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Pet Owner Special: 5 Tips for AC Care in Your Big Bear Home

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Pets are not that much different from kids but for the fact that they have fur. As much as we all love our furry friends, there is the potential for them to compromise the functionality and cleanliness of our home’s AC system.

Pet fur is not the only problem for your AC unit. Your pets also have dander and track in contaminants from outside that have the potential to compromise your AC system. Let’s take a look at a few tips for pet owners to help avoid Big Bear AC repair.

1. Examine and Change AC Filters Often

An HVAC system with dirty filters will decrease airflow and ultimately compromise the quality of your indoor air. If the air filter is excessively clogged, the HVAC system might even shut itself off. A clean air filter will boost the quality of your indoor air, reduce your energy costs, and prevent gunk from gathering within the system.

Be sure to take a look at the AC air filter once each month. Clean or replace the filter as necessary. Pet owners with especially large animals may have to change their air filter once each month without exception. However, if your pet has short hair, you might be able to go upwards of three months before changing the filter. Filters meeting the HEPA standards are most efficient.

2. Clean the Air Ducts to Breathe Easy

Pet dander is a problem for everyone in a home. Dander refers to the diminutive skin particles that fall from the fur of animals. The last thing you want to do is inhale these tiny particles of skin as they could trigger a response in the form of a sough, wheezing, sneezing, a runny nose, etc. In fact, extended exposure to pet dander can spur the onset of bronchitis as well as other serious respiratory issues.

Unfortunately, pet dander always seems to find its way into air ducts. If these contaminants get stuck in your air ducts, they will circulate throughout your home each time the AC turns on. If this is the case in your home, don’t hesitate to engage Big Bear Duct Cleaning Services immediately to be able to breathe clean air and keep your loved ones safe.

3. Protect the Outdoor Unit

Your pet will undoubtedly roam around the backyard and get close to the condenser unit. Though you may be watching your pet fairly closely when outside, you cannot keep a watchful eye on him or her throughout the entirety of the time he or she is outside. It is possible your dog or cat will claw at the outdoor condenser, resulting in damage to the unit or even his/her paw.

Some pets urinate on the condenser unit to mark it as their territory. This “marking” can cause significant corrosion as time progresses. Our Big Bear AC repair team is here to perform necessary repairs resulting from wayward pets and anything else that causes damage to your AC system.

4. Groom Your Pet with Regularity

Bathe and groom your furry friend at regular intervals to ensure his or her fur does not end up in your air ducts or the AC unit itself. Frequent bathing also helps keep allergens and odors in check.

Even brushing your pet will help reduce the amount of dead hair, grease, and dirt that has the potential to end up in your HVAC system. The icing on the cake is the fact that grooming your furry friend will make him or her that much healthier, happier, and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Schedule Routine Maintenance

Whether you have one pet or half a dozen furry friends in your home, your AC system can benefit from routine maintenance. Let our AC specialists tune-up your system at least once each year. Ideally, you will have the air conditioner inspected twice each year: once in the fall and once in the spring.

The trained eye of an HVAC specialist is necessary to determine if there is an abundance of pet hair accumulated in the system and/or mold, mildew, dust, etc. If anything is wrong, our Big Bear homeowner can understand. Even if our analysis reveals the air ducts simply need to be cleaned, the inspection and subsequent maintenance are well worth the time and effort.


Households with pets need to be especially careful in the maintenance of their HVAC system. Contact with pet fur, dander, and fecal waste can eventually result in the complete shut-down of your AC system. The points mentioned above should help you manage your HVAC unit and keep it in good working condition despite having pets at home. If you need further help with maintaining your AC system, it will be a good idea to engage the experts as they will sort the issues most efficiently.

Big Bear AC Installation, Repair and More are a Call Away

Follow the tips detailed above and you won’t have nearly as many problems with your AC unit as those who fail to take preventative action. When in doubt, lean on our Big Bear AC repair team for assistance. Whether you need a new AC system or need Big Bear AC repair services, we’ve got you covered.

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