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When Do You Need an Air Conditioning Expert in Bear Valley CA?

Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating


A home is generally a place of peace and quiet; it is where we go to sleep after a long day at work, watch the kids play, catch up on the latest TV news. The little things, like irregular temperatures from an AC, can change that and upset us. When that happens, you need an air conditioning expert, folks that really know the job.

Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating is a quick-response service based in San Bernardino County, California. We perform air conditioning repairs, fix plumbing problems, repair furnaces, install new ACs, all with a determined focus on punctuality and efficiency. Our reach extends through Sugarloaf, Fawnskin, Big Bear Lake, Big Bear City, and surrounding areas. In this article, we tell you more about the services that we provide.

SB County, Bear Valley, and Big Bear Air Conditioning Services

Because each problem can be unique in its own right, each air conditioning expert we employ possesses a broad skill set. Our technicians possess these skills owing to long years of training and on-site experiences. Here are our air conditioning services that might interest you:

Air Conditioning Repair

ACs, unlike couches and cooking utensils, tend to suffer from poor maintenance because we often ignore them.  Except for the moments we need to turn them on, we rarely have to bother about their existence in our homes. This makes it easy for them to develop faults rather quickly.

When you don’t cleans your filters, ducts, and other parts of your air con regularly, they tend to become less efficient. Quite naturally, the effects are more pronounced in seasons when the unit has a higher workload such as the summer. This is a problem you don’t want to face, but when it happens, you need an AC service company that will respond fast. Bear Valley and Big Bear air conditioning expert can help you with the following repair services:

Frozen Evaporator Coils

An evaporator coil is the AC component that draws heat out of the air. The coils are filled with refrigerant but also need warm air to run smoothly. Due to airflow problems, the coils can get cold and have ice building up on the outside. This can either reduce the supply of cool air or cause you to have none at all. Should this happen, our skilled air conditioning technicians in San Bernardino County and Bear Valley can help you out, 24/7.

Low Refrigerant

For your AC unit to do its job, it needs refrigerant. The refrigerant is what the air conditioner uses to deliver cool air into your space. When there is a leak in the refrigerant lines, the unit functions below par. Even worse is the fact that the problem is not easy to resolve.

With the chance that there are multiple leaks to repair, this issue can be expensive and time-consuming. Thus, it would be great to avoid inadequate repair jobs.

Thermostat Issues

These can occur when your thermostat is not correctly calibrated. With the wrong set of instructions, your AC may not run as you desire it to. To sort this out, you can either recalibrate your thermostat or completely replace it. You can do the former using the aid of a manual to put you through.

The tricky ones, though, are programmable thermostats which are not as easy to recalibrate. You would also need to observe the position of this thermostat in relation to sunlight. If the sun rays can reach it, it can read the wrong temperature level.

Clogged Filters

Clogged filters are easily one of the most common problems that homeowners face with their AC. Regardless of how advanced your unit is, it is still prone to filter-related problems. A clogged filter can cause a reduction in airflow, lower unit efficiency, and an inability to cool the air as it normally would.

To rectify this, you need to check and clean the filters regularly. It will also help if you have the filter’s life at the back of your mind. This way, you will know when it needs a change. Another thing to expect is that your filter will need more replacements when you have pets or your AC does a lot of work.

Problematic Drains

Air conditioning works in a ‘take out and replace’ format. That is, it takes out the heat and gives cool air. When your air conditioner absorbs moisture, it sends it through a drain line to a pan. It then travels from there into a drain. The problem arises when the drain gets blocked.

A blocked drain can cause water to get stuck in the pan, which in turn creates faults in the system when it fills up. It does not end here; the leaks here can go on to damage fixtures in your house too. Spotting this at the early stage is crucial to good repair work.


The fans on either end of your split system are important to its health. The first fan, which is in the interior, works with the evaporator coil to cool the air. The other, placed outside, blows air over the condenser to banish the heat outside the home. As earlier stated, these fans will affect your experience with your AC unit if they don’t work effectively.

