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How Can a Plumber Near Me Unclog My Sink?

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Every homeowner will end up with a clogged sink, regardless of how careful he or she is in. Even if you refrain from putting certain items down the drain and abide by a plumbing maintenance schedule, at least one of your drains will clog in due time. Do not fall into the trap of spending one hour after another attempting to clear your clogged sink. Though you can sleuth the web’s search engines for “plumbers near me” and similar phrases, you will have no way of knowing if the websites you find are reputable. Ask around Big Bear for recommendations and you will find our plumbing service is held in high regard. Below, our team provides a quick yet insightful look at the best approach to unclogging a sink.

Professional Plumbers Refuse to use Chemical Drain Cleaners

If you are like most homeowners, you are tempted to dump a drain cleaning liquid from the local store down the clogged drain. However, this approach is a mistake as store-bought drain cleaning products are laden with harmful chemicals. Chemical drain cleaners will compromise the integrity of your home’s pipes. The chemicals in such drain cleaning products often react with aluminum, creating a harmful gas. Such drain cleaners also have the potential to solidify within pipes to the point that they cannot be removed. Furthermore, most of the drain cleaning products available in local stores will not work on the first try. It is quite possible you will end up using several bottles to make any headway on the clog.

Though some homeowners resort to a hand-crank drain snake or a sink plunger to attack the clog, this approach might not break through a tough clog. The most intelligent approach is to reach out to our local plumbers in Big Bear for professional assistance. Our licensed plumbers have the specialized equipment necessary to perform truly comprehensive drain cleaning that unclogs drains in an efficient and thorough manner. Furthermore, our careful approach to drain cleaning ensures your drain does not end up plugging back up in the near future.


Hydro-jetters empower our plumbing team to break right on through those pesky clogs, cleaning the entirety of the drainpipe to reduce the chances of subsequent clogs across posterity. Our hydro-jetters are designed with a hose featuring a specialized directional nozzle that cleans in a 360-degree manner. Our plumbers move this hose down deep into the drain so the powerful water can blast outward, cleaning the entirety of the clogged drain. This intense pressure washes away the debris stuck to the drainpipe walls, ensuring it no longer impedes the flow of water.

Though hydro-jetting works quite well, it is a mistake to perform it on your own. Do not invest your hard-earned money in hydro-jetting equipment assuming you can use it on your own in a DIY (do it yourself) manner. Hydro-jetting is a job best left to our professional Big Bear plumbers.

Clearing Clogs With Motorized Drain Augers

Motorized drain augers, sometimes referred to as motorized drain snakes are similar to manual drain snakes available at local hardware stores yet they are much more powerful. Such augers are composed of a lengthy metal coil that moves down into the drain until it contacts an obstruction. The motor rotates the coil, ensuring it drills away at the clog, breaking it apart so water can move through the pipe without impediment. This approach is one of the quickest and most effective ways to clear out stubborn clogs.

Only our proven plumbers in Big Bear should operate motorized drain augers. If you attempt to use such a device on your own, there is a good chance you might damage the drainpipe. Our team has passed through the extensive training necessary to operate motorized drain augers with the precision necessary to prevent damage while clearing away pipe obstructions.

Do Your Part to Prevent Drain Clogs

You can do a couple of things on your own to prevent your drains from clogging. Run some hot water after brushing your teeth and taking a shower. The influx of hot water will help dissolve those water-soluble components of shampoo and toothpaste. Big Bear residents with lengthy hair should spend the little bit of money necessary for a drain saver to capture hair strands instead of letting them move down the drain and form a clog. However, even if you make an effort to clear your drains in such a manner, the time will eventually come when a clog forms. Our Big Bear plumbers are here to tend to those clogs on your behalf, ensuring your home plumbing system functions exactly as designed.


A clogged sink is a disaster waiting to happen at some point in our lives. However, when that happens, all you want is a quick solution. But why go to the trouble of DIY if a simple “plumbers near me” search can connect you with the experienced professionals from Big Bear plumbers right away. Hopefully, learning about the preventive measures our team takes will encourage you to call them if and when needed.

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