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What Happens If You Don’t Service Your Air Conditioner in Big Bear?

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The air conditioner is an integral part of the HVAC system that you cannot handle with levity, especially as the cold season wraps up. As the hot season sets in, your air conditioner will be working full force for longer periods. For this reason, you must understand the essence of servicing your air conditioner.

Many homeowners learn that their HVAC system can last up to two decades and believe they can enjoy it without extra support. This is not the case. You need to maintain the system properly over that period to make it last its full lifespan. This article will teach you what happens when you don’t have an adequate maintenance culture and how to service your air conditioner in Big Bear.

What Happens When You Don’t Service Your Air-Conditioner in Big Bear?

You are reading this article to know what happens if you don’t service your air conditioner. In this section of the guide, we highlighted most of the consequences you may face if you don’t service your air conditioner.

The Unit Wears Down Gradually

If you fail to service your air conditioner, it will lead to gradual wear and tear. An air conditioner is like any other electronic appliance that needs proper care to last long. As you use it for years, different parts start to age and fail in their functions. One day, you realize the temperature in the room does not correspond to the figures the thermostat displays. The next day, you may have to deal with water leaking out of the ducts or something else.

You Might Experience Leakages

Another common consequence of not servicing your air conditioner is that you suffer leakages in your HVAC system. You may start noticing water pooling behind the duct or wet patches around the unit. This fault is usually a result of a clogged drain or malfunctioning condenser pump. It may also be that the seals on the air conditioning unit are not tight.

Whichever is causing the problem, you need proper servicing to be sure and address the challenge. You can fix some of these common causes of leakages yourself, and if you cannot, be sure to consult a technician.

The AC Unit Might Start to Make Noise

Your air conditioner should hum lightly in the background as it works. If it starts making loud or unusual noises, know that it is a consequence of not servicing the unit. The noise can be annoying to hear all day, but it signifies a greater problem. It informs you that something is wrong with the system and you should attend to it.

Parts of the Unit Might Begin to Break Down

As you continue to use your air conditioner without servicing it, the unit starts to break down, one part at a time. One of the first parts to break down is the filter. The air conditioning filter is an integral part of the system responsible for keeping away dirt and debris from getting into your home through the air conditioner.

Air conditioning filters break down easily as they accumulate dirt, which is why every homeowner is encouraged to change them often. You can choose to remove, clean, and return the filter if it is in good condition or replace the old one with a new one entirely. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a clean air filter can lower your AC’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%.

Health Complications

Servicing your air conditioner is not just about the system, but also your family’s health. Unfortunately, there are several health dangers you and your family can be exposed to due to a faulty air conditioner. For example, a dirty filter will not keep dust out, and the air that comes in through it may cause allergies or worsen existing medical conditions.

The reality is that a faulty air conditioner brings in unclean air, exposing your family to risks that can have lasting effects.

The AC Unit Begins to Work Poorly

When you do not service your air conditioner as you should, you prevent it from working to its full capacity. When one part of the system is faulty, it affects other parts and prevents the system from working adequately. However, when you know how to service your air conditioner in Bear Valley, you can make the most of the unit and use it for as long as possible.

Failing Blower

The blower is another part of the air conditioning unit that suffers from service. The blower is responsible for circulating air around your home. When you’re yet to service your AC, it works harder to perform its functions, which puts a strain on the unit. Also, working extra hard will cause a noticeable increase in your energy cost as your air conditioner consumes more power to keep your home cool.

You should not allow the blower to get dirty though. It can cause major problems to your air conditioner and require you to change the entire HVAC system before fully using your money’s worth.

Frequent Repairs

Air conditioners have a lifespan of about twenty years but need to be serviced at least once a year to keep them in good condition. This servicing requires some money but nothing close to what you will have to spend if the system breaks down. Unfortunately, when you don’t make a habit of servicing your air conditioner, the unit will break down often, and you will have to call in the technicians to repair it.

These frequent repairs can cost a lot of money, and it is better to avoid them. For every dollar you spend on maintenance, you save ten times the amount in repair and about a hundred times in replacement.

Increases Your Energy Costs

If you want to know what happens if you don’t service your air conditioner, you should check your energy bill monthly. The United States Department of Energy reported that air conditioners use about 6% of all electricity produced in the United States. They put the cost at about $29 billion annually.

This is because less than half of homeowners with air conditioners service their units regularly. When you fail to service your air conditioner, the little damages on it accumulate over time and force the unit to work extra hard. The extra work amounts to extra strain on your power source and a higher electricity bill at the end of the month.

What You Should Look Out for When Servicing Your Air Conditioner in Big Bear

Now that you know what happens if you don’t service your air conditioner, you should regularly service the unit. If you are someone good with tools and appliances, you can research how to service your air conditioner by yourself. If you are not, you should hire a professional to do it for you. The parts of the air conditioner the expert will look at during the servicing include:

The Refrigerant

The technician has to look at the refrigerant to ensure that the remaining is still within the limit. The need to refill the refrigerant is uncommon, but the technician will know and tell you if there is any need for such. The technician will also look for refrigerant leaks and attend to any such leaks.

The Duct Leakages

Since leakages are common problems of air conditioners, technicians know to look out for them during servicing. When servicing your air conditioner, they should check the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner and the path of the pipes to ensure that nothing is leaking anywhere.

The Drain

The entire working of the air conditioner depends on the system gathering hot air from inside the building and releasing it outside. Then, cool air is let in to reduce the humidity within and put the temperature at a comfortable degree. All of these activities depend on parts like the drain working properly. Thus, the technician servicing your air conditioner should check the drain to ensure that it is not clogged, and if it is, they have to clean it.

Electric Control

During the servicing, the technician must check the electric control sequence to ensure it is set correctly. The heating and cooling system cannot work simultaneously, and the technician will check to ensure that such an anomaly does not occur.

The Mechanical Parts of the Unit

The technician also has to check the mechanical parts of the unit, such as the coils, air filter and fins. These parts easily get faulty by accumulating dirt or not working as seamlessly as they should. During servicing, the technician will clean the dirt away or replace the part if necessary.

The Thermostat

The thermostat is the link between the air conditioner and the homeowner. Therefore, it must always be working properly at all times. Even when it is not showing any sign of a fault, the technician must check it during routine servicing. That way, they will know if it is starting to show any sign of malfunctioning and fix it early.

Other Tips For Keeping Your Air Conditioner in Good Condition in Big Bear

Here are a few other tips to keep your air conditioner in good condition apart from regular servicing.

Cover the Air Conditioner During the Winter

Remember to cover your air conditioner during the winter when it is not in use. This will keep the unit away from dirt and other damaging particles while not in use. Not using your air conditioner for 3 to 4 months should not affect it adversely, but you should still consult an expert when the summer sets in and you want to use the AC again.

Cover the Outdoor Unit

You should always cover the outdoor unit of your air conditioner whether it is in use or not. This is especially so if you live in a state with harsh weather conditions. The too-hot sun or wind may cause the unit to wear out easily and start failing. This will require you to spend more money on repair, so keeping it safe from the onset is better.

Turn it Off When Not in Use

You should always remember to turn your air conditioner off when not using it. For example, make a habit of turning it off before leaving home and before going to bed. You can also invest in a smart thermostat which will lessen the burden of monitoring whether you remembered to turn off your air conditioner or not.

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