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Don’t Forget about Your HVAC System During the Fall and Winter Holidays

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Fall foliageHalloween is right around the corner. Soon after, we’ll be making turkey dinners for Thanksgiving, exchanging gifts with friends and family, and ringing in the New Year before you know it. While the holidays can be busy with all the shopping, cooking, decorating, and parties, you shouldn’t forget about year-round household basics. Specifically, you want to keep your utility bills as low as possible so you can have more left over to celebrate the holiday season stress-free.

Throwing Holiday Parties

Whether you’re having neighbors over in costume for some spooky Halloween fun or you’re planning a formal Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, they are plenty of ways to avoid a spike in your heating bill.

  • Simply turn down the thermostat – Even though it may be getting colder outside, having more people in your house can warm it up quickly. As your guests arrive, they will hardly notice a lowered thermostat – though your budget will! You can also turn down the heat if you are cleaning or making other preparations that involve physical activity.
  • Consider a potluck – Cooking all day for a large group of people can increase your gas or electric bills. To keep costs lower, consider asking each quest to bring a dish. This can save you time and stress, as well.
  • Warm up with a baking party – When you’re baking all day, the oven will serve as a great source of heat in your home. Don’t forget to take advantage by lowering the thermostat when you’re getting ready to bake holiday cookies and pies all day.
  • Make a fire – If you’re hosting a Halloween party or another fall get-together, build a bonfire in the yard. Bonfires are always festive for fall, and guests can keep warm while outside, saving you utility costs. If you have an indoor fireplace, use it! You’d be amazed how even a small fireplace can raise the temperature in your home, allowing you to turn down the heat. However, remember to close the damper once you’re finished, otherwise, you may lose a lot of the warm air from your home up the chimney.

Most of all, whether you’re home with your family or have a group of guests over, remember that the little things add up. Don’t keep the TV on for hours in the background of a party. Suggest board games instead of video games. Turn off the lights when no one is in the room. Keep all your doors and windows tightly shut and your registers and vents open. Trust us, you will notice the difference of a few small changes when you get your gas or electric bill.

Make Heating Resolutions for the New Year

When it comes time to consider your New Year’s resolutions, you may first consider eating healthier, exercising more, or making more time for your kids. However, saving money is always a positive resolution, and some adjustments to your home heating can certainly help you save. Some home heating resolution may include:

  • Updating to a newer model furnace
  • Scheduling regular appointments for preventative HVAC maintenance
  • Regularly changing the filter in your furnace
  • Ensuring the no debris is around your equipment that could affect airflow
  • Keeping registers and vents open for proper circulation and airflow
  • Lowering the thermostat a couple degrees for energy conservation
  • Upgrading to a Wi-fi enabled or programmable thermostat for improved convenience and comfort
  • Replacing old windows with new energy-efficient windows
  • Adding or replacing attic insulation to keep heat inside your home
  • Schedule an appointment for a duct cleaning

While New Year’s Eve still may seem far away, you can start now by putting a little money away each week to make upgrades and changes in a few months. These changes will pay off in the long run!

Schedule Your Maintenance Appointment

Perhaps the most effective step you can take to save money on your utility bills for the rest of the year is to contact our Big Bear heating contractors to perform maintenance on your HVAC system. Regular maintenance and cleaning can increase efficiency and prevent larger repairs. Often, you may not realize a problem exists. If left unaddressed, the problem can compound and end up costing much more in the long run. You want to make sure your heating system is in tip-top shape, both for your family and any guests you may have. The last thing you want is for your heat to go out right before the holidays! It can put a damper on your celebrations in more ways than one.

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