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3 Heating Issues That Require Furnace Repair Service in Big Bear

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A well-functioning furnace is able to keep your entire home warm and comfortable throughout the winter season. It works consistently, efficiently, and noiselessly, which is why homeowners may not even notice it operating in the background until it malfunctions.

While furnaces are designed to function efficiently and last long, you are bound to experience an issue or two every once in a while. More often than not, these issues are minor and can be fixed quickly. Other times, resolving the problem may require a professional furnace repair service.

If you don’t know a professional furnace repair expert, a quick “furnace repair near me” online search can be helpful. Heating specialists can help with furnace installation, repair, and replacement. But before you start considering Big Bear furnace replacement, you may want to understand some of the common heating issues that indicate your furnace simply needs repairs.

Insufficient Warmth

Your furnace was installed to do one job – distribute warm air throughout your home to make it comfortable to live in when the weather gets cold. If your furnace cannot do its basic job of generating heat, you should take cognizance of it. More often than not, it may not be a big issue, but you need to have it checked by a furnace repair service expert nonetheless to ensure that a minor problem doesn’t turn into a big one.

Among the main reasons your furnace may not be producing adequate heat is if your thermostat has a fan setting. When this setting is activated, the furnace will blow air through your home, but it will not be warm.
Further, if the thermostat is not set to “heat,” or if the temperature is set too low, your furnace will not produce enough heat. It is, therefore, advised to check the settings on your thermostat before performing a frantic “furnace repair near me” online search.

If the thermostat settings look alright, but your furnace still doesn’t produce the desired level of warmth, the pilot light could be the culprit. You probably know that if there is no flame to ignite the fuel in your furnace, it will fail to produce warm air. The role of the pilot light is to ignite the fuel. But, if the ignition isn’t working properly, the flame will not catch on, and your furnace will not generate warm air.
In such a case, you’ll be better off calling a reliable furnace repair service to inspect your failing furnace and carry out the necessary repairs.

Cold Spots throughout Your Big Bear Home

If you find that certain parts of your home are chilly, while others are heating up, your furnace could be in need of attention. This usually happens when your furnace is not large enough to heat your entire home, especially if you’ve added more rooms.
Conversely, if your furnace is too large for your home, the air around it will warm up quickly before the temperature throughout your home can stabilize, leaving cold spots. In such a case, you will have to hire a Big Bear furnace replacement service and get the right-sized heating system.

Further, if your furnace filters become clogged with dust, the airflow from the furnace will be limited, leaving some areas of your home unheated. Ducts clogged by debris or vents blocked by furniture or other household items can also result in this issue. Damaged or leaking ducts will also cause the heat to escape, reducing the warmth pushed into some of the rooms in your home.

You should also have a look at your damper system to check if dampers are stuck or malfunctioning. Either of these conditions can block airflow to certain rooms in your home, leaving them cold. Another factor to watch out for is uninsulated ducts, which can allow heat to escape, decreasing the amount of heat distributed among the rooms.
Other factors contributing to cold spots in your home can be a poorly-designed duct system, the location of your thermostat, the speed of the blower fan, as well as inadequate insulation in your attic or basement.
Only an experienced furnace repair service provider will be able to identify the heating issue and address it correctly.

Unexplained High Heating Costs

Receiving a steep energy bill for using your furnace more frequently in the winter months may be normal. But if your energy bills have shot up for no good reason, your furnace could be responsible.
It is possible that your HVAC filters have become dirty or clogged, forcing your furnace to work harder than usual, especially if you don’t maintain your furnace properly. Also, if short cycling is a practice in your household, it can lead to higher energy bills. Short cycling refers to turning the furnace on and switching it off before your home has heated sufficiently.
Through your “furnace repair near me” search, hire a Big Bear furnace repair service provider who is willing to come over and examine your home’s ductwork. Ducts need to be insulated to keep the heat moving properly. Also, ducts placed in areas that have low temperatures need to be insulated properly to avoid heat loss and bring down heating bills. Additionally, leaking ducts can be driving up your energy bills. Hence, it is necessary to have them examined by a furnace repair service professional at the earliest.

Another area of concern is faulty thermostat programming. You need to ensure that your fan is set on the “Auto” mode. If it is left on the “On” mode, the blower fan will continue to consume power and run even when the furnace is not in use.


While minor heating issues can be dealt with by homeowners on their own, certain repairs may require the skill of a trained furnace repair service provider. This is when you should conduct your “furnace repair near me” online search and hire a certified HVAC technician. Only a skilled professional will be able to identify the problem and provide a long-lasting and reliable solution. If your furnace is old or outdated and repairs don’t help, a replacement may be advised. Regardless, it is always a good idea to have a trustworthy technician on the job rather than attempt dangerous and costly DIY fixes.

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