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Is an AC Tune-Up Necessary in Big Bear?

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Air conditioning is crucial to determining the level of comfort in your home. If you live in Big Bear, you have probably seen neighbors and friends scheduling an AC tune-up. So, you may wonder, “is an AC tune-up necessary in Big Bear?” Of course, it is.

We will explain how an AC tuneup is necessary and why you should prioritize it to get premium comfort in your Big bear home.

What is an AC Tune-Up?

An AC tune-up is a thorough check-up for your air conditioning to keep the system working in premium condition. This means that the technician examines everything relating to the air conditioning system and replaces or refuses things immediately as necessary.

Tune-ups make it possible to detect any issue, no matter how seemingly insignificant, as soon as possible and to fix or replace the part of the system that’s affected.

Is an AC Tune- Necessary in Big Bear?

Yes, an AC tuneup is necessary. You may think your AC is working properly and doesn’t need any checkup, but this is not true.

The U.S. Department of Energy and EnergyStar recommends annual maintenance services for AC units. Besides, the Big Bear climate requires you to give your air conditioning system all the help it can get to get you through the summer heat.  An AC tune-up is well worth it in many ways, and some of them are:

Boosts Home Confidence

An AC tuneup gives you confidence in your system that it can carry you through the year. This confidence is pretty important to your overall comfort.

For example, if you have an AC tune-up done right before summer, you can enjoy air conditioning without worrying about what will happen if your unit breaks down.

Increases Efficiency

An AC unit will naturally decrease in efficiency with use. Over time, the AC may collect dust from the environment, the condenser coils can get clogged, the blower components may become dirty, or the motor parts may become rusty. These all work together to reduce efficiency and increase energy bills since the system is working overtime.

Research shows that these systems lose about 5.2% efficiency every year. So, one way to check all these probabilities is through an AC tuneup. This will ensure your system has optimal efficiency and you can maintain the cooling costs.

Smooth Functioning

An AC unit is a pretty expensive investment, and it’s best to protect that investment and let it serve you. So, an AC tuneup helps you to ensure that your system is functioning as it should work without glitches, and you won’t have problems with it in the future.

Increases Lifespan

An AC tune-up increases the lifespan of an AC unit. So, suppose your system has to work overtime because an undetected leaking refrigerant or a clogged air filter causes it to have overheating problems; it will have a telling effect on the lifespan of your system.

But an AC tuneup will help you detect all those issues that can adversely affect your system and reduce the lifespan.

All-In-One Protection

An AC tune-up is very extensive as it covers the full assessment of individual components that make up your system. Rather than taking a refrigerant or temperature check at different intervals, an AC tuneup helps ensure the entire system is working correctly. This way, you can avoid an AC inspection or service down the line.

Also, repair plans often cost more generally than maintenance plans, so it’s better to spend on tune-up than inspection.

Warranty Protection

As you know, warranties come with a caveat. For example, suppose you neglect regular maintenance on your AC unit. In that case, you may not be able to access your warranty when needed, as most popular brands won’t provide warranty replacements unless you properly maintain your AC system.

So, having regular maintenance is cheaper in the long run.

However, it’s not like your system suddenly blows up if you miss an AC tuneup a year. This is only to ensure you can maintain your unit, and fixing a yearly tuneup serves you more in the long run than immediately.

What does an AC Tune-Up Include in Big Bear?

An AC tune-up is all-inclusive and covers the exterior and interior checks on your system. but here are a few things that an AC tune-up includes

Air Filter Replacement

Your air filters need replacement every three months, but it’s usually a step up in an AC tune-up. Air filters determine the air quality in your home, so a clogged air filter may affect that quality. Not only this, but it can also lead to system overheating.

Inspection of Condenser

A tune-up will also include checking the exterior parts. Your technician will remove the condenser cover to get to the coils and fans. They will clear it of debris to ensure a smooth transfer of heat in the system.


The AC motor will lose oil over time, and the resultant lack of oil in the system will lead to wear and tear. Thus, a technician will adequately lubricate the air conditioning system’s fan, motors, and other moving parts.

Cleaning of Drain Pan

The AC collects moisture in the drain pan, which can become clogged if it’s not emptied regularly. So, a full tuneup includes cleaning the drain pan and drain line.

Assessment of Electrical Components

During a tune-up, the technician checks the capacitor and contractors for wear and tear. When these electrical components become faulty, the AC may not function properly or even turn on at all.

Other things an AC tuneup may include are:

  • Inspection of blower wheel balance and motion
  • Check for insulation and wire contacts
  • Assessment of motor amperage and voltage
  • Output temperature test
  • Inspection of refrigerant levels
  • Check for leaks near connections and lines
  • Check for obstruction to drain and coil
  • Inspection of interior coil condenser.

How Long Does an AC TuneUp Take in Big Bear?

An AC tune-up usually takes time since it’s a full checkup for your unit. It should be at least one hour long, but if the technician finds some issues with the system along the way, it can last as long as it takes to fix those issues.

So, if you find any business in Big Bear advertising an AC tuneup that will last less than ternary minutes, you should probably not trust such quality.

Can I DIY My TuneUp?

Yes, you can DIY your tuneup if you have the time and the right tools to carry out the task.

It’s easy to change the air filters by yourself, clean the drain pipe, remove debris from the outdoor unit, and clean the coils.

However, checking the internal components may require more expertise than the average person can handle, so it’s best to get #professional help at an affordable cost.

AC Tune-Up versus AC Inspection in Big Bear

The main difference between AC tuneup and AC inspection is that a tuneup is done to keep the AC unit in premium condition, while an inspection is done after an issue is detected.

So, an AC tuneup is similar to a medical checkup,  while an AC inspection is more like a diagnosis. For example, if your AC unit is leaking or has a temperature problem, the technician will conduct an inspection. During an inspection, the technician checks for a specific reason for this problem.

What follows when he finds the problem is usually an AC service. AC service means fixing a specific problem with your AC unit.

How Often Should an AC Tuneup Happen?

An AC tune-up should happen at least once a year. An AC tune-up will help you assess the wear and tear your system has suffered all year long and prepare it for the blistering heat of Big Bear summer.

You should schedule the yearly checkup towards the end of spring or the first few days of summer. This will make your system work optimally all year long.

Signs Your AC Might Be Giving You

An AC tune-up is often a prerogative, but most people don’t even remember the AC unit until it’s not working. But here are a few subtle signs your AC might be giving you to schedule maintenance.

Increase in Utility Bills

Suppose your utility bill increases without a corresponding increase in how you use your AC system. In that case, it may signify that something in the AC unit is working overtime and using up more energy than usual to compensate for it.

Others are:

  • AC can’t control the humidity levels.
  • It is giving off a slightly foul odor
  • It’s not cooling as efficiently as it should.
  • It has a weak airflow.
  • Water is leaking from the AC either indoors or outdoors.

While these problems will normally require an AC inspection since there’s a problem, you can as well have an AC tuneup. This will help you get to the root of the matter while ensuring that other components are taken care of.

Final Thoughts

An AC tuneup is not compulsory, but it’s necessary in Big Bear if you want your AC to function optimally for a long time. An AC tune-up helps you protect your system all year long, so it’s best to schedule one right before summer.

Most technicians in BigBear are often bombarded in early summer, so it’s best to have your checkup at the end of spring.

An AC tune-up is also more affordable than many think, and it can be even more affordable and more efficient with the right technicians. So, you should consider including it as a yearly service to keep your home cool all year long.

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