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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Plumbing in Big Bear?

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Property owners throughout Big Bear and beyond often question whether their homeowners insurance policy is applicable to plumbing. In general, homeowners insurance provides coverage for damage spurred by unexpected and accidental events. This means the majority of plumbing challenges are not covered through homeowners insurance. However, some homeowners insurance policies provide coverage for water damage resulting from burst pipes.

An Inside Look at Homeowners Insurance in the Context of Plumbing

Homeowners insurance is in place to provide essential coverage for rapid events that are unexpected. As an example, fires, storms and large objects that fall and cause considerable damage are covered by homeowners insurance. The majority of plumbing problems are considered maintenance problems so the typical homeowners insurance is not guaranteed to apply. Though frozen pipes are unlikely in Big Bear, some homeowners insurance policies will provide coverage for water damage stemming from pipes that freeze and subsequently burst as long as the homeowner has taken the reasonable steps necessary to prevent such pipe freezing in the first place.

The Manner in Which the Plumbing Problem Develops Matters a Great Deal

In general, only certain types of water damage are covered by homeowners insurance policies. Water damage resulting from plumbing system flaws is covered through the homeowners insurance policy if it occurred in an abrupt manner as opposed to accumulating across a period of time. As an example, if you return home from work and find one of the pipes in your basement has burst, there is a good chance your homeowners insurance policy will provide partial or full reimbursement for replacement piping, valves, tanks, and other affected components of plumbing in Big Bear.

Furthermore, it might also be necessary for the plumber to cut out parts of the walls in your home to reach the compromised pipes so there is the potential for costs tied to wall repair to also be covered. If the plumbing problem resulted in the creation and buildup of mold, there is the potential for mold remediation to also be covered as long as the plumbing problem came about in a rapid and unexpected manner.

Insurance Coverage for Gradual Plumbing Problems

Homeowners insurance coverage is less likely to apply if the plumbing problem developed in a gradual manner. This means if there is a leak in your Big Bear home or business that slowly developed over time or if an issue with your sump pump gradually came about across a period of time, homeowners insurance coverage will not apply. Furthermore, if the pipes that comprise your plumbing system gradually rusted and necessitate repair or replacement, there is a good chance your homeowners insurance claim will be denied.

Hazardous Plumbing Components are not Covered

Specific types of pipes such as the polybutylene variety are generally considered to be hazardous so their repair and replacement will not be covered by homeowners insurance. Furthermore, additional losses tied to the malfunction of such hazardous plumbing components will not be covered. This is precisely why you should have hazardous components of plumbing in Big Bear replaced as soon as possible.

It is also prudent to rely on our Big Bear plumbing crew to inspect your plumbing system once every year or two to ensure it is fully functional. Furthermore, every local homeowner should consider adding a sewage backup or sump pump rider to homeowners insurance policies for additional coverage.

Some Plumbing Repairs are Covered

As noted above, plumbing problems and subsequent damage that result in a gradual manner have the potential to be covered by homeowners insurance policies. Clauses in these policies cover both plumbing repair as well as residual damage if there is an unexpected discharge of water in the home. Dwelling coverage might cover the pipes, water heater, structural damage, and even built-in appliances. Personal property coverage has the potential to cover belongings if water damage stemming from a faulty water heater damages your possessions.

There is also the potential for “other structures” coverage to cover pipes, the water heater, and ceiling repairs if the damage occurred in a backyard shed/workshop, guesthouse, or another detached building on the property. There is even the potential for loss-of-use coverage to provide reimbursement for expenses resulting from damage due to displacement from your home for a lengthy period of time. Personal liability coverage might reimburse you in the event that the plumbing accident in Big Bear results in damage to an adjacent property if it is determined you are legally liable for those repairs.

Plumbing in Big Bear Does not Have to Ruin Your Finances

The moral of this story is costs related to plumbing in Big Bear do not have to come out of your pocket. Do not assume your homeowners insurance policy will not apply in the event that something goes wrong with your plumbing system. Contact your insurance provider, explain what occurred and you just might be partially or fully reimbursed for costs related to plumbing in Big Bear.


Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover plumbing issues. Some, however, may cover water damage as a result of burst pipes. Whether or not you have a homeowners insurance policy, you need to ensure that your plumbing repair and replacement costs don’t spiral out of control, leaving you penniless. Ensure to talk to your insurance provider about your reimbursements while counting on plumbing experts in Big Bear to fix your pipe issues.

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