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4 Big Bear Plumbing Maintenance Services That Are Guaranteed To Save You Money!

Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating


Maintaining a home can get expensive, especially once a house reaches the age where things start breaking. Heating, air, and plumbing systems all have a time limit, along with a home’s appliances. When that happens, homeowners are usually forced to pay for costly emergency repairs or pay for a replacement system without warning.

The best way to avoid a sudden breakdown is to invest in annual maintenance on each of your home’s vital systems. At Bear Valley, we have more than three decades of experience in the area, serving as a valuable resource for many of Big Bear’s homes. Here are a few types of Plumbing Maintenance Services that can save you money in the long run.

Annual Water Heater Maintenance

Double the life of your water heater and ensure it’s safe for as low as $59/year!


A standard water heater lasts an average of one decade. Although this can vary based on use and type of model, when a water heater goes out, it often does so without warning. Without regular maintenance, a water heater can also burst, flooding part of your home and leading to costly damage. Regular maintenance can avoid such a disaster, since technicians drain the heater to remove sediment and debris. They also check the unit for signs of wear and repair the damage or recommend a replacement. Request and appointment today for us to help you keep your water heater working efficiently and safely.

Annual Drain Cleaning 

Keep your drains flowing freely and prevent future problems for as low as $99/year! 


A home’s drains can tend to slow down over time, as clogs and buildup affect water flow. A Big Bear Plumber can clean those drains, keeping them functioning the way they did when they were brand new. While doing this, specialists can also search for any issues that could become problematic over the years. Request and appointment today for us to help you keep your drains clean and flowing freely.

Water Pipe Maintenance

Prevent leaky pipes from causing serious damage for as low as $59/year! 


Your home’s pipes experience a great deal of wear over the years. They not only provide water for showers, laundry, and other household activities, but they eliminate waste. Leaks and cracks can easily form over time, especially as materials begin to wear down. Annual pipe maintenance can make a big difference in the life of this network, while also preventing mold building up due to unidentified leaks. Big Bear Plumbing Maintenance Service specialists can also make recommendations that can extend the life of your home’s plumbing while helping you save money on utilities. Request and appointment today.

Annual Plumbing Check Up’s

Avoid unexpected plumbing problems at inconvenient times for as low as $99/year! 


Many Big Bear homeowners request an annual plumbing check up’s to include the pipes, fixtures, sinks, and toilets. This maintenance can identify an issue long before it becomes a serious problem, keeping the home functioning throughout the year. When it’s time for a replacement, maintenance technicians will also have details about your home’s history on file, making it easier to find an appliance or system that meets your home’s unique demands. That information will also come in handy if your home ever has an issue that needs to be repaired, since our technicians will already be aware of your home’s setup.

Annual Plumbing Maintenance Service can extend the life of a home’s plumbing and fixtures, preventing sudden breakdowns that leave residents stranded. By scheduling an annual checkup, Big Bear-area residents can also have a number on hand to call if they ever need help with a stubborn clog or burst pipes. Request and appointment today for us to help check and make sure you’re plumbing is working efficiently and safely.

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