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8 Tips on Maintaining Your Gas Furnace in Your Big Bear Home

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If you’ve got a natural gas heating system in your Big Bear home, you probably know that it needs a certain degree of upkeep to stay up and running. Emergency Big Bear furnace repairs can be expensive and inconvenient. The last thing you want to do is panic and conduct a frantic “furnace repair near me” online search.

Maintaining your gas-based furnace can save you a lot of effort and money. Of course, if your heating system is outdated and gives way, you may have to skip repairs entirely and go for Big Bear furnace replacement, especially if winter is approaching.

So, what can you do to keep your furnace in top shape and improve its energy efficiency? The following few tips will help answer this question.

1. Exercise Caution

First things first. If you are going to do any kind of gas furnace maintenance by yourself, you need to ensure to do it safely. Start by turning off the gas line. Find your gas meter; the valve to turn off the gas line should be near it.

Observe the flame in the burner for its color. A steady blue flame indicates that there is no trouble. However, if you see a yellow or an orange flame, you should call a professional immediately to check if anything other than natural gas is burning in your furnace.

When the furnace is running, keep your ears open for strange noises. If you detect any, hire an expert to get to the root of the problem. Similarly, if you smell a gas leak, do not attempt a DIY repair. Avoid lighting or switching on any electrical equipment. Don’t use your phone either. Head over to your neighbor’s and call your gas supplier and a Big Bear furnace repair professional to address this issue at the earliest.

You should know that some gas leaks cannot be detected. This is why installing carbon monoxide detectors according to local regulations is a must.

In case mechanical, electrical or fuel failures ensue, turn off the gas supply valve before switching off the electricity supply to your furnace. You should also call a skilled Big Bear furnace repair technician at once.

2. Replace the Filter

The filter is an important part of your furnace because it does the job of preventing dirt from entering it. It is generally advised to regularly clean or replace the furnace filter, as required and depending on its use.

The furnace filter traps and holds dust and dirt until it is cleaned. It is, therefore, imperative to check the filter to see if it has gathered dirtier than it should. If this is the case, you should replace it. Fortunately, furnace filters are inexpensive and are extremely helpful in purifying the air delivered inside your home and in keeping your gas furnace working properly.

3. Examine the Thermostat

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your room despite having set your thermostat to the desired temperature? If yes, your thermostat could be underperforming or malfunctioning, causing your furnace to work harder than normal and reducing its lifespan.

It is also likely that your thermostat has stopped working entirely and needs to be replaced. To be sure, call a Big Bear furnace repair specialist and have it repaired or replaced, as necessary.

4. Clean the Blower

An important component of your gas furnace, the blower is typically found near the air filter. Cleaning it is crucial to the performance of your furnace because the small amount of dirt, dust, and debris that escape the air filter ends up in the blower. If it isn’t cleaned, it will make your furnace work harder to provide the desired level of heating.

You will have to remove the panels that cover the air filter to reach the blower assembly. Cleaning the blower with a damp cloth should be enough and you need not use any chemical agents. You should also clean the surrounding pulleys and belts to get rid of the accumulated dirt.

5. Inspect the Furnace Ducts

If you use a forced-air furnace, you will do well to examine the furnace ducts for signs of damage. You may clean the ducts on a regular basis using a vacuum cleaner. Once they are cleaned, cover them to stop the air from leaking into the furnace. This small step will help you avoid a malfunction and the desperate “furnace repair near me” online search.

6. Clean the Vents

Gas furnaces are connected to a ventilation system, which can get blocked by large amounts of dirt and debris. This can be hazardous to you and your family as the indoor air you breathe can be highly polluted without you even knowing.

To prevent this from happening, use a brush to clean all the vents thoroughly. To clean inside the vents, remove the vent cover and use a vacuum cleaner to do the job.

7. Don’t Forget about the Fan

Conducting a detailed inspection of your gas furnace is imperative if you want to avoid heating-related issues in your home. So, don’t forget about its fan components. A proper examination of the fan will let you know if there is any dust buildup, which can hamper your furnace’s performance. Cleaning the fan blades can keep low-performance issues at bay.

8. Take Professional Assistance

Apart from taking the above DIY measures, you should arrange to have your heating systems inspected by a professional Big Bear furnace repair technician once a year. This is especially important if you have a gas-powered furnace in your home because it can produce carbon monoxide. Even a tiny leak in your furnace can lead to safety and health hazards. A professional furnace inspection and tune-up help your furnace perform more efficiently, which is the primary concern of any homeowner in any case.


Cleaning and maintaining your gas furnace are fairly simple tasks if done regularly. Further, you need not break the bank to keep your furnace in good working condition. If you ignore it, however, its condition may deteriorate progressively and you might have to deal with some major expenses. It is important to proactively and safely maintain your gas furnace. Of course, it is best to entrust intensive Big Bear furnace repair and replacement jobs to professionals. Hopefully, you will be able to get the most out of your gas furnace by following the tips mentioned above.

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