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How Big Bear Plumbers Can Fix a Leaky Shower Head

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Your showerhead will leak in due time. What matters most is whether you rely on the proven plumbing experts to perform a timely and comprehensive repair or ignore the problem until it worsens. Though it is certainly tempting to ignore your leaky shower head, this is not the right path to take. If you allow your shower head to continue to leak, it will cause myriad problems down the line, some of which will prove quite expensive to address. Do the smart thing by reaching out to our Big Bear plumbers for timely assistance.

1. Shower Head Repair is a Job for the Professionals

Ask anyone who has attempted a DIY (do it yourself) shower head repair about the experience and you will find it did not go very well. Repairing a leaky showerhead requires time, money, knowledge and physical effort. Make the mistake of attempting to repair your problematic shower head on your own and you just might worsen the problem to the point that the leak worsens or the showerhead is compromised in another manner.

Our Big Bear plumbers are here to analyze your leaky shower head in-depth, determine exactly what is causing the leak and repair it in a timely manner. Once we are done, your shower will function exactly as it should, your water bill will return to a reasonable level and you won’t have to worry about droplets staining your shower’s lovely interior.

2. A Worn Shower Seal Might be the Problem

O-rings and washers create watertight seals between showerhead connections. However, there is the potential for both O-rings and washers to split or harden as time progresses, causing water to move outward. Such a leak is particularly common in showers that use swivel connections in which the swivel assembly has a seal. If this seal is worn, it must be replaced. However, the showerhead will have to be disassembled for the washer or O-ring to be replaced. Our Big Bear plumbers are here to ensure your new plumbing seal is the perfect match.

3. The “Seat” Could be the Real Issue With Your Shower Head

The diminutive curved space behind the washer in your shower head is referred to as the seat. Though uncommon, it is possible the seat has been damaged or corroded to the point that it causes a leak. Unfortunately, even the addition of a new washer will not tighten the seal to the level necessary to stop water from moving on out of the showerhead. If this is the case, the full assembly will have to be replaced by our Big Bear plumbers.

4. There Might be a Defective Cartridge Within the Valve Body

If your shower head is leaking, the issue might be the cartridge. There is a valve body with a cylindrical cartridge comprised of hard plastic within the wall behind your shower handle. If this cartridge is cracked or worn, water will eventually move through the handle even when it is not in the “on” position, causing water to trickle on out from the showerhead.

Our plumbing team will tackle this problem the right way by turning off the shower’s water supply in order to access the defective cartridge. We will remove the shower handle, take off the faceplate, remove the cap covering the valve body stem and switch out the defective cartridge for a functional one. The next step is reassembling the faucet. However, if replacing the defective cartridge does not resolve the issue, there is a good chance the problem is the valve body. Thankfully, our Big Bear plumbers have extensive experience replacing valve bodies. Let us handle this project on your behalf and you will be provided with a fully functional shower on the double.

5. What if the Shower Faucet is the Problem?

If your shower faucet has a leak, there is a good chance replacing the compression faucet washer will do the trick. This type of faucet has two separate handles; one for hot water and one for cold water. The issue is likely a worn washer within the assembly. Our plumbing gurus are here to disassemble the faucet handle, remove the cover trim, access the faucet stem, remove the nut and replace the rubber washer below with a new one. If this does not stop the leak, we will continue troubleshooting the problem until we return full functionality to your shower.


Ignoring a leaking shower head is never recommended. Not only will the leak worsen over time, but you may also be subjected to other related plumbing issues down the lane, resulting in increased repair costs. It is best to address the leak by having expert plumbers fix it for you. Professional and experienced are knowledgeable about the possible causes of the leak and are proficient in fixing them.

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