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Is Liquid Plumber Safe for Pipes in Big Bear?

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If you are like most people, you put liquid plumber down your pipes in Big Bear without a second thought. After all, the supermarket shelves are lined with a liquid plumber and similar products so most people assume these supposed solutions are perfectly safe. The little-known truth is a liquid plumber and other alleged drain cleaning solutions are actually quite harmful to pipes in Big Bear, people, and the environment.

The Problem With Liquid Plumber

Ask any plumber in Big Bear worth his keep about drain cleaning products and you will find a liquid plumber is quite dangerous. Though it is tempting to dump half or all of a liquid plumber bottle down the drain after a clog forms, doing so is a big mistake. The sad truth about the liquid plumber is it contains chemicals that are corrosive to pipes in Big Bear. The last thing you need is a busted pipe or a corroding pipe simply because you resorted to a liquid plumber in an attempt to clear a clogged drain.

Though liquid plumber might clear the clog from the drain, there is also a good chance it will wear away at the piping, causing significant damage and possibly lead to an expensive replacement project down the line. There is no sense sabotaging your pipes in Big Bear with a liquid plumber when our plumbers are here to perform maintenance and repairs on your behalf.

Why Liquid Plumber is Such a Threat

Liquid plumber contains numerous chemicals that supposedly help the product eat away at clogs that impede the flow of water through your pipes in Big Bear. However, the downside to these chemicals clearing away grease, food, hair and other gunk in pipes is it can also damage those pipes. There is a good chance your liquid plumber will eat away at your pipes in Big Bear as well as the clog within them.

How Frequently Should Liquid Plumber be Used?

Liquid Plumber should not be used at all. However, if you have a liquid plumber in your home and do not want to waste the money you spent on it, space out its use once per year at most. Though there is the potential for such infrequent use to cause damage to your pipes, spacing out the application of liquid plumber chemicals to your pipes in Big Bear reduces the chances of damage. The absolute worst thing you can do is pour one application of liquid plumber after another down the clogged drain, over and over again, assuming more corrosive chemicals will get the job done.

Aside from wasting money on a liquid plumber, repeated use of these chemical-laden drain cleaning products will wear away at your pipes, creating an expensive replacement project. When in doubt, toss the liquid plumber into the trash and be safe as opposed to sorry by calling our Big Bear plumbers. The little bit you pay our plumbers will pale in comparison to the cost of replacing pipes that have been ruined by a chemical-laden liquid plumber.

The Supposed Safety of Liquid Plumber

There is a common misconception that liquid plumber is safe simply because it is available for purchase at local stores in Big Bear and beyond. The promise is that these supposedly safe products will clear clogs within pipes in a mere 15 minutes. However, such products often fail to produce the promised result. Furthermore, a liquid plumber is not as safe as claimed.

It is quite possible some of the residue around the object that clogs the pipe will break down after liquid plumber is applied, allowing the water to move around the impediment. However, the harsh chemicals within the liquid plumber will damage the pipes while the bulk of the clog remains in place. This is precisely why it is safer and more efficient to reach out to our Big Bear plumbers instead of assuming liquid plumber will suffice.

Liquid Plumber’s Impact on the Planet

A liquid plumber is terrible for our increasingly sensitive environment. The chemicals within this supposed cleaning solution have elevated toxicity levels. Aside from damaging pipes and emitting fumes that are unsafe for inhalation, the liquid plumber also leaves residue within bottles that make their way to landfills. These bottles will inevitably enter our water, harming fish in addition to other wildlife.


The widely-available liquid plumbers have adverse effects on your pipes and plumbing system. While these seemingly-safe products may offer a quick fix, they damage your pipes and hamper their quality and longevity. Further, they also degrade the environment. It is, therefore, best to stay away from liquid plumbers and give your pipes as well as the environment the care they deserve.

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