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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Gas Furnace in Big Bear, CA?

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When you own an HVAC system, there might come a time you will have to ask how much does it cost to replace a gas furnace or any other part of the system. When this time comes, you need to be properly informed. For example, replacing a gas furnace goes beyond just buying a new unit and hanging it somewhere. You need the know-how and every other detail to make the project a success.

The details include knowing if the faulty furnace can be fixed or has to be replaced totally. The cost for these two vary greatly, and you have to know exactly what you need. You should also understand which gas furnace brand, size, and energy-efficient level suit your needs. To understand all these and more, you should read this post carefully.

When Do You Have to Replace a Gas Furnace in Big Bear, CA

People are always tempted to repair appliances rather than replace them. However, it is not always in your best interest to do so. When you notice any of these signs, it is better that you replace your gas furnace. Before you do so, do a quick check of:

Circuit Breaker Box

The malfunctioning you notice in your gas furnace may result from some problems with the power sources. When power outages occur frequently, your circuit breaker shuts off energy transfer to your furnace and affects its performance. You should also check the fuses to ensure that the problem is not from there.

Furnace Airflow

Before you get too carried away by how much it costs to replace a gas furnace because your unit is producing low airflow, do a routine check. Start with the furnace filter and ensure that it is not clogged. This is a major cause of low airflow in gas furnaces.


The problem with your gas furnace can be from your thermostat being low on battery level. Check this and the wires around the thermostat as those contribute to many gas furnaces malfunctioning.

Other key factors that should decide whether you repair your furnace or replace it are the repair cost and the age of your unit. If the cost of repairing your furnace is more than half of its current value, it is better to get a new system installed. Also, if your furnace is old, you may consider getting a new one.

Factors Determining the Cost of Replacing a Gas Furnace in Big Bear, CA

After going through the checklists and you decide to replace your furnace, the next step is to look over all the factors that will affect the cost of a new unit. Then, you should contact an HVAC repair company such as Bear Valley and ask the necessary questions to ensure that you get the best value for your money. With that said, here are some of the factors that will determine how much it costs to replace a gas furnace in your home.

Brand of Furnace

The first determinant of how much it costs to replace a gas furnace is the brand you intend to buy. Top brands usually carry a higher price tag than unknown brands, but they offer the quality for the price. Buying your gas furnace from a reputable brand and getting a qualified installer are key steps to enjoying your new furnace.

So, while it may be tempting to opt for cheaper options, you have to remember that the cost is a worthy investment. If you maintain it properly, you can use a gas furnace for more than two decades.

Energy Efficiency

As you research how much it will cost to replace a gas furnace, you will realize that the cost of a unit is influenced by its energy efficiency. Furnaces with better energy efficiency usually cost more than those with low quality.

Nonetheless, you need to know that this difference in cost matters in the long run. When you run your heater all day long, the energy bills can rack up to a fortune. By getting a furnace with high energy efficiency, you will be saving yourself some money in the long run.

Size of Home

The size of your home will be a factor to consider when you ask a contractor how much it costs to replace a gas furnace. This is because a large space requires a higher amount of BTUs to achieve desired heat. BTU is the term used to describe the heating output of a furnace. Generally, a moderate climate requires 40 BTUs of heat for every square foot of space.

Unit Price

This is simply the cost of the furnace itself. This is the major factor that determines how much it costs to replace a gas furnace. Before deciding on a furnace, check if the brand is suitable and the cost is affordable. A single unit of a gas furnace may cost between $2000 and $7000.

The average unit price is $4000 for a top brand. Once this part is scaled successfully, the rest becomes easier. Normally, you have to keep about a thousand dollars or more for other expenses. These expenses include labour and miscellaneous expenses that range from removing old units to getting permits.

Labor Rates in Your Region

You’ll have to pay the installer, and this amount is determined by the area in which you live. If you live in a state with high living standards, you may have to pay the installer more than someone who lives in a different state. The labor rate is also dependent on the contractor you are using, as different contractors charge different rates for replacing gas furnaces. Generally, this is the most costly part after buying the unit.

Overall, this list is not exhaustive but it contains most factors that determine how much it costs to replace a gas furnace. In addition, you should budget some funds for miscellaneous expenses such as removing the old furnace and getting local permits. You may also need to acquire extra equipment at some point during the process.

Other Things to Know About Gas Furnaces in Big Bear, CA

It is not enough to ask any random person how much it costs to replace a gas furnace. The person you are asking must be an expert who can provide authoritative answers to your inquiries. You can consult Bear Valley Plumbing and Heating to understand how much it truly costs to replace a gas furnace or any other question you have about installing a new unit. Nevertheless, these are some tips that will help you out.

Consult an Expert

Don’t leave the replacement of your gas furnace to just anyone. Instead, hire experts with a great reputation. You can know about the expertise of a contractor from the initial consultation. There, you will know how qualified the person is from the answers they give to your questions.

Ask About the Equipment Markup

When you reach out to contractors to replace the gas furnace in your home, you should not always jump at the cheapest offer. There are several instances where seemingly competitive offers turn out bad because of hidden costs. Thus, a lesser quote might include undisclosed equipment markups that you will have to pay later.

Afue Rating

AFUE rating is the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. This rating is used to determine how well a gas furnace saves power. You should look out for this because it impacts your energy bills. Therefore, you should get a gas furnace with great AFUE ratings. The price may increase along with the AFUE rating, but it is a worthy investment.

Install a New Thermostat

When installing a new furnace, you should also consider a new thermostat. New models of furnaces usually require a matching model of a thermostat to function properly. Don’t think of it as a waste of money. You’ll thank yourself later.

Go Over the Estimate

After requesting a quote from a contractor, it is better that you go over the estimate carefully. This estimate should be detailed enough to include the equipment to be used, the cost of such equipment, and the possible duration of the installation project. Doing this will allow you to know the quality of the service you are receiving for your money. You will also notice any anomaly and request an explanation, if necessary.

Know the Equipment Brand

Most people think it unnecessary, but it helps to know the brand of the equipment being installed for you. It is common to have contractors install a cheaper brand of furnace as opposed to the brand you requested. When you know the brand of the equipment, you can do personal research to know if it is the best option for you.

Finally, check out the warranty and what it covers. Generally, gas furnace warranties usually cover heat exchanger and some main components such as the furnace igniters, blower’s motor, controllers, and so on. The warranty for the heat exchanger usually lasts for a lifetime or a limited time of 20 years.

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