Fans can develop faults due to a lack of lubrication, the presence of overwhelming dirt, motors, or worn belts. Even worse, problematic fans can result in damage to the compressor, which puts the entire unit at great risk. You can contact us immediately if you notice any issues with the performance of your fans.


Your air conditioning system relies on a network of ducts to convey cool air through the building. Airflow can be interrupted if there are breaks or leaks along that network. This causes the air to end up stuck within the walls rather than your actual living space. To prevent this from happening, you need to make periodic checks for damage such as those caused by rodents or half-baked work by installers.

You can also insure yourself further by hiring a reliable air conditioning expert to set up your air conditioning system. That way, you save unnecessary costs.

Condenser Issues

A dip in the condenser’s ability to function will impact overall delivery. The condenser, which you will find on the outside of your house, receives heat from within and expels it. However, it will not do well if it is coated in dirt. Factors such as pollution in the vicinity can result in you having a dirty condenser.

When dirt collects on condenser coils, it slows the system’s ability to transfer heat. As a result, the AC overcompensates by working too hard, and other parts begin to feel pressure. As a result, it begins to wear out and there’s a likely chance that the system would fail.

What to Look For in a Air Conditioning Repair and Installation Service

Before contracting an air conditioning service company, you might want to check for a few things. These include the relevant licenses of the installation company, its history with clients, and guarantees that it provides for its service. If you’re thinking of engaging Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating, we are willing to answer these questions and more.

Why Should You Choose Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating?

Going beyond our customers’ expectations is a must-do for us. It is why we brand our professionals as repair superheroes. Below, we tell you why our air conditioning experts are easily the best choice for you.

Quality of Service

We know. You have probably heard this before. The difference here, though, is that Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating has been around long enough to ease your doubts. A rough count, and it’s forty years. Maybe forty-three now.

Our air conditioning experts furnish you with every measure of satisfaction that you deserve in terms of quality. For us, there is no better job than one well done. In that regard, therefore, you have nothing to fear.

24/7 Availability

If you think we don’t sleep, we can’t convince you otherwise. Our technicians are available round-the-clock every single day of the week. We are focused on relieving your frustration long before you start feeling it. Request for our service at any time and get a prompt response.


We probably cannot assure you better than a neighbor can. In our decades of work, we have established a well-laid foundation of trust with the community. We did this with a high level of responsiveness, responsibility, and quality-emphatic service. Kindly request community reviews of Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating to learn more about us.

Well-Trained and Experienced Professionals

We at Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating possess a solid knowledge base. Beyond small-time experiences, our technicians have gained their skills in various challenges in the AC repair world. To back this up, we have also earned diverse certifications from relevant fields in the industry.

We are not only timely but also polite and professional individuals. Therefore, you can expect the highest standards when you call on us.

Some Hacks For Your Air Conditioner Unit

Who doesn’t like a good hack? Here are some of our more unique tips to keep your air conditioner unit running well in-between scheduled servicing.

Check For Dirt and Save Money

One of your unit’s greatest enemies is the dirt that gathers in it. With dirt, your AC will keep trying to do its job, but it consumes more energy than is required even as it does so. You can prevent high bills by making AC cleaning a part of your routine.

Rethink Your Furniture Arrangement

You can also maximize the airflow by looking at the arrangement of your furniture pieces. You might want to avoid placing them in the way of cool air. So, a strategic approach to interior furnishing is important.

Keep the Compressor Clear

For the compressor to deliver properly, it needs enough room around it. You can give it this by ensuring a distance of about 3 feet between it and any plants. The top of the unit should also have a measure of space between it and overhead covers such as trees.

Keep the Sun on the Outside

Although it makes for a pleasing ambiance, you still need to keep sun rays out. Warmth will drive up the unit’s efforts, and that will reflect on your bills. Thus, you can block expensive sunshine whenever your AC is working by drawing the blinds and sealing other openings.

Contact an Air Conditioning Expert in Bear Valley or SB County Today

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