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How to Tell if you Need Big Bear Drain Cleaning Services

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Dirty, clogged drains and pipes can cause a number of other problems throughout your entire plumbing system. Depending on how clogged they’ve gotten, you most likely need a professional Big Bear drain cleaning, and you may need to replace your pipes altogether.

If you’re planning any home renovations that include any part of your plumbing, you’ll want to make sure your drains and pipes are in good condition first. You’ll definitely need to replace your pipes if you’re installing new flooring, cabinets, or any plumbing fixtures. But how can you tell if you have clogged pipes?

Sluggish Water Flow

Clogged pipes and drains will most likely require a professional Big Bear drain cleaning, so it’s important that you are able to determine whether you need those services. The first thing to check is your water flow. If water isn’t flowing as smoothly or with as much pressure as it should, the problem is most likely a clog. Homeowners often blame “low water pressure” for what is actually a problem with clogged and dirty drains. Water pressure should be the same throughout your home and in all the homes in your area. If you notice water pressure levels that don’t conform to these rule, you’ll need a Big Bear drain cleaning.

Water Pressure Consistency

Check the water throughout your home and make sure the water pressure levels are the same. If you find one faucet that has a worse flow than the rest, you should investigate further. You should also check your drains if a neighbor has water pressure that is higher than yours. Without adequate water flow, regardless of the water pressure, whirlpool tubs, showers, and toilets are incapable of working properly. Before installing new fixtures, make sure your drains are in good condition. Get a professional to perform a Big Bear drain cleaning if necessary, or you may compromise the quality of your new fixtures. There’s also a chance that your pipes are to blame, and you may need to have them replaced in all or part of your home.

Helpful Drain Cleaning Hints:

If you do replace your pipes, keep these tips in mind:

  • Plastic pipe will be much easier to work with than metal.
  • PVC pipe can only be used for cold water. Be sure you use the PVC pipe made for drinking water if that’s what you need.
  • ABS pipe can be connected to several different kinds of metal pipe. Usually, however, it’s used in bathrooms for waste removal and drain.
  • PEX can carry hot or cold water and is a great choice for home interiors.
  • CPVC is mainly used for hot water and is a great substitute for copper pipe.
  • Galvanized steel used to be used for water supply lines, but it was discovered to be susceptible to corrosion and mineral deposits. There’s a good chance galvanized steel pipes are what you’re replacing!

Don’t underestimate the problems that clogged drains can cause. Every aspect of your plumbing system relies on adequate water flow. Have a professional perform a Big Bear drain cleaning as soon as possible, or you’ll see the problems get worse.

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