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Why Big Bear AC Installation Might be Cheaper Than Repairs

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When something goes wrong with your air conditioning, the last thing you want to do is pay for a replacement. After all, it is typically much cheaper to repair your air conditioner, even if multiple repairs are required. However, Big Bear AC installation might prove financially prudent compared to a string of repairs. Let’s take a look at why this is often the case.

1. Replace Your Air Conditioner If the Repair Cost is High

Though it certainly costs money for Big Bear AC installation, it makes sense to take this route, especially if your home cooling system is a decade old or older. Most AC units break down by the 10-year mark. If the repair cost is within 40% to 50% of the cost of replacement, it might be advantageous to replace the entire unit simply because there is a greater chance of requiring a subsequent repair after a major initial repair. If you end up spending for two expensive repairs, the total paid might approach the cost of a completely new system.

Invest in a new AC system and you will enjoy the financial benefit of a warranty. Brand new AC units are sold with a warranty. If any repairs arise in the future, your warranty will kick in to cover those unexpected expenses. Furthermore, there might be tax incentives and credits available for purchasing an energy-efficient AC unit. Such incentives and credits have the potential to save you upward of one-third of the total cost of a brand new high-efficiency AC system. Just make sure the ENERGY STAR label is on the machine to ensure it is energy efficient.

Repair Your Air Conditioner If:

(Cost of Repair) X (Age of Old AC Unit in Years) < (Cost of Your New AC)

2. How to Tell if Replacement or Repair is the Best Option

If you are on the fence as to whether it is better to repair or replace your air conditioner, do the smart thing by asking our Big Bear AC specialists for assistance. We will analyze your unique AC issue, provide guidance and help you make a decision that pays off across posterity. In general, an air conditioning system is likely to last between a decade and 15 years. If your system reaches this age, it should be replaced as opposed to repaired. Though it is possible to squeeze out a few extra years out of an air conditioner that has reached a decade in age, pushing it this far will cause its energy efficiency to gradually diminish.

Air conditioners that break down at a high frequency are also candidates for replacement. There is no reason to pay for one costly repair after another when it is possible to pay less over the long haul with replacement. The bottom line is an air conditioner that cannot function when it is triple digits outside should not be repaired if it is likely to malfunction again with the same issue or another issue. In certain situations, it is better to pay more upfront for Big Bear AC installation rather than pay for each individual repair, one after another. Though there is a chance the initial repair will stand the test of time, older AC units are likely to require additional repairs across posterity.

3. Replace Rather Than Repair If Energy Bills Keep Rising

Steadily increasing energy bills are a sign you should replace your AC rather than continue to attempt to repair it. Opt for a new AC unit with the Energy Star seal and it will prove cost-effective across posterity. The latest air conditioners are comparably efficient and consume minimal electricity. Though you can certainly spend less today by having your AC repaired, the continuous increase in your energy bill will offset your savings. In due time, the spike in your utility bill will add up to quite a considerable figure. Add up these bills along with the extra you pay to cool your living space and it will eventually rival the cost of Big Bear AC installation.

4. AC Replacement Vs. Repair: A Numbers Game

When AC systems reach the 10-year mark, a repair of $800 or more should give you pause. Do not proceed until you are absolutely sure the choice you make is financially prudent for today as well as tomorrow and beyond. If your AC repair amounts to $800 or more, it is time to seriously consider a replacement. Furthermore, if you have had multiple repairs in a relatively short period of time, it might prove more prudent to pay for Big Bear AC installation rather than continue to shell out your hard-earned money for more repairs. Consider multiple factors ranging from the system’s age to the repair’s cost before making a decision.

Final Word:

While a few repairs will take care of certain issues in your AC system, there may come a time when it might need to be replaced with a new one. Believe it or not, when it comes to an old air conditioner, a replacement can prove to be more cost-effective than carrying out repairs. If you’re experiencing problems such a frequent breakdown or rising energy bills or lowering efficiency, you (and your finances) may be better off getting a brand new AC unit for your home.

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