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How Our HVAC Contractors Can Help You Keep Your Energy Bills Low in Big Bear

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In Bear Valley, the cost of energy is constantly on the increase. The partly cloudy days and cold winter nights have led to the rise in the energy being consumed in most households. Although the winter is drawing to an end, many Bear Valley homes continue to record dramatically high energy costs. Hence, it is better to consult HVAC contractors in your area to evaluate thoroughly where your system stands.

California is second only to Texas in energy consumption, and people in Bear Valley are dealing with these increased energy costs by compromising on other necessities.  Hence, here in this article, we have covered all the possible ways which if taken into consideration can aid to keep your energy bills low in Bear Valley.

Cost of Energy in Bear Valley

According to CNBC, the price of fuel oils has increased by up to 60% in America, while natural gas has increased by 25% in the past three years. In addition, California records the seventh-highest average price of electricity in America, with about one-third of those sales being from residential homes.

The average Bear Valley home uses only about half of the electricity an average American home uses. Despite this, the cost of electricity can reach up to $150 per month. This is easily one of the most expensive rates in the nation.

A study analyzed the bills among the largest investor-owned utility companies and found that Californians pay about 45% more than the average utility costs with Southern California Edison. Those who get their services from San Diego Gas & Electric pay almost double. Even for those enrolled in programs designed to aid those with low income, the energy rates are significantly higher than the average American’s.

In 2022, based on typical residential customer usage of 350 kilowatt-hour per month, the Bear Valley electric service utility bills have increased by 2.3%. This is one of the lowest increases compared to other utility providers. However, it is still significantly high, especially when tallied with other energy bills. As a result, HVAC contractors are now in business since they are finding new ways to cope up with the concern. But before we dig into the ways, let us first explore the reasons that builds up the energy bills.

Reasons for High Energy Bills in Bear Valley

There are many reasons for the high cost of energy in Bear Valley:

Inflation is the most discernible reason. Due to the Covid 19, energy companies have increased utility bills to meet their expenses. Although the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) gave precise percentages to energy companies regarding disconnection, these companies still cover their costs by creating installment plans for consumers to pay. The pandemic has also resulted in more people working from home. This means residential areas are consuming more energy than ever before.

Also, California is still recovering from the wildfire disaster in 2018. This, so utilities at a high cost. As a result, many Californian states around Bear Valley have been legislating to reduce the use of natural gas in residencies.

This has moved to a proposal on the outright ban on natural gas usage across all areas of California. With this looming possibility, energy bills are set to keep rising. A lot of low-income households will suffer this hardship. Electricity is, after all, about four times more expensive than neutral gas in Bear Valley.

Why You Should Keep Track of High Energy Bills in Bear Valley

Energy bills account for a large part of your monthly expenses. Worse, you cannot simply cut it off. Energy is being used all around the home, and the things that run on it are considered basic amenities. This is why despite the huge amount of money that most people owe in debts, the CPUC provides relief for these debts, and there are stipulations on disconnections.

Therefore, if you are trying to keep track of your finances, your energy bill is a good area to check. As a resident of Bear Valley, keeping your energy bill low starts from how much knowledge you have around your energy consumption. So, search for hvac contractors near you and get your system checked to learn about your energy consumption.

How HVAC Contractors Help Keep Costs Down in Big Bear, CA

Here are some practical tips to keep your energy bills down in Bear Valley.

Review Your Bill

The first step to taking charge of your energy bill is to know precisely where you are spending more. You can easily download these apps on your mobile phone and stay in touch with your bills.  This is probably the best energy tracker that works for your pocket. By looking at your bills and reading up on tariffs, you can compare prices and know when to switch your energy provider to one that you can afford better.

You can also check with utility providers or hvac contractors, especially for gas and electricity, to see if they can provide you with estimates of what your neighbors are using. This will help you know how you are doing and improve your lag areas. 

Get A Home Energy Audit

If your home is on the larger side, you should consider a home energy audit. A home energy audit uses advanced tools to discover how heat and air move around a room. By hiring professional energy auditors, you can easily identify the source of energy waste in your home and immediately start to plan your home improvements in their order of urgency.

