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Why are Copper Pipes Used for Plumbing in Big Bear?

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Most people are a bit surprised to learn copper is one of the most common materials used for plumbing in Big Bear and elsewhere. Copper is favored for plumbing as it is quite durable. Furthermore, copper is also recyclable. The use of copper piping is sustainable, making minimal impact on our fragile environment. The icing on the cake is the fact that copper proves quite reliable as time progresses. Though copper is not the cheapest option for plumbing in Big Bear, its benefits significantly outweigh its negatives. Let’s take a closer look at why people use copper for plumbing in Big Bear.

Why Do People Use Copper Pipes for Plumbing Works in Big Bear?

Most people prefer copper pipes to other pipes such as PVC or PEX because of their superior quality and the amazing features it offers to homeowners. There are several reasons people choose copper pipes over their alternatives. Here are some of them:

Copper is Easy to Work With in Big Bear

Plumbers in Big Bear and beyond favor copper as this material is malleable and lightweight. In other words, copper can be bent and manipulated as necessary to facilitate drama-free plumbing installation. It is quite easy to customize copper piping for the proper fit while on-site at a home or business. Few tools are necessary to properly fit the copper pipe. In fact, copper pipes can be joined with basic soldiers. The result is a quick and easy installation with minimal fuss. You must ensure the technician is qualified, experienced, and capable of completing the task.

Copper Does not Corrode as Much as Other Materials

Preventing corrosion is the game’s name for plumbing in Big Bear. Copper does not corrode easily as it has a protective interior coating inside the pipe that maintains structural integrity. The result is a pipe with a comparably small diameter yet optimal water flow that proves consistent across posterity.

The last thing local homeowners need is plumbing that corrodes shortly after installation. Instead, you should hire a professional plumber and listen to their expert opinions. Then, you should purchase and install a new plumbing system in your home or building.

Copper Provides Great Value for Money

In the first instance, copper seems more expensive than other pipes due to its high cost of purchase and installation. However, when you consider variables that come with using copper pipes, you will realize that it is a cheaper choice in the long run.

Copper pipes use thinner walls, reducing the total cost of installation. They last well over fifty years, with a lifespan of up to a century.

Copper Pipes are Good Conductors

Copper pipes conduct heat better than most expect. These pipes warm when hot water passes through and holds the warmth from there onward. This influx of heat helps maintain hot water at just the right temperature as it travels throughout the plumbing in Big Bear homes, businesses, and other buildings.

Furthermore, copper’s high level of conductivity makes it optimal for radiant heating that sends hot water through the floor to warm up rooms within a house, business, or other Big Bear building. While it does this repeatedly, you can be assured that your pipes are not at the risk of sagging or bending.

Copper Combats Microbes

Though few know it, copper features inherent antimicrobial properties that destroy harmful bacteria and pathogens. Copper pipes even inhibit bacteria and slime growth, mitigating the onset and spread of illness. Copper even prohibits E-coli O157, Legionella pneumophila, which causes Legionnaire’s disease and the poliovirus.

Copper is Durable in Big Bear

One thing we can say about copper is that it stands the test of time better than most other materials. This inherently corrosion-resistant material does not leak or break with ease. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of galvanized steel and other materials used for making pipes.

Copper is durable to the point that it can withstand a whopping 1,000 psi worth of pressure. Furthermore, copper’s lightweight makes it easier to extend it across vast stretches without the use of supports. With all these, it can still last up to an easy fifty years before you need any repair or replacement.

Copper Plumbing in Big Bear is Resistant to Fire

Copper piping has a comparably high thermal rating, which will resist fire. As a result, people use copper pipes for plumbing in Big Bear because they will not have to worry about plastic pipes aiding fires and sparks in their homes during the hot summer months.

In case of a fire outbreak, these copper pipes will not break and transmit water throughout the plumbing system. So, if you are even slightly concerned about the fire (as you should be), opt for copper, and this fire retardant material will help you sleep that much better at night.

Copper is Environment-Friendly

The manufacturing process necessary to form copper plumbing in Big Bear is quite friendly to the environment compared to that necessary for manufacturing PVC and PEX pipes. As a result, comparably fewer chemicals and emissions are released into the surrounding environment when copper plumbing in Big Bear is made.

On a separate note, copper can be recycled after use, helping preserve our planet for future generations. So if you desire to support the campaign for a greener environment, opting for copper pipes over less eco-friendly options may be more attractive.

Copper is Safe

As a homeowner in Big Bear, you should ensure that the materials used in building your home can stand the wear and tear of the seasonal changes throughout the year. Apart from this, they should also pose no threat to your health and your family. In this regard, copper pipes trump others.

The Department of Health explained how copper gets into the water, and one of the major ways is through plumbing. Then, they focused on related health issues but stated copper consumed through drinking water could add 4 to 45 percent more copper to a person’s diet than what we get from food sources.

From all of the points we have explained above, you will realize that copper pipes are used for plumbing in Big Bear because it is the best option for most people. It is a worthy investment for homeowners, and plumbers can do their work knowing they use the best material available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the alternatives to copper pipes in Big Bear?

Your technician may recommend copper pipes for several reasons. First, you may want to know other types of plumbing materials in Big Bear. Examples include PVC pipes, PEX, galvanize, steel pipe and cast iron, and flexible connections. You can know more about the different types of plumbing materials.

What are the disadvantages of copper?

Copper has a lot of advantages that make it the top choice for many plumbers and homeowners in Bear Valley. Despite these, it has a few demerits that you should know before installing the pipes in your home. Knowing these shortcomings of copper will enable you to take better care of your plumbing system and enjoy it to the fullest.

Some of the disadvantages of using copper pipes for plumbing that you should know about are that it is expensive and there may be some environmental risks with using the material. Also, qualified and experienced technicians need to install copper pipes to ensure they last as guaranteed.

Finally, lead and copper making their way to your drinking water may have some repercussions on your health from stomach distress to brain damage. Due to these reasons, you should ensure that you know the necessary safety measures before installing copper pipes.

What about copper’s potential leaching of toxins?

Copper is unique in that it does not leech harmful toxins or metals. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of other types of plumbing in Big Bear. For example, PVC, lead, and iron pipes sometimes leach harmful toxins and metals into drinking water.

Why do people in Big Bear prefer copper pipes?

Big Bear has temperate weather, so homeowners like to invest in durable house-building materials that can withstand any weather and last a while. If you have your home in the area, you should go for the best plumbing materials available.

When consulting for installing a plumbing system in a new or old house, technicians such as Bear Valley Plumbing and Heating may advise clients to use copper pipes. This advice is closely tied to the need for a strong plumbing system that can withstand adversities from use and nature.

Should I avoid copper pipes?

Using copper pipes for plumbing is a tradition for most people. They see the durability of the material and advocate for everyone to stick to it. However, there are some instances when you should avoid copper pipes to ensure the longevity of your plumbing system.

If you live in a climate with freezing weather, you may want to seek copper pipes. This is because frozen water can cause copper pipes to burst and generate a new set of problems for you.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, using copper in plumbing comes with numerous benefits. This is the metal to consider incorporating into your plumbing. It may cost a tad more than other materials, but the benefits and longevity far outweigh the expenses. Hopefully, the above pointers will help you see the goodness of copper and inspire you to take advantage of it.

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