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Types of Water Damage 24-hour Plumbers Can Help Fix

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Water damage is just about the worst-case scenario for a homeowner. Though every type of water damage is bad, there are important distinctions to make between the different types of damage. Our 24-hour plumbers in Big Bear are here to help prevent the many different types of water damage at your home or business. If water damage occurs, we will do everything in our power to preserve the integrity of your living/working space and ensure your home is completely dry, mold-free and safe. Here is an in-depth look at the many different types of a water damage our 24-hour plumbers can prevent.

Clean Water Also Known as Category 1 Water Damage

Water damage categories are dictated by the Institute of International Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Clean water damage or category 1 damage, is problematic yet it will not pose an immediate threat to your well-being. Clean water floods often result from excessive rainwater, leaks from toilet holding tanks and appliances that do not work as designed. Though you can likely clean up clean water on your own without investing an abundance of time, there is still the risk of mold formation.

Time is of the essence in the context of a category 1 flood as well as every other type of water damage. If you do not take prompt action by reaching out to our 24-hour plumbers in Big Bear, the clean water damage will ruin your home and belongings in due time. If you wait too long, your clean water damage will become category 2 water damage, also known as greywater. Category 1 water damage can transition to category 2 water damage in as little as a mere 48 hours.

Category 2 Flooding Also Known as Greywater

Category 2 water damage is the result of greywater, also referred to as sullage. Greywater is wastewater that has not been contaminated with human waste. Greywater ranges from the water in showers and bathtubs to the water used in washing machines, sinks, dishwashers, etc. Greywater typically has fewer pathogens than blackwater so it can be used once again as non-potable water. However, aside from being used as water to flush the toilet, greywater does not serve many other purposes. Greywater has some nasty contaminants that are likely to cause illness after consumption.

Greywater floods typically result from weather events, a broken pipe, a malfunctioning appliance or a plumbing fixture that overflows. Greywater has the potential to saturate the entirety of furniture to carpeting, drywall and beyond. If your home or business floods with greywater, do not assume you can handle a job of this magnitude on your own. Rely on our 24-hour plumbers in Big Bear during this emergency. We will perform the necessary repair and restore your living space so it is dry, clean and safe for people as well as pets. However, the clock is ticking. If you do not start the cleanup process in a timely manner, your category 2 water damage can quickly transition to category 3 water damage.

Blackwater Also Known as Category 3 Water Damage

Blackwater or category 3 water damage is wastewater that has been contaminated by human waste as well as other toxins and/or pathogens. Blackwater stems from broken sewage lines, toilets and/or bidets containing human waste, toilet paper, etc. Blackwater damage can also result from the water coming out of food prep sinks, dishwashers, etc. Unfortunately, blackwater is incredibly dangerous as it is laden with pathogens and bacteria that must completely decompose prior to being put back into the environment. Blackwater also has the potential to be contaminated with dissolved particulates and chemicals that make contact that much more dangerous.

The definition of blackwater also includes large scale flooding ranging from water that moves into buildings after harsh weather strikes to rising water from lakes/rivers. If your home endures blackwater damage, do not attempt to clean the compromised portions on your own. Blackwater is incredibly dangerous. This unsanitary water will cause harm to your living space as well as everyone who comes into contact with it. Do the smart thing by reaching out to our 24-hour plumbing team for immediate assistance.


Plumbing emergencies need quick attention. Any delay and you risk losing your home or office to water damage, bacteria, and pathogens. However, our 24-hour plumbers are here to help. It is best to trust the experts during emergencies. Only skilled professionals can ensure that the job is done right, the first time itself while sparing you the physical and mental consequences of living in a home ravaged by water.

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