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What is on a Big Bear Heating Tune-up Checklist

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Nothing is more dreadful than dealing with an unexpected heating repair in the middle of a cold day. Surprise heating repairs always pop up when the use of a heater is needed most, and incidentally, they also cost a lot of money. Following a regular maintenance check in Big Bear of your heater or furnace is essential to avoid this situation.

This article will cover the importance of a Big Bear heating tune-up and what to expect when you receive such a service. Read on to learn why you should schedule a heating tune-up today.

Why is Heating Maintenance Important in Big Bear?

As the highest-rated heating techs, we at Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating have seen many heating repairs in Big Bear that could have been avoided with a simple tune-up. Tune-ups are a great way to ensure that your heater won’t fail you during a cold winter night. They will ensure that your Big Bear heating system is efficient and reliable and provides your home with the highest quality of air possible.

Increased Efficiency

If you’ve been watching your energy bills steadily increase over the last few months, this could be an indication of a problem with your heater. There are certain repairs that, if not done, will make your heater work harder than required to heat your home. Poor efficiency is most often observed in heaters that are old, improperly sized for the home, or dirty filters and air ducts.

If your efficiency decreases without addressing the underlying issue, it will eventually break down. It is important to remember that poor maintenance of a Big Bear heating system is harmful to the home and the homeowner’s finances, starting with increased energy bills and expensive repairs. Check out this brief guide from Energy Saver to learn what you can do yourself to maintain the efficiency of your heater this winter season.

Cleaner Air

A regulating heating tune-up will also ensure that you are breathing cleaner, higher-quality air inside your home. With prolonged use, the ducts and vents that the heat travels through will accumulate dust and debris. If it isn’t cleared out, it will infiltrate your home. You will know that your air ducts or filters need to be cleaned if:

  • There are visible dust particles in the air.
  • It is stuffy or muggy in the home.
  • There is an odor in the home that doesn’t go away, despite your efforts to clean it.

If you smell mildew or stale odors coming from the vents, your home may have a mold infestation inside the home. In this case, you’ll need to contact a heating tech in Big Bear for urgent assistance with removing the mold.

A regular Big Bear heating tune-up can help maintain indoor air quality, ensuring that all the passageways for the air are clean. A tune-up will also locate any potential issues that lead to the development of mold and prevent it from occurring.

Less Expensive Repairs

Regular maintenance of your heater will save you money in the long run in Big Bear, CA. Not only will it ensure that the heater uses an optimal amount of energy, but it will also help keep repairs few and far between. If a repair should be needed, it is typically smaller and less expensive when the unit is maintained regularly. In our experience in providing Big Bear with heating repairs, we find that great lapses in maintenance inspections translate into more significant and more expensive repairs down the road.

Prolonged Lifespan

Everything good in life must be maintained, especially if it is an expensive investment like a home heating system. Nobody likes to spend thousands of dollars on these amenities and therefore, caring for them is important.  Regular tune-ups catch problematic areas of a heater early on, preventing more significant problems that wear down a heating unit. These minor repairs will significantly impact the longevity of the heater, allowing you to enjoy its beneficial use for a longer period of time.

A well-maintained central air furnace can last at least 15 to 20 years, but completing annual maintenance and being diligent with repairs can extend its life even longer.


What to Expect During a Heater Tune-Up in Big Bear

It is clear that to stay warm in Big Bear; heating maintenance is of the utmost importance. But what does a heating tune-up service entail? Below is a brief breakdown of the services you can expect during a tune-up visit from a heating technician in Big Bear, CA.

Cleaned or Changed Air Filters

One of the first things a heating technician in Big Bear will check is the condition of the air filters in your home. As the HVAC system produces the heat to warm your home, it will push air through the filters, which catch any dust particles, dirt, and debris. Eventually, these filters get clogged up and will require cleaning or replacement.

One of the dangers of clogged air filters is that they decrease the quality of the air inside the home. The home will feel muggy and stuffy. You may even see dust particles floating in the air.

Additionally, a clogged air filter decreases the airflow and causes the heater to work harder than necessary. It is best to ensure that your air filters are changed at least every 2 months. Otherwise, your energy bills will skyrocket, and you will breathe dusty air.

Thermostat Inspection

Thermostats are the main power source of the entire HVAC system. If it isn’t working, your heater will not power up. Sometimes, thermostats need to be recalibrated so that they prompt the heater to work at the appropriate rates. As a result, it must be inspected periodically to ensure that it is in the best working order.

In Big Bear, heating tune-up services will always include a battery replacement for non-programmable thermostats. A set of fresh batteries will give you the peace of mind that your thermostat will work during those especially chilly days. Your tech may recommend a programmable thermostat as an upgrade that will help you save energy and money in the long run.

Air Vents Inspection

During the tune-up of a heating system in Big Bear, the technician will also take the time to check all the vents. During this part of the tune-up, the tech will ensure that there is proper airflow through the vents.

Even airflow may be impacted by excessive dust, debris, or blocked-off vents. Sometimes homeowners decide to close certain vents to redirect the airflow, not realizing that doing so may hurt the heater in the long run. The uneven air flow puts unnecessary strain on the unit, causing it to wear out faster, leading to more frequent repairs and even a shorter lifespan.

We understand that many homeowners choose to block off vents to save money or to use the heat in other parts of the house. The technician who comes around for your tune-up service will be able to propose other options for accomplishing these goals without putting extra strain on your heating unit.

Ductwork Inspection

Additionally, the ductwork must be inspected periodically for possible air leaks. Sometimes, ductwork develops cracks that let the air through before it has the chance to warm your home. This air leak will cause the heater to work harder, increasing its energy use without actually heating the home. You will experience gaps in how your home is heated as it will create an uneven air distribution. Most importantly, air leaks will wear the unit out faster and will eventually lead to a breakdown.

As with air filters, ducts also accumulate dust and debris that must be cleared periodically to maintain indoor air quality and heating efficiency. Each Big Bear heating tune-up service will include a check for both air duct leaks and excess debris. This check will help you stay comfortable and healthy inside your home.

Condensate Drain Line Clearing

Another important component of the heating unit is its condensate drain line. The function of the condensate drain line is to extract excess moisture from the air as your home receives the heating it requires. As it performs this important task, it may become clogged or blocked with excess fluids.

During an annual maintenance check in Big Bear, heating repair techs ensure that this line is clear of any blockages. They will also check for any pools of water that may accumulate around the furnace or heater to ensure no water damage occurs as a result.

A common sign of a problem in your condensate drain line is when you begin to feel muggy or humid air in your home. When this happens, the condensate drain line isn’t extracting the moisture from the air appropriately. If this goes on too long, you may notice the development of mold within your home. This problem can lead to health hazards for everyone inside the home. Therefore, it is important to have a regular maintenance check of your heating system, which will help avoid such problems.

Expert Big Bear Heating Maintenance

Is your home heating system ready for the long winter season? Schedule a tune-up for your Big Bear heating unit today to ensure that you aren’t stuck in the cold without heat this winter! As the local experts in heating units, Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating has provided the highest quality heating services for decades. We promise prompt service with the highest satisfaction guaranteed. Contact us today by calling (909) 487-1322.

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