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Common Furnace Emergencies in Big Bear, California

Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating


As the temperatures drop in the Big Bear area, most of us will be cranking up the heat, especially to keep us warm at night. The reality is that furnaces can and do have problems, some of which can leave you and your family freezing. To make matters worse, you may experience issues with pipes starting to freeze and other cold-related problems.

You can’t choose when a furnace emergency strikes, so you should always remember that our Big Bear heating team at Bear Valley Plumbing and Heating is prepared to address any furnace emergencies as soon as possible. Please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss a possible need for furnace services or repairs. In the meantime, the following is some information regarding common furnace emergencies and when you should call for help.

Thermostat Problems

If you have the heat set on 68 degrees yet your home keeps getting colder, look first to your thermostat. Turn the thermostat up about five degrees and wait to see if you hear your heat click on. If you don’t, try changing the batteries in a digital thermostat or cleaning a mechanical thermostat. If this simple fix doesn’t work, chances are you may have a broken thermostat. Contact one of our technicians and we can help you choose the right thermostat that meets the needs of your household. There are many options when it comes to thermostats – some a basic, some you can program, some you can control from your phone, and others can even adapt to your family’s lifestyle on their own. Prices can vary, though there is a thermostat out there for every household type and budget. We can install the thermostat and ensure your heat is working again.

Intake Valve Blockage

The intake valve brings air into the furnace to be heated. At times, this valve can become blocked by dust, ice, or other debris. Our technicians can identify when you have a blockage and clean out your valve, getting your heat going again. We can also determine whether any debris got sucked inside your furnace and address that issue, as well.

Broken Ignition

Most furnaces today have electronic ignitions instead of the traditional pilot lights used in the past. Electronic ignitions save a significant amount of fuel by only heating up to ignite the burners when the furnace needs to start a heating cycle. However, these devices are constantly heating up and cooling down, expanding and contracting, which can cause wear and tear, including cracking. In fact, ignitors are often one of the first furnace parts that can wear out. Without a working ignition, your furnace won’t heat up. The good news is that a technician can usually have a new ignition installed in a few hours and can get your furnace back up and running.

Broken Blower Motor

This is the part of your furnace that actually sends the heated air through your vents and into your home. This motor can fail, causing a furnace emergency. There are different replacement motors available, some of which are highly energy efficient and high-tech. In some situations, however, it may make more sense to replace your entire furnace instead of repairing or replacing the motor. This often depends on whether you still have a valid warranty on your furnace. Our technicians can assess the situation and advise you on the most cost-efficient solution to this problem.

When Should You Call Bear Valley Plumbing and Heating?

Sometimes, you know your furnace isn’t working properly because your home is cold. However, in other situations, you may be able to call in for a repair before your heat goes completely out. The following are some signs you may want to call our furnace repair technicians:

  • Gas odor – You should NEVER wait to call for emergency help if you smell gas coming from your furnace. A gas leak means you should turn off the main and call for repair help right away.
  • Loud noises – When your furnace starts making loud noises, it could be the sign of a part that is loose, damaged, or broken. The longer you wait to address the matter, the more damage it can cause to your entire system and increase costs.
  • Leaks – Leaks in your heating system can cause water damage that can quickly increase repair costs. Call sooner rather than later.
  • Electrical problems – If you hear electrical buzzing, notice lights flickering, or experience breaker trips when your furnace kicks on, you may have an electrical furnace emergency on your hands.
  • Your furnace blows cold or stops working – If you are freezing in your home despite having the thermostat up, try to keep warm and don’t wait to call our emergency repair team!

Call Our Big Bear Heating Team Today!

When you have any heat-related problems and need maintenance or repairs, Bear Valley Plumbing and Heating is here for you. We offer pre-scheduled and emergency services, so if you need assistance in the Big Bear area, call us today at 909-328-6295. We’re ready to help 24 hours a day. You can also request an estimate or an appointment online.






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