install a water pressure booster pump to raise the water pressure in your home. You should discuss the best course of action course with your plumber due to your circumstances.

How much is a water pressure booster?

Water pressure booster pumps are the only solution if your home is uphill or far from the municipal water source. Water pressure boosters are installed in the water supply line to increase incoming water pressure and raise it to a normal level. To get one of these devices, you will have to pay between $100 to $700. Remember that you will have to pay extra for installation and related tasks. As a result, your monthly water bill may also increase henceforth.

How can I increase shower pressure?

You will notice that the water pressure is only low in some parts of the home. One of the common places is the bathroom, and the main culprit is the shower. If the water pressure from your shower is low, hire a plumber to find the source of the problem and fix it.

To increase the shower pressure, the plumber may clean out sediments, replace the shower head, and install a shower pump or a pressurized unvented cylinder. You can also consider fitting an electric shower to get your desired pressure.

Why is only my hot water pressure low?

If you notice that only your hot water pressure is low, the problem is with the water heating system. Experienced plumbers will know what to look out for in detecting the problem. That will help with finding a suitable solution for the problem. With that said, the cause of the problem may be that the water heater pipes are corroded, or there is sediment buildup in the water heater. The valves supplying the hot water may also be partially open.

To fix this problem, hire a qualified professional plumber near you to see to it. If you live in Big Bear or its environs, you should reach out to Bear Valley Plumbing and Heating. Our team of skilled and well-trained plumbers will fix any problem with your plumbing system in no time.

Final Thought:

Water pressure in the bathroom is usually the last thing on any homeowner’s mind. Low water pressure can be annoying but is a common problem that can be fixed. There are several reasons behind a lowered water pressure that an experienced plumber can easily discover and take the necessary steps to correct the fault. Hopefully, this post will help you understand why involving a plumber in this task is the best thing you can do to restore the normal water pressure in your home.

Call Bear Valley Plumbing Team to Fix Your Water Problems

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