However, if you are not a homeowner, it’s essential to involve your landlord while consulting hvac contractors for making any significant improvements to your home.

Consult HVAC contractors to top your Insulation

According to ENERGY Star, 20% of the air moving through the cooling system ducts is lost to leaks and poor connections in the home. So beyond DIYs on sealing windows and doors, the most affordable way to keep energy within the home is insulation.

Except you live in a very modern home, the chances are that you need to top up your insulation. Insulation is an excellent way to save up on your energy cost, as it helps prevent the heat you have generated from escaping. Homes built in the 1980s or before likely skipped loft insulation. You can confirm if this is the case for your home by consulting hvac contractors and then install roof insulation accordingly.

You can also insulate your walls and floor gaps or reinsulate them to strengthen their energy retention. More importantly, you need to insulate your pipes, water tanks, and radiators. This way, the water can heat up faster, and you can prevent your pipes from freezing and condensing. This will help you conserve both water and costs.

While insulating may seem like a lot of commitment, it adds up in the long term. A good way to approach this is to take things one at a time.

Avoid Energy Vampire Appliances

A lot of energy gets lost through energy vampires. Energy vampire appliances refer to devices that continue to consume energy when not in use. These devices simply go into standby mode. Examples are routers, instant-on TVs, or microwaves with clock function.

To keep your energy bills low in Bear Valley, it’s best to minimize the use of energy vampires. You can also turn off all appliances when you leave home or even when in. When these appliances are not in use, it’s best to turn them off completely. You can manage energy vampires by using power strips that turn all connected appliances off.

Prepare for The Future

The Californian State is at the forefront of the race to conserve energy and keep the climate safe. This means that more and more changes will continue to be made to make homes energy efficient. There are available programs for low-income households to make their homes more environmentally friendly. This can help cut down energy bills by up to $45 per month.

You can invest in a sound solar panel system as well. While solar panels still rely on the state’s electrical energy, it complements it with clean, renewable energy. More importantly, it will significantly reduce your bills. Another good investment is energy-saving windows. You can choose to install new windows or upgrade your old ones, and this will help you keep your energy bills down. However, if you cannot afford solar panels immediately, you can begin to save up and look for good choices that suit your home. We would suggest you to find hvac contractors and discuss your concern with them. They might help you better when it comes to adding energy equiments in your living area.

Quick Energy Saving Areas

There are a few energy areas where you can easily save energy in your daily life. This will ultimately help you keep your energy bills low in Bear Valley.

Heating & Cooling

You can keep your thermostat lower by a few degrees. Remember that the aim is simply to keep you warm, so a few degrees lower will probably not make much difference. It’s best to invest in a smart thermostat, as this will help you easily adjust the temperature or shut off your heating or air conditioner, based on the specifics of each room. 


You can cut back on your shower time and save some energy. A 4-6 minute bath time will serve you well. If you are fond of baths, it’s best to opt for more showers and keep baths only for special occasions. You should also avoid leaving the tap open while you brush or do anything else in the bathroom.

Another way to conserve energy is to time your heater so that it only comes on when you need it.


Whenever you can, it’s best to utilize natural lights. You should also replace traditional light bulbs with LEDs or even motion sensors. You can also use halogen light bulbs for your exteriors.


Ensure your fridge and freezers are firmly shut to prevent energy escape. You should also keep sufficient space between the fridge and the wall.  However, it is inadvisable to unplug your fridge overnight as this will ruin the quality of your groceries.


Avoid running your washing machine unless it is fully loaded. This applies to dishwashers too. Another helpful tip is to run cold washes on some of your clothes. You should also avoid using the tumble dryer in warmer weather.


You can keep the damper on your fireplace closed when it’s not in use.

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This article has examined the various ways you can keep your energy bills low in Bear Valley. The tips above provide a great way to keep track and cut down on the use of energy within your home for both short-term and long-term benefits.

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