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What Does an AC Tune-Up Include in Big Bear?

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The worst thing that can happen to anyone mid-summer, or any time of the year, is an air conditioning unit breaking down. But most systems that unexpectedly break down do so because of a lack of proper maintenance.

This is why Big Bear homeowners need to schedule regular AC tune-ups. But the question is, what does an AC tune-up include in Big Bear? Unfortunately, many people feel confused between AC inspection, tune-ups, and other maintenance services and are unsure what a tune-up entails.

This article will analyze all the nuances of an AC tune-up in Big Bear. This will help you know what to expect and how the whole checkup improves your air conditioning system.

What Does an AC Tuneup Include?

A thorough AC Tuneup in Big Bear should include the following:

Drain Priming and Clearing

Drains need to be primed and cleaned during an AC tuneup. The air conditioner removes humidity from the home and sends it out through the drains. The condensate drain helps the system collect this humidity or moisture, and it will cause the drains to become clogged over time.

Clogged drains may lead to your system being unable to control the humidity level or regulate your home’s temperature. This is why an AC technician prioritizes priming and unclogging the drain and drain lines.

Air Filter Replacement

Air filters work to trap all the first and debris in the AC vent. Unfortunately, with time, the filters naturally clog up, preventing the air conditioning from working as well as it should. In worse cases, it can cause damage to other parts that have to be overworked and lead to overheating.

Ordinarily, you should replace air filters every three months for optimal function. However, this is still a vital part of AC tune-up services. So, an AC tune-up must include filter replacements, or at least filter checks. Your technician should check and replace every filter as necessary in your home. This will make the air cleaner and prevent overheating problems.

Inspection of Fan Blades

Fans are essential parts of the AC that ensure the air is pulled and pushed accordingly. However, fans often need to maintain balance because they spin. When the fan isn’t balanced, it can damage the aluminum or the refrigerant parts.

So, during an AC tune-up,  the technician checks to see if the fan blades are well balanced and if they are not, the technician adjusts the weight accordingly. This will ensure the fan blades are spinning as they should. The technician also checks for the proper amperage and voltage level.

Inspection of Internal Components

Checking the internal components of the AC to see if everything is in order is a necessary step. For example, a technician must check if the electrical components are well connected and if the cooling heat exchanger is working fine.

This step helps prevent future problems. A technician will notice immediately and conduct the necessary repair or replacement.

Temperature Performance Evaluation

A temperature performance evaluation or TPE is a crucial part of AC tune-up. This allied you know whether your system is releasing the right temperature air. This is usually determined by measuring the difference between the temperature of air supplied and the return air.

This evaluation helps a technician know if there’s a problem with any part of the system. For example, if the temperature difference is not significant or is too high, the technician can look at other parts and quickly fix the issue.

Refrigerant Performance Evaluation

A refrigerant is central to your air conditioner’s work, which is why a technician must check its performance rate during a tuneup.

When the refrigerant is faulty, the air conditioner will not work in optimal condition. For example, a leaky refrigerant will cause the AC unit to either work slowly or not work at all.

So, a technician must conduct a refrigerant performance evaluation during an AC tune-up to see if things are right with the refrigerant.

Service Valve Operation

The technician will also check the service valve to see if gas or refrigerant isn’t leaking. This is usually done using soap bubbles or an electronic sniffer. If it’s leaking, it must be replaced with another service valve.

Wash Condenser Coils

Although the condenser unit is outdoor, it’s essential to keep it clean. Clogged condenser units are as terrible as clogged air filters, and they also affect the quality of air the air conditioning unit releases.

A technician must go outside to access the condenser units to get to the condenser coils and wash them off with water so that you can access premium quality air.

Thermostat Control Checks

Your thermostat controls and runs the HVAC system in your home. So, once you have ensured the electric parts of your AC are working, the technician also has to check if the thermostat is working properly and your AC unit can read and understand every signal from the thermostat.

Inspection of Safety Device

Modern HVAC models usually have standard safety devices and sensors, which are very useful. For example, they can turn off your system in your absence when danger is sensed, and many homeowners find this function handy. So, the technician will check to see if the AC sensors and safety devices are working as they should.

Motor Control Operation

The condenser of your AC unit has a motor that makes it function. Unfortunately, this motor has a lifespan and once exhausted, the AC unit will not be able to function as it should.

A technician checks to see if the motor still has some life left and whether it’s properly regulating the amount of electricity the condenser uses. The technician also checks if the proper amount of electricity is being dispensed on time to power the system.

What Time Should I Do My AC Tune-Up in Big Bear?

It’s best to do your tune-up mid-spring in preparation for summer. Many advise that it’s best to have one exclusive AC tune-up once a year. Cleaning it in late spring will allow you to prepare it for the weather and improve your overall comfort in the Big Bear summer.

Simple Maintenance Tips You Can DIY in Big Bear

While an AC tuneup is very important, it’s not absolutely necessary. You may miss your yearly tune-ups for one reason or another, and your AC will still work fine.

Instead, you can follow these simple maintenance tips to keep your AC unit working efficiently.

Clean the Drain Line

You can clean the drain line easily with some white vinegar down the line. You can repeat this easily to ensure a free moisture flow and balanced humidity in your home.

Straighten the Fins

The fins on your condenser coils may become bent, and this generally affects the system’s efficiency. So, check your outdoor unit to see if the Fins are bent and straighten it with a fin comb set from a hardware store.

Change the AC Filters.

You can easily change AC filters at home. You can install a mid-range filter for better airflow. However, if you have allergies, asthma, or any other breathing condition, the higher ranges are better.

You should also clean off the grills on the return regularly.

You can check out how to change your filter at home here.

Clear Debris and Grass

You need to ensure the outdoor unit gets adequate airflow, so if you notice the grass growing around the unit, you should take some time to weed them out. Also, leaves from nearby trees may pile up under the unit, so you should lift the vent off occasionally and sweep away the dirt. This will ensure the unit has no obstruction.

It’s also best to keep the unit under a small shade instead of leaving it directly under sunlight.

Besides, you can take this a step further and clean the internal parts of the exterior units. It can absorb debris over time since it’s sitting outside. For this, you need a screwdriver and a wrench.

First, remove the AC grill so you can get to the interior parts of the condenser. Then use a towel or a hand-held vacuum cleaner to blow away the dust and tighten the screws on the grill back when you are done.

Check The Thermostat

The thermostat regulates your home’s temperature, so you must check it yourself. You should inspect the thermostat battery, check the programming and the circuit breaker and confirm if the furnace switch is powering the HVAC system as it should.

You can learn more about how to check your thermostat. However, it’s best to leave the thermostat to a pro unless you already know what you are doing.

Final Thoughts

An AC tuneup increases your system’s efficiency, slows down degradation, and helps you comply with the conditions of the warranty. It can also lower your utility bills.

A professional AC tune-up in Big Bear is very comprehensive, including exterior and interior maintenance. Therefore, you must get a technician around Big Bear so the service can be stress-free.

However, suppose you want to keep the system in premium condition at little cost, you can practice simple maintenance tips on the accessible parts and leave the interior parts for Big Bear technicians to handle.

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