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How to Avoid Costly Big Bear Plumbing Repairs

Bear Valley Plumbing & Heating


Your toilets, showers, sinks, washer, and dishwasher all depend on water flowing through your plumbing system, making its way to your faucets. Unfortunately, even a newer home can encounter plumbing problems. As one of Big Bear’s recommended service providers, Bear Valley Plumbing has found that annual maintenance can make a big difference in the health of a home’s plumbing.

We’re often able to identify problems well in advance, giving customers the head’s-up they need to either request repairs or order a replacement system. Here are three of the best ways to avoid Big Bear Plumbing Repairs and keep your plumbing operating as efficiently as possible.

Maintain Your Water Heater


Everyone has heard the story of a water heater that burst while they were on vacation, flooding their home. Annual Water Heater Maintenance can prevent that from happening. Not only do our technicians drain the water heater to remove any buildup, but they also check for leaks and weaknesses and make necessary repairs.

When it’s time to replace your water heater, we can also recommend a unit that works for your home. Some homeowners opt for a tankless water heater, which takes up less space and lasts twice as long as the decade estimated for the average traditional water heater. We also have multiple traditional water heater options available.

Have Your Drains Cleaned Regularly


Your home’s drains undergo a large amount of daily stress. Hair, soaps and shampoos, and even food particles pass through drains into a home’s plumbing system. Clogs can cause your drains to slow down, leading to water pooling in areas where they can eventually cause mold.

An annual Drain Cleaning Service will keep the area clear of clogs, maintaining a steady water flow throughout the life of your home. We’ll also look for any issues with the drain that could become problematic if left unchecked. We may be able to make recommendations that will help reduce clogs and keep your home’s plumbing healthy for many years.

Check Your Plumbing


Over time, a home’s plumbing can experience leaks and weaknesses that cause it to not function correctly. As with slow drains, those drips can also lead to mold buildups, but this mold forms in areas of the home that might not be monitored on a daily basis. Big Bear Plumbers identify these leaks and repair them, keeping the integrity of your home’s pipes intact.

A plumbing check-up also includes the valuable fixtures and appliances in your home. We’ll check your toilet for any issues, as well as your sinks and faucets. During your annual maintenance visit, we’ll also recommend any upgrades that might save you money while also providing a more comfortable water flow for your home’s residents.

Annual check ups can make a big difference in a home’s plumbing, avoiding the Big Bear Plumbing Repairs that always seem to happen when it’s least convenient for you and your family.

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