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Replacing Your Inefficient Furnace Will Save You Money in Big Bear, CA

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Furnaces require a change after 15 to 20 years of use. When you make this change, you go a step up as the new furnace works more efficiently. However, as appealing as the prospect of a highly efficient system may sound, its cost can discourage you.

This article will show how a replacement is a way of saving money on your inefficient furnace. We will also outline different furnace technologies, effects of your inefficient furnace, factors that affect costs, and other relevant subjects to help you make the best buying decision. Read on to learn more.

Efficient Versus Inefficient Furnaces

In simple terms, an inefficient furnace has a lower Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). This means that a large percentage of the energy it burns is not to your benefit. For instance, a furnace with a 60% (these are older versions) energy efficiency rating wastes about 40% of fuel, giving you less value for your money.

Furnaces with higher energy efficiency comply with environmental standards and save heating costs. You will find these with a spec of 80 – 98.5% AFUE. To ascertain how efficient or otherwise your furnace is, check its documents or do an online search on the model.

Why You Should Replace Your Furnace

The desire to save money on your inefficient furnace might cause you to resort to maintenance, as against replacing the furnace. Here, we provide reasons why replacing your furnace might be a better option.

Age and Maintenance Costs

As time passes, your old furnace begins to wear. This results in multiple maintenance issues and less satisfaction. Repeated breakdowns mean that you pay more repair fees and costly heating bills, which can be a waste in the long run. You would therefore be saving money on your inefficient furnace by opting for a new one.


Older furnace models will slowly start deprecating in the value they offer. As such, when your furnace is old, you may discover that some parts of your house are colder than other areas. Parts of the machine, such as the blower and the motor, also lose efficiency over time, delivering less value and costing you more in electricity bills.

Aesthetic Appeal

If you are thinking of selling your home, chances are you want to make a great impression and get a good price. This demands an upgrade to the appliances that matter. Thus, comparing the cost of replacing your inefficient furnace to the final payback will reveal a greater benefit.

How Replacing Your Inefficient Furnace Will Save You Money in Big Bear, CA

An older furnace can cost you an extra 40% in heating bills. You are saving money on your inefficient furnace by getting a replacement in the following ways:


On the surface, buying a new furnace seems like a huge price, but with time, you’d realize why it’s a better option. A replacement means that you spend less on heating bills you cannot account for. For context, you could aggregate the amount your new furnace will save you in a year over a period of, say, ten years. Pair this with the cost of replacing your inefficient furnace, and you will likely have netted some extra change.

Getting a replacement will also save you the headache of consistent repair fees.

Changing Fuel Prices

Fuel costs are likely to rise over time. When you consider this chance and the fact that your older furnace is wasting fuel, replacing it is a much better investment. With expensive fuel, conservation becomes more necessary.

Additionally, though not in every case, you could get a tax credit for buying a high-efficiency furnace.

Different Furnace Types

Furnaces are of different models. There are single-stage furnaces, dual-stage, and variable speed furnaces. The model you decide to buy will dictate the amount you pay. Let’s dive in.

Single-stage Furnace

This is the most basic kind. A single-stage furnace will cost you less but also boasts a lower efficiency compared to others. You may experience massive swings in temperature levels and higher operating costs.

Dual-stage Furnace

This model possesses two heat settings. Its “low’ and “high” functionalities allow you to have a more efficient system. However, it has a higher price tag.

Variable-speed Furnace

This model is the most comfortable you can find in the market. The variable-speed furnace makes only slight moderations to your thermostat setting, keeping your preferred temperature.

Expectedly, the price tag here is even higher. But it saves you a lot in fuel efficiency and other costs. Return on investment in this furnace type may also depend on your level of use and the size of your home.

Factors Influencing the Price of a Furnace in Big Bear, CA

When considering the potential costs of replacing your inefficient furnace, it is pertinent to understand the factors influencing its price. This will make the leap easier and a lot more satisfying. The following are factors influencing the price of a furnace:


This is primarily influenced by the needs of your house. If you have a bigger living space, you will need a system that fits perfectly. The same consideration applies if you have a small space. Your unit may work too hard to power a space larger than its capacity. Size also comes into play during pre-installation as your technician needs to measure your space to know what’s most suitable. These costs can influence your total bill.

Furnace Type

The type of furnace you get is linked to your comfort level. If you want something you can easily adjust as you desire, an advanced furnace model will be the right choice. On the flip side, if you simply just need to heat your home, you might go for a basic model since it would do the job anyway. Essentially, the output and quality you desire will influence the price you pay.


This is the duration you plan to spend in your current home. You would be better off buying a basic model if your plan is to move out after a short while. On the other hand, an advanced type that checks all the boxes is better if you intend to live in the house for the long term. Investing in high-priced furnaces means that you get a longer service time from your furnace and fewer hitches.

Energy efficiency

The AFUE rating on your unit’s spec sheet will determine how much you pay for installation. The higher your preferred furnace’s efficiency, the leaner it can make your purse. To decide on whether to buy the furnace or not, you need to weigh this against the long-term benefits.


The makers of a unit can determine its price. Furnaces made by a popular brand will likely have a higher price tag than those with a budding image. You shouldn’t confuse popularity with satisfaction, though. Figuring out your preferred qualities will help you choose the best.


Depending on what you get and the manufacturers, your furnace might come with a variety of features. A unit with variable speed blowers or an optimized combustion technology might have a higher price than one that doesn’t.


This is not a part of the purchase price but will reflect on your overall expenses. You may want to factor in your installation costs as you prepare to replace your furnace. To do this, run checks with HVAC service providers to estimate the total cost beforehand.

Other Ways You Can Reduce Your Heating Bill in Big Bear, CA

We have discussed how a replacement is a way of saving money on your inefficient furnace. Below, we mention a few other tips to help you save money even further:

Change the air filters

Air filters are an essential part of the system. Changing them regularly can help you prevent the entire system’s condition from worsening, saving you cash. Fortunately, you can easily get furnace filters at a utility store and change them yourself. You should clean the filter once a month and change it every three months.


When your furnace’s vents are blocked, the furnace work a lot harder to deliver. As such, you should conduct maintenance checks in your home to discover clogged vents. Where they are dirty, clean them out to prevent obstruction.


Wearing warm clothes can actually be a faster way to get the heat you want. It is also a way to save energy as you don’t drive the thermostat to levels it cannot go.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Like everyday equipment, your furnace needs maintenance. This is essential to strengthen its lifespan and helping to get the best output. You could arrange periodic checks with an HVAC service company to protect your unit.


How you handle your thermostat can play a big part in your energy bills. To save yourself money, you can turn your thermostat to comfortable temperatures depending on the time of the day. It helps to use a programmable thermostat for this instead.

Who Can Fix Your Furnace in Big Bear, CA?

Getting a replacement as a way of saving money on your inefficient furnace is one thing, but installing and maintaining it is another. In addition to this, you require experts to evaluate your needs at the buying stage. You can look around for the best HVAC company to help with this. It’s important to choose a trusted company for your Installation and maintenance purposes.

Let Us Check Your Furnace in Big Bear, CA!

In this article, we have given reasons why you should replace your furnace, outlined different furnace types, and how getting a replacement means saving money on your inefficient furnace.

One thing we must emphasize, though, is the importance of maintenance and a reliable service company. A proper maintenance culture will ensure your furnace remains functional. Additionally, great HVAC services make things even better. Schedule a free case evaluation with our experts today for top-notch delivery.

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