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Hiring a Big Bear Plumber to Replace a Toilet Is Affordable

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Some people live with a loud and annoying toilet for months or even years before reaching out to a Big Bear plumber for assistance. There is a common misconception that contacting a Big Bear plumber will cost and arm and a leg. Some locals even go as far as assuming repairing a toilet will cost nearly as much as a full replacement. It is time to clear up the misconceptions, half-truths, and lies surrounding the cost of a Big Bear plumber for toilet repair/replacement. Cut to the truth of the matter and you will find relying on a Big Bear plumber for toilet replacement is surprisingly affordable.

Toilet Repair is a Job for the Professionals

If anything goes wrong with your toilet, do the smart thing by reaching out to a Big Bear toilet replacement/repair specialist for prompt assistance. Replacing a toilet will not bust your budget. In fact, timely toilet repair has the potential to prevent an even costlier replacement as well as a higher water bill. However, in some cases, toilet replacement is a better approach.

The replacement of a commode necessitates manual labor on multiple moving parts. It will be necessary to turn off the primary supply line, replace the toilet bowl, and install additional parts to ensure the toilet is fully functional. This is quite the complicated process so do not attempt a DIY toilet installation on your own.

The Cost of Hiring a Big Bear Plumber for Toilet Replacement

Rely on a Big Bear plumber for a toilet replacement and you will likely spend a couple of hundred dollars. The exact cost of your toilet replacement project depends on the type of toilet installed, specific requirements you have for the project, and your proximity to our Big Bear plumber. Furthermore, the cost of the actual toilet itself also plays a role in the total bill for a project of this magnitude. Our Big Bear plumber is here to do all the work on your behalf. All you have to do is provide the toilet and give us some space to perform the installation.

Consider the Cost of the Toilet

The final bill for toilet replacement is largely dependent on the toilet you select for installation. Toilet prices are determined by the brand, size, features, and even the material used to make the unit. As an example, a high-tech smart toilet featuring a bidet will cost comparably more than a basic toilet. There are even pressure-assisted toilets and toilets with concealed trap ways to boot. Perform some market research to pinpoint the toilet ideal for your Big Bear home before making a decision.

Adding the Toilet

DIY toilet installation is a mistake that has the potential to void your homeowners insurance policy. Be smart about this home improvement project by leaning on a Big Bear plumber to do the work on your behalf. It will take between a couple of days and upwards of a week to install a new toilet. The location of the toilet and its features (such as the addition of a bidet) ultimately determine the length of time and cost.

In general, the labor required to perform this installation will likely cost around a couple of hundred dollars. However, the cost of the toilet itself is likely to cost two or three times the amount of labor. The typical material cost is around $500 or more, inclusive of the toilet itself and the cold water basin.

A Closer Look at the Cost of Labor for Toilet Installation

Plumbers’ labor charges hinge on a number of factors. If your toilet has any special features that require additional labor or will take particularly long to install, the labor cost will be comparably higher. Furthermore, if the old toilet has not been removed, there will be a cost to remove this aged unit. Your Big Bear plumber is likely to charge around $50 to uninstall and remove the old toilet. If pipes in the bathroom require replacement, the total cost of toilet installation will increase accordingly. These are just some examples of the factors that influence the aggregate cost of toilet installation.

Furthermore, there is the potential for the plumber to encounter unanticipated problems during the new toilet installation. These unexpected issues have the potential to extend the length of time necessary to complete the job or mandate additional work. In general, this work will likely cost between $75 and $150 per hour.


While a lot of people keep postponing their plumbing repairs due to the fear of high costs, the fact is that the services of Big Bear plumbers are actually affordable. Hopefully, the above pointers have cleared the air on how our plumbers can help you with plumbing repairs and replacement without costing you a bomb.

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