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How Big Bear Plumbers Can Improve Your Water Pressure

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Insufficient water pressure is one of the most common plumbing problems in Big Bear and beyond. If you have any sort of issue with your home’s water pressure, don’t panic! Our Big Bear plumbers are here to analyze the problem on your behalf, perform the necessary alteration, repair or replacement and return your water flow to normal.

The Basics of Water Pressure

More often than not, Big Bear homeowners complain about their water pressure being too low rather than too high. The average water pressure is about 50 psi. Psi is an acronym that stands for pounds per square inch. When water pressure drops below 40 psi, the force of water emanating from shower heads, sinks, garden hoses and beyond leaves much to be desired. Though there is the potential for water pressure problems to stem from issues with the municipal water system’s supply of water, the usual culprit is the homeowner’s plumbing system.

The Problem of High Water Pressure

The first thing to note is that both high and low water pressure can prove damaging, although the latter is often more common. High water pressure can be strenuous on the plumbing fixtures. As a result, you may experience pipe and faucet leaks, and your appliances may have a reduced lifespan.

You can easily detect high water pressure with a pressure gauge. You can attach one to the hose spigot; if it reads above 65-70psi, you have a problem.

Plumbers usually conduct this test on the home after plumbing fittings, but if you have a problem, you can check it yourself.

Compared to low water pressure, it’s easier to fix high water pressure with a pressure regulator. This will allow you to set your home pressure to the desired psi. Importantly, you’ll need to learn how to read and fix high water pressure.

Disadvantages of Poor Water Pressure

Poor water pressure can cause the following problems:

Poor Water Flow

The most obvious sign of poor water pressure is poor water flow. When you have poor water flow, this will eat into your shower time and make house chores frustrating for you.

Poor water flow will greatly affect the quality of your life and determine how comfortable you feel when showering, running the washing machine, and cleaning your dishes.

Poor Energy Efficiency

The link between poor water flow and increased energy bills is often ignored. However, when your home has a poor flow, and it extends to your water heater, the chances are that your energy bills will increase.

If a leak causes poor pressure in your pipes and the leak goes down a sump pump, the pump will use more electricity. This can affect energy bills in other ways.

Generally, poor water pressure can affect your home life situation in worse ways than you think.

But the bigger problem is that the several underlying issues that may cause low water pressure will cost you heavily if not immediately attended to.

Common Causes of Low Water Pressure in Big Bear

Low water pressure can be a result of errors in plumbing or a multitude of other issues.

Old Steel Water Pipes

Old steel or copper water pipes can lead to low water pressure. Usually, this can be a problem if you buy an old property. Old buildings usually have steel pipe fixtures, and they tend to rust with time which impedes water flow in the home.

The solution is to redo the plumbing and get new copper or plastic pipes.

Water Meter Valve Is Tight

Your valves control water flow into your home from the water source. Two main valves are involved; the home shutoff valve and the water meter valve.

When the home valve is only partially opened, water can only flow to that degree out of your tap. So, you need to locate the valve and turn it counterclockwise to open it fully.

However, the problem will require more work when the water meter valve is tight. This is because the water company deals with the water meter valve directly. If you have tried your home valve and had no success, you can call your water company to see if it’s a problem with your water meter valve.

Leaking Pipes

High water pressure or extremely cold weather can severely impact your pipe and cause a crack. This crack will lead to a leak which will affect the water inflow.

Since the water flow is impeded somewhere, you can’t retain the same water pressure. In this case, you may even have worse problems like discolored walls and mold problems.

Shared Pipelines

Some houses share the same pipeline, and water pressure can be affected, depending on how many houses use it.

Building your own pipeline is most likely not allowed in areas like this. The best thing is to study the time when your neighbors are usually not running water so that you can have more comfortable water use. You can also contact a plumber to see if there’s something wrong with your neighbor’s plumbing and if it’s affecting yours. Sharing a plumber will also help greatly.

Too Many Taps Opened

The most common problem in most large houses is multiple opened taps. If a lot of people in a house need to use the tap simultaneously, this will impede the flow of water as all the taps are getting water from the same source.

Again, in this case, the best solution is for everyone to take turns. You can target a time when others don’t need to use the bathroom for your shower. Of course, this is only possible if you have a flexible schedule.

Home Plumbing System Problems That Reduce Water Pressure

In many cases, the home plumbing system has issues resulting from aged pipes with considerable corrosion. There is also a chance the water pressure problem is the result of a clogged water heater. If enough sediment accumulates in the water heater, it can block the flow of water. In most cases, insufficient water pressure occurring with a single fixture can be remedied with a thorough cleaning of that fixture.

However, it is better to be safe rather than sorry – meaning this is a project for proven Big Bear plumbers. Lean on our Big Bear plumbers to analyze the problem on your behalf, perform any necessary cleaning and test the water pressure to ensure the system is fully functional.

Water Pressure Problems Throughout the Entire Home

In some cases, the entirety of the Big Bear home endures low water flow. If the majority or entirety of your home plumbing fixtures suffers from insufficient water flow, the problem is likely the primary water supply. However, as noted above, if the true problem is the municipal water supply, there is nothing you can do but reach out to them for assistance. You can also contact your neighbors to determine if they are experiencing the same issues. If your neighbors do not have water flow problems, it is an indication your home plumbing system is the underlying issue.

Homeowners who rely on a well for water should take a look at the pump gauge. Those who have a traditional plumbing system should check the pressure regulator. If you do not feel comfortable analyzing and handling the water pressure regulator on your own, our Big Bear plumbers are here to help. When in doubt, lean on our team to ensure you do not make an excessive adjustment. We will adjust the regulator as necessary, providing you and your loved ones with invaluable peace of mind. Though it is acceptable for water pressure to exceed 50 psi, it should not breach the 60 psi mark.

Flushing the Water Heater Might Correct Your Water Pressure

It is possible the tank on your water heater is blocked as a result of an excessive scale buildup. Our Big Bear plumbers are here to flush your water heater on your behalf. Bypass this essential flushing and you will inevitably end up with a blockage within the water outlet/inlet. In short, every Big Bear water heater tank should be cleaned with a thorough emptying and subsequent disconnection of the pipes. Our Big Bear plumbers will close the inlet, open the outlet and drain the water from the tank. We use specialized scale dissolvers to clear out all the scale that has built up in hot water tanks.

Replacing Corroded Plumbing

Water flow issues often stem from galvanized pipes. Such pipes often corrode, ultimately narrowing inward, preventing water from flowing as it should. Our Big Bear plumbers are here to analyze your plumbing system and determine whether the pipes should be replaced. Pipe replacement is not a project you can handle on your own in a DIY (do it yourself) manner. Entrust our plumbing crew to handle this project on your behalf and you will rest easy knowing your corroded pipes are properly replaced with new piping that allows for optimal water flow and most importantly, stands the test of time.

A Constant Pressure System Might Help

The installation of a constant pressure system will help the pressure tank function with the proper level of water pressure. This component is added to the water line that moves into the home, helping to prevent water pressure from dropping when several fixtures are used at the same time. Our Big Bear plumbers are here to install the constant pressure system on your behalf.

As you can see, in most cases, the homeowner’s plumbing is responsible for insufficient water pressure and the resulting damage. Hopefully, learning about how Big Bear plumbers can improve your water pressure with a thorough inspection will help you take care of your home plumbing system efficiently. Tell us if you have found these tips helpful.